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Bored, Chrome, and Click: i spent 2 hours on this shit u better use it bangarz aka lauren's list of helpful websites like reblog, put in your reference tag!! click the links!! enjoy!! bangarz: hi everyone, basically i have a /tagged/ffr on my blog in which are a bunch of helpful posts and i thought wouldnt it be easier if the best websites were all in one post!!! the answer is yes!! so i spent a couple hours making this list of all my favourite helpful websites. i use these vey often so i can confirm they are trustworthy and very helpful!! hopefully this makes 2014 a little bit easier!! enjoy/like/reblog!! message me if you need help or anything!!  converting websites convert youtube videos to mp3 download from 8tracks download youtube videos fashion, makeup, hair fashion guide/vocabulary easy makeup tips makeup hacks eyeliner trick skirt types spoon tutorial messy bun tutorial helpful for school (lots of writing tips) free microsoft word alternative coffee shop sounds (proven to boost creativity) look as if you’re typing an essay didnt listen in class? how to write an essay math problem solver (2) finals survival guide masterpost of writing software alternatives to ‘said’ cant remember a word? masterlist of study tips more writing tips homework help when to go to sleep/wake up tumblr help how to make tumblr themes theme hunter see your old themes post limit checker all of the audio posts you’ve ever reblogged mass tag replacer easy way to make masterposts see problems with your blog/website when you are sad  get a hug see something cute play cute games cut something (blood) (tw!!) break something the thoughts room when you are bored silk - interactive generative art what should i do today? a list of movies with links a list of scary movies a list of teen movies a bunch of cool things learn new things masterlist other fake tweet generator rain noises nature sounds (2) self defence tips delete yourself from web services chrome extension tells you which tab is playing music donate food to people who are hungry (disable ad block) never hit a dead end with a broken link more self defence tips the best career fits for your star sign photoshop help (2) (3) (4)