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Cats, Dogs, and Food: sav @iittssaavv PSA: This @bluebuffalo bag of dog food has mold at the bottom which could've KILLED my dogs! Spread the word to any blue buffalo users!!! nula OwN RICE RECIP 3/31/17, 2:53 PM 7,578 RETWEETS 4,643 LIKES sav @iittssaavv UPDATE: One of my dogs died a few days ago from a heart attack and my other dog is experiencing liver failure This will NOT go unnoticed sav@ittssaavv PSA: This @bluebuffalo bag of dog food has mold at the bottom which could've KILLED my dogs! Spread the word to any blue buffalo users!!! THE Holistic THE sav@iittssaavv 7h Replying to @iittssaavv RIP Daisy (right)V and please pray for Duke (left), these dogs mean the world to me h 45 39123,606 new-shoes-potter: kyller-biis: merodygirl: angelbabyspice: the-lowz-of-highz: courtanna: espikvlt: taigas-den: k9kesi: sidneystrange: indirispeaks: itsalburton: weavemama: PLEASE BE CAREFUL FOR ANYONE WHO USES “BLUEBUFFALO” FOR THEIR DOGS!! @k9kesi And cats.  Blue Buffalo killed @sidneystrange ‘s cat. THIS THIS THIS!! I’ve been telling everyone I know for YEARS not to buy Blue Buffalo. This is the short story: A few years ago I took my sick cat, Ankh, to the vet. The vet and vet tech asked what I fed her. I told them Blue Buffalo. They looked like I had just told them I fed her razor blades and cyanide. They diagnosed her with pancreatitis and said that nearly all of the cats they’d been seeing lately with pancreatitis were being fed Blue Buffalo.  They gave her medicine and sent her home.  Two days later she had a seizure and died right in my arms.  The day after she died Hannibal started displaying the same symptoms she had so I panicked hard and took him to the vet.  Got the same meds and the same diagnosis.  Luckily Hannibal survived. I wish Ankh had survived. She was only ten and the best cat I’ve ever had. Literally the best and five years later I still cry when I think about her. FUCK BLUE BUFFALO. I don’t know the full story behind the tweets above, but a Google search shows there HAVE been several recalls regarding this brand, especially in 2016. I would absolutely avoid as it is not worth the risk. @ladycyon Good god thank you so much for sharing this because I’ve lately been considering switching to this brand cus it’s supposed to be so much better than all the others but good god what the hell. I worked in a vet for a little while and I shit you not, when a dog came in with constant diarrhea they were always eating Blue Buffalo. We changed the food and the dog got better every time. Blue Buffalo is garbage food and never feed it to your pets. I’ve never heard of this brand but I love my dog with all of my heart and I’d be broken if I ever accidently fed her this and got her sick (people give me different dog food to try all the time). I’d hate for anyone else to lose their pet also. um?? what the fuck? holy FUCK my boyfriend and I were just about to start feeding our cat blue buffalo omg Wft really?? Im never going to buy that killer food!! Praying for your pets! I’m so glad I know this, I’d be heartbroken if my dog died There happened to be a big sale on blue buffalo at my local pet store so naturally I thought I’d try it. 2 days into the new food, one of my dogs started having these weird mini seizures. And this is the dog who ate half a plate of brownies with no side affects. Naturally I freaked but then I realized that the only thing that had changed was the food so as soon as I Switched back to the original kibble, he was perfectly fine within 24 hours. Since then I always warn my friends NEVER BUY BLUE BUFFALO.