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Welcome to tinder the newest text based RPG: Today 19 AM Choose your own adventure: match on tinder, you choose to... A Ghost him, proving his fear of the paranormal to be well founded. B. Set up a date but never follow through and just kind of talik for 2: months C.Have a deep and meaningful conversation D. Do tinder things E. Explore the cave for clues Today 9.20 AM Ya know usually l'd pick B because that's how it tends to go most of time but I'm feelin GOOD and LUCKY today so i You explore the cave. You find a tarch and light it. It's raining outside. You then choose to A Leave the cave and walk outsi de. B. Delve deeper into the cave C Check to see what else is in the entrance I love to delve. B You delve deeper into the cave as the light dissapears behind you. You come across a fork in the cave an you A Go left towards the sound of water B. Go right towards a faint light Today 124 PM I'm feeling kinda perched, A You enter a cavem with a waterfall flowing into a crystal clear pool. You then.. A Get into the water B. Try to climb up the waterfall C Look around In the cavem D. Go beck Today 3 29 PM B Today 0 PM You go to the waterfall, grab a rock to climb but it's slippery and you fall into the weter.. A You swim to share B. Dive down and explore C Drown Teday 8.58 PM B! You talke a gulp of air and dive down You reach the bottom of the pool and see a lava tube that looks like it loads to a place to breath, a glittering sword and a treasure chest. You choose to.. A Go in the tube and explore some more B. Grab the sword C. Try to open the chest D. Ascend to the top of the pool Stitch It! You enter the tube and find a new cavern filed with air with a single sliver of moonlight cutting throigh the center of the cavern that connects to the outside. You . A Check out the discarded journal sitting besides the moonlight sliver B. Stand inside of the sliver C Attempt to figure aut if there is a code in the stalagtites on the ceiling Today 9:33 PM HAHAHA this is getting wild ummm A You open the joumal and can see nates scrawled all over but the darkest says beware the light. On the next page is a code number but you can't make it out in the low light A Throw somath ing into the maonlight and see what happens B. Grab the joumal and go back to the previous cavern C. Toss the joumal aside and look at those stalagtites D. Try to get your wet torch to light somehow C You study the stalagtites, they dont meen anything, what did you cxpect? You pick the journal back up and... See above A B. D Today 10 4 PM You grab a rock and throw it into the moonlight beam, it catches fire lighting up the carven before it disintegrates away. Having sean this you... A Throw all the rocks you can in the beam to watch the fireworkss B.Put the end of your torch in the maonlught beam C. Go back in the upper cavern B! You light the torch! You can now see cvarything cloarly. You now. A Take the journal back out and try) to read it again B. Look around the cavern to see if you missed anything C Stick your hand in the moon beam to see if it's hat Honestly...c You stick your hand in the moon beam... Surprise it's hot. Having learned that the fite setting thing is hot you then.. A Take the journal back out and try to read it again B. Look around the cavern to see if you missed anything C. Stick your hand in the moon beam again, and science Stitch It! НАНАН can I do C and then A Your hand burns more and you can't feel your fingers anymore considering the magic fire thing this makes sense and you record it for scientific rigor. You take the journal back out and read it under the Iight You read the code that was written in it and the code is. A Sabrina's number B. 1234567890 IM INTRUIGED NOW A!! You mamorize the number then dive back into the water and approch the chest at the bottom of the lake and put in a tencdigit code. That code is.. Welcome to tinder the newest text based RPG

Welcome to tinder the newest text based RPG

When you’re carrying the conversation. I think I ended it pretty well. What do you think?: Friday 5:52 pm Нey Hey how's it going? X Pretty good you? Not too bad. Just haveing a relaxing Friday night tbh. You up to much? Nope just did chores and now making some food and will relax Sounds like a good Friday night to me. So what are you studying at uni? Doing my masters in occupational therapy Oh sweet. You in your final year? just started I've just gotten out of uni. Graduated this year. I'm originally from Scotland so moved down for a grad job. Oh nice! So how long have you been in for? Ithink about 7/8 weeks Sweet. I've been here for about 3 months now. How you finding it so far? Ahhh nice! Not too bad So where abouts in Canada are you from? Vancouver Been to America but never Canada. Would love to go some time. What did you get up to over there? Lots of sports, hanging with my dog and getting outside Today 2:18 pm Any sports in particular? I really like basketball. Was great to see the Toronto raptors wining it Today 2:58 pm Yes curling, softball and Pickleball. Nice Would like to have tried ice hockey tbh. Always looks good fun, but a bit painful at times. Yeah I skate a bit but never played hockey I've heard it's pretty much a religion in Canada. Don't know how true that is tho. It's pretty true My brother did say it was when he was there a few weeks ago. So what all have you been up to lately? Not too much mainly school You got exams and all that fun stuff coming up soon? No our course is all assignment based Oh, what a dream! I wish my degree was like that. Spent too many a coffee fuelled night in the library because of them. Ahhh Yeah my last degree was like that but I'm happy there are no exams I don't have to get exam anxiety What was your last degree? I did two as well. Dropped out of the first one. Did chemical physics and thought sod this after two years. I did my bachelors in kinesiology What's that? Never heard of it? Today 4:19 pm Study of human body and human movement Ah that's pretty cool. Must say, my back is killing me at the moment. Well can't really do anything for you Na it's not physically hurting, more metaphorically as I've been carrying this conversation. Sent Type a message GIF When you’re carrying the conversation. I think I ended it pretty well. What do you think?

When you’re carrying the conversation. I think I ended it pretty well. What do you think?