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Bernie Sanders, College, and Girls: "So it's most women by the standard of most men, because they re going to get more activistas theyget older. And when you're young youre thinking Where are the boysThe boys are with Bernie to measure history-is-poetry: Madeleine Albright ArticleGloria Steinmen ArticleMillennial women: we are a threat to Hilary’s campaign. Over the last two days two popular feminists have made statements insulting and berating those that identify as women for not supporting Hilary. It has become clear that they are trying to guilt us for our convictions. The first quote from Madeline Albright is thrown around a lot as a guilt tactic. She’s suggesting that as a woman I have an inane responsibility to vote for another woman, no matter what my personal beliefs or convictions are. This is not only insulting to female supporters of other candidates, but insulting to Hilary and her current supporters. If Hilary wins people will try it say it was only because she’s a woman. If you support Hilary it’s because you’re blindly voting on gender. You don’t have a brain, mind, or opinions other than whether or not you’re voting for a woman. The 2nd quote is from Gloria Steinem. Gloria was asked why young women seemed to be supporting Bernie Sanders more in the polls. Steinem had the audacity to claim that it was not only because we want to impress men, but ALSO because we aren’t “activists” yet. Are you kidding me? An acclaimed feminist is quoting the rhetoric that women do something for the soul purpose of impressing boys? Not only is that extremely sexist and cisheteronormative; but its the same sentiment that women have been fighting against for years. Its the same thought process that female sport fans/players exist solely to impress guys. That girls go to college to find husband’s. Suggesting that young adult female voters are too incompetent to learn about candidates and to make an informed objective decision is absolutely ridiculous. Furthermore, Bernie Sanders is advocating for very progressive change. So to suggest his supporters aren’t true activists yet is so extremely obtuse and ageist. So young people: I’d like to remind you that you’re a threat. The Clinton campaign knows that as young feminists we may feel guilty not voting for a woman. Stand with your convictions. Whether you’re a Hilary supporter or a Bernie supporter know that your vote is more. Its more than voting on gender, and its more than voting to impress men. It’s voting to see the kind of country that reflects your values and political beliefs. Ignore the impending smear campaign against us that is ahead.