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Af, Android, and Ass: The l dance on every nigga at the party" starter pack SI i know summer is coming up but i need to warn you niggas the way Trunks did to Goku before the Android and Cell saga began. If you attend any unholy function and a girl is wearing this particular Thot-fit just run. I'm in my bro Corys basement for his birthday party. I ain’t gonna lie skinny girls give you the best twerks. Their small waist is crucial in having the ultimate control of ass to wee wee ratio & especially if she got leggings on too? You might as well be dry humping. Cory was poor Af. There was no strobe lights so we had someone flicker the lights on - off. I couldn’t get a good look at this one girl but she was tooting her shit out and i needed her to pop lock & drop that ass on me. she dancing on me when "drop it drop it low girl” comes on. Behind Juvenile’s - back that ass up this is one of the best twerk songs of all time. she dropping it so low she got a big nigga crouching to the ground like I was playing limbo. My Derrick Rose knee’s couldn’t handle all my weight so i layed on the ground drained from energy. She took all my Life points. shawty fell back and sat right on my face. Real talk her crotch smelt like it needed a prayer and antibiotics..my nose is big so i could smell the countless amount of niqqas who ran through her like track and field plus all that sweat? That was a recipe for disaster. I wanted a girl to sit on my face but not like that. i had to lay their and say a prayer to meet my savior. Cory told me he had to take me off with a stretcher. My homies carried me home the way PallBearers do at funerals. Since then i haven’t danced on a girl with leggings. Burger King chicken fries are finally back. By @genuineguy 😂😂😂 @genuineguy @genuineguy for more! 💀