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Doge, Donald Trump, and Drake: HOLY MEME BIBLE new testamen ITS HERE n for a surp rise MEME TRIVIA What is Iridocyclitis? A. An inflammation the f the middle layer of the eye C. The death of Vine e word "Meme" was coined by the evolutionary kins, in his 1976 book, "The Selfish Gene biologist, Richare 10.Lebron created by Matt Furie, was a nnounced ficially dead in 2017: .Dat Boi B. Pepe C. Rage Comics D. Har D. Lebron JAmes s locked in a basement. 3. This popular pop singer has a twin that i #Freepoot A.Donald Trump B. Demi Lavato C. Jason Wong D. Selena Gomez t will happen if Young Metro doesn't trust you? will be taken out to a nice dinner 1. Wha C. I'm gon' shoot you 12. The Ribofilavin is the powerhouse of the cell.TIF 4. What kind of doge is doge? Which legendary and iconic figure was taken away from us too B. Pug C. A good dog D. Chuuauauaua 13. soon in May of 2017 B. Harry Styles C. The Roomba Robot D. Harambe 5. All your base are belong to who? Us B. Them C. Your sense of entitlement A. Pancakes B. Jengar C. Jenkins D. Jenga 14. The Philos oraptor meme was originally a T-Shirt design 7. U want som? A. Fuk B. Love, attention, and C. Pho 15. Who are the two Jonas Brothers? A.Nick and Joe B.Nicolas and Jeff C.Katherine the Great and Channing Tatum D.Drake and Josh reassurance nald Trump JAKE ACTUALLY GOT ME A MEME BIBLE ally om an AP biology textbook on dissect- ing high-or-loww: traveltoofast: high-or-loww: I kept hinting at my boyfriend that I wanted a meme bible and he surprised me with it today what is this i want 10 of them (the book not jake) it’s a meme coloring book on this year’s memes and he got it here