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I miss Dead Space: FPS Players: This HUD sucks. It blocks my view. MMO Players: Group 3 Lasttegame eurrs Trial of the Crusader Peariswallow M6pd Presgnce Concentrationura Devotion Aura Ebon Champion Fel Intelligence V Fire Resistance VI Fire Resistance Aura V Herofc nce Lender of the Pae n prng Vill Moonin Aura Retribution Aura Vi Stonestn Strength of Earth VII Totem ofrath Tree of Life Windfury Totem Wrath of Air Totem Gift of the Wild IV lask of Lndiless Rage 56:33 Prayer of Spint Ill Prayer of fortitude IV 55:4S Well F Greate ther Portal CD Greate Infernal Eruptidn CD aresali 80 20 39977/39977 100% 85/100 as 18.0M/20.2M 89 % 4258/4258 25791/25791 100 % 00% 29% Bos 28/130 28 Demon ADility is not readly yet. Ability is rioteady yet. Abjlity is not ready ye Apackanu 80 rey 899 FO53 30791/30791 100 % 63 63/100 (Killing Machine) Frost Presence ready!] 898 919 27157/27157 100 % 26/100 58:05 26 55 44 Peariswauow 46.0 Jemantng I:50 Zi Chtir ef Pet 208 creates a Nether Potal 23650/23650 100% The Apocaleir T:16 19824/24786 79 % Lord Jaraxxus Legion Flame CD 10.7 4Z0306biterate) 2721 (4dor fretit02 resisted) 4617(Frost Strike) (379 resiste 2730(Frost Strike) resisted)ook t985lawTh Ret 498 174(Clancing) Pet 4433 Pet 484 Miss (292) n3 bi9:31 508 SO26784/26784 100% 1/100 Mky Cham r he Dead Gheula atsMinlne e of tre Nap anuse Co Biiu 31 Graup 4 Graup 5 DayeooX SaaditlusX 171.6k [100 %] 5715 Lroo A738 100% 00 100 o0s atrpt aly [78 % ) 1[75 % ) 12U.170 % 118.4k [68 % 109.7k [63%] 56.5k 132 %] Slayerckmy Antema v Corvan Omue kyu 7 00% o0% Auroralaity Lanierzlok 7Ftost. (2 100% 100 ou, 2 5560 Zhulllan Bravex ha ne T00 100% 100% 100% 100% Apackanuts 3606 MorionaX Redingle Fx. 2524 Anthlimas Rithum Lod llostthegame Viale Zor Frost) (I resisted) 89 100 OOR o0% o0 Kraydos 8hetanxstthouettes T00% for 306 Edas DPS Kdeptüla 1.Apackanuts 00% 1op% o0% op To0 laraxxus 89 Tor 216 Physical. 02 Army of the Dead Ghoul's melee swing hits Lord Jaraxxus for 208 Physical. 10881.1 TO0% 100 18033791/20220250] 125791/257911 2 Brayex 7256.2 424258 3. Mkyu 7051.2 4. Corvan 6853.1 Lord Jaraxxus 2 Demon Paladin Comba Boss 10 6131.8 5. Vlaie 19:01 Kdeptula:80] says: interrupt used 19:02 <Lord Jaraxxus Legion Flame on Omile 19:02] <Lord Jaraxxus Nether Power on Jaraxxus! Dispel Now! 19:021 Shoxane hes Incinerate Flesh! Heal her! 119:02| Lard Jaraxxus yells: FLESH FROM BONE! 19:02 Kdeptula:80] says: interrupt used 19:02 Lord Jaraxxus creates a Nether Portal! 19:02 Lard Jaraxxus yells: Come forth, sister! Your master calls! 19:02 Kdeptula:80] says: interrupt used 6. Sihouettes 7. Ulostthegame 5919.2 57S7.0 8. Slayerckm 5569.2 Pearlswallow 100% 9. Aurorafaith 5069.2 10. Davcook 4621.8 Deathweave Bag (F9) sno Soulbound 12 Slot Bag ItemLevel: 35 pulli OGM MOA TRIF... 4 56 MOunt (8) I miss Dead Space

I miss Dead Space

So Wholesome!! via /r/wholesomememes http://bit.ly/2L0Tnye: Yesterday at 11:03 PM I work at a small family owned Italian restaurant and my boss let's me study when we're slow so he brought me a small pizza and said "snack while you study". I worked a 12 hour shift today and he fed me three times and made me a sandwich to take home. He's an angel walking among us. h ad S e e e ina yh w GST l apy w fholags ds l y d o aind t them wd 177 d d delingaisat ears w ley ad ha r l cation, www.sed in eer ahes Th h bw s hing sshur e offding vimasley dng r 3i alest eal pche Ad de viw w s eend dahan d sesal tty W ee wr eses it wan ofee varw a begde vibe le pee Oaly wl de s ou an endty in Eand the al sieon ook at eaieon laktaton, particulatly anging shar l a cialed and g R teking than aksAn abernate ur etod r died th perticlachy i ullanve and sgeria and s of thene en ve in powcr-c ed te tal dgery oee than and shet boy r engge in risky behaier than are gisdsThi g fcharicr will be greatesr aN apatrianchal E pwer then he etr becasse of his employ Thie behavior will be the Irast in nongatriandal unms have ngual poner b se of ther oqual dvidaal delingacncy ratis are shos viwd w the atmbutin of powerper relatione in wt r selations in the famaly Tests of puwer for a variery of in arguments l theury focuses on the greater oetrols of gitl r female offesding in the conteat of strain type me dicumed the particolar victimizarions she e sught o link thes o ehe particular types of r Choner Lind and Faith staned thar "eeach le ol wd lSe m he fdys nd enss dels Ainthe e De Cte har h ie than bos bs they o h ale eaing tht m s ded thtc t e weiolen a le ats hare ked ndes, an appenschg r e s biag tht he a is of The Semiioe gndes le hely i aratee dn i c e e pene hng dm o i ascated wrk the Se dfirent racial d eth niiery What are called "hge w as A eie for fernales ae the ty y e doisant Euean Airwn ca gS and debed this feityglles So ney expetol n beh nr lett nbe ts that alym ar hsee g chentry, and s feth, al they w sher they de or ent ck and vher wht e dey at the heart of ech of girl r victimitation 7.6K 124 Comments 148 Shares So Wholesome!! via /r/wholesomememes http://bit.ly/2L0Tnye

So Wholesome!! via /r/wholesomememes http://bit.ly/2L0Tnye