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Community, Google, and Love: Tell us exactly how you feel with our emotion slider All our emotions are grouped and color co-ordinated to make it quick and easy for you to express yourself. 00 VIRGIN令 4:21 PM 2296 D How are you feeling? ADORING CARING INFATUATEL Affection Find people like you to listen to Vent is all about finding users who can support, advise or make you laugh. Our community has thousands of people who would love to meet you! shittyidea PROULD I'm always here if you feel like shit (or want a quick laugh) diary-of-a-chinese-kid: thatqueerkid56: theshannonsgeorgeia: ouraneateronline: ultimatefangirl125: shittyidea: lazypacific: destiel-korrasami-bubbline: coluring: superconfusedteenager: bcyouaintme: justyouraveragesketchartist: totalsillyfilly: shittyidea: hanginglikeafruit: enchantedkay: shittyidea: Here’s a (not so) shitty idea… joining the Vent community.  To be honest, I thought another “shitty social media” was the last thing we needed. But I was pleasantly surprised; the Vent community is full of supportive users that “listen” to you and show their support through “hugs”. It’s a place to have fun, relax, sympathise, relate, express, release, and so much more.  The app is free and unlike other websites, there’s no anonymous option. That means you won’t get anon hate or have to deal with nasty messages; it’s literally like everyone’s fave gramma of social media.  I started another Vent account related to this blog and if you “listen” to me, I’ll listen back! 💩 You can download it here and start to VENT I use this!! It’s actually pretty great This is one of the few apps that I’ll never delete from my phone. I’ve used it for over a year and it’s really helpful for when you need to get stuff out that you can’t/don’t want to really talk to anyone about. ❤ If you “listen” back, feel free to reply to this post so we can all follow each other on Vent 💩 Ok this app is very sweet and I like it a lot and I’ve only had it for like 5 minutes it’s one of the best ideas for a social media app that I’ve seen This so great. Vent is not just another shitty social account Very useful! I heard about it from a friend and once I joined I learned the community is super supportive! the new options for your status updates are perfect!! 😍 😍 #MoreThanVisibility  I just downloaded this and it’s so good, I can talk about my problems without worrying what they’ll say. :D where can i get it?? It’s available in the app store and Google play, here’s the link to download it now. Good luck 💩 Yup! I use it too! It’s super helpful! I downloaded this app and it’s so amazing I swear. People are super sweet and understanding. i love this app tho I honestly love using this app. Like, when I have nowhere else to go, it’s there. I’m considering starting one since my blog is just me venting about the difficulties Chinese kids face in the western world… thoughts?