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Troll, Tumblr, and Blog: You DO NOT NEED THE MEDICAL SYSTEM Like Reply54 15 mins n Hide 11 Replies We need choice. Not dogma. A "one-size-fits-all dictatorial system. or the abolition of systems under autocratic edicts is not choice Like Reply 13 mins Succinctly put. Well said. I just like to keep it loud plain, and simple for the fencesitters and people pleasers and the worry warts out there Like Reply 11 mins Pharmacologists have sold us the classic religious lie that we the people are all born in sin, diseased and sickened and without their holy helping hands, we are all broken and useless. What a crock! Like Reply 8 mins What about when you break an arm or a leg? or if your child has a heart condition that needs surgery? Like Reply 5 mins You answered your own question. Surgery isn't medicine Like Reply 4 mins Like Reply 4 mins what it entailed. Don't try mincing words. This is common sense You said we don't need the "Medical System You know good and well what I said, what I meant, and Like Reply 3 mins I have no idea what you mean. You said "medical system i.e all the medical field, if you meant specifically something else then state it. I am not mincing words, you are not being clear Like Reply 2 mins Surgery isn't medicine. And trauma surgery has been around centuries longer than the allopathic medical model. Like Reply 2 mins I'd wager you'd prefer the modern day surgery to the olden days surgery Like Reply Just now Alright. My mistake. Thought you mightve been a skeptard or a troll. Like Reply Just now memehumor: YOU DO NOT NEED THE MEDICAL SYSTEM