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Doctor, Fucking, and Tumblr: MEDICAL HACK So, your doctor ordered a test or treatment and your insurance company denied it. That is a typical cost saving method OK, here is what you do: 1. Call the insurance company and tell them you want to speak with the "HIPAA Compliance/Privacy Officer" (By federal law, they have to have one) 2. Then ask them for the NAMES as well as CREDENTIALS of every person accessing your record to make that decision of denial. By law you have a right to that information. 3. They will almost always reverse the decision very shortly rather than admit that the committee is made of low paid HS graduates, looking at "criteria words," making the medical decision to deny your care. Even in the rare case it is made by medical personnel, it is unlikely that it is made by a board certified doctor in that specialty and they DO NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW THIS! 4. Any refusal should be reported to the US Office of Civl Rights (OCR.gov) as a HIPAA violation. BAA, RN breelandwalker: jumpingjacktrash: the-real-seebs: dreamingofmotherhood93: Just an FYI for those in the US with insurance issues this sounds oddly plausible a good doctor will pester the insurance company on your behalf. a couple times in my Back Pain Odyssey my insurance noped out on a procedure, and my doctor called them up and was like “no, really” and they gave in. so if your insurance is in the habit of going “you don’t actually need TWO months of physical therapy, just walk it off,” tell the doctor who ordered it, and they may very well volunteer to, or agree to, call up the insurance people and go “simon says pay for the fucking therapy.” For all my peeps out there fighting the good fight against Big Pharma Bureaucratic Bullshit.
America, Dank, and Fail: Fig. 1: Capitalism explained by Capitalists Fig, 2: Socialism explained by Socialists Demand Supply Equilibrium Value (relative to inflation, btw) Tax Compensation (Businesses and Rich don't pay taxes they tag them to the prices) +Labor Costs This system will evenutally eliminate the poor and rich Higher Value EquilibriumValue and create one big "working Pensions class," free to reap the whole Value fruits of their labor and those least fortunate members of society will be assisted Price (Higher than equilibrium, as result of costs) Is the price too high for a particular consumer? (Y/N) Equilibrium Value Cost- Fail Equilibrium Value > Cost Win Social Bureacracy Potential sales lost: Potential Capital lost Potential Job Growth lost MiddlePrograms Class $Sale $ Regulation Sales Profit Profits Profit - Shares - Executive Income The employed get money to spend in the market, in turn not only funding other workers via trade, but the businesses who employ more workers; the result is a self-sufficient economy without recourse to government (taxes and labor costs would reduce in the absence of intervention, lowering prices and improving the number of sales.) Capital - Marketing - Research and Development nsion laxes Job Growth All in all, the businessman and shareholders get rich, con- sumers get what they want, workers get their cut, and the poor find jobs Woot Fig. 3: Socialism explained by Capitalists Fig. 4: Capitalism explained by Socialists 19 2 This sytem wil evernutalty ellminato tho poor and rich1. The aim of socialism is to bring the lower and croato one big "workin classes into the middle class and dissolve the class, free to reap the whole PoorPensions u e ubos and oeupper classes; what is not realized here is the east fortunate members of existance of a centralized bureaucracy would only sockety w5 isedset up a new upper class of "bureaucratic elites Socia MiddleProgram Bureacracy privileging themselves with the primary hold on capital and resources as they monopolize distribu- tion; this solution to "class warfare" defeats itself 2. While some individuals are truly disadvantaged and in need of help, automatically labeling the poor as "in need" is a sure way to keep them so. Not only is the welfare system flawed in acting as a "free lunch" to the unwilling, but also a trap, waiting to backfire as soon as individuals standard of living raises to a point where they no longer qualify for aid, but will not maintain a good standard of living for some time until they are independant RichLabor Taxes 4 . The services provided by bureaucracy are poor and make for a tax more expensive than any bill or pricetag on the narket; they are poor for the same reason a diabetic has more incentive to excercise than a perfectly fit individual here's always the threat of health, metaphorically job security. Also, they are more expensive due to added-on ureaucratic costs (paperwork, wages, etc.) and the cost for the actual services themselves, even more so for high- end service. 4. By putting the tax burden on the rich and business, one is sure to hamper industry; every cent of a rofit taxed is a cent lost to being able to provide more jobs, better goods and services, and a better working facility This is to assume that the bureaucracy won't own and manage the workplaces, in which the threat of failure and rofit loss would not factor in decision-making for the company's (worker's) best interests. 5. The fallacy in criticizing he rich as greedy, manipulative, and authoritative is that socialism's alternative, bureaucracy, is in essence no differ nt the problem now is the cronies are working together instead of competing. 6. Like taxation, regulation is a hin- rance to industry; instead of directly cutting into capital, it is a loss of potential gains. While they are good meaning egulations hinder the efficiency and production capabilities of the workplace, only hurting the worker in the end. 7 Soviet Russia, China and North Korea are/were socialist economies; next up, America <p>🅱hit on yourself via /r/dank_meme <a href="http://ift.tt/2eGiP9n">http://ift.tt/2eGiP9n</a></p>

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Crime, Memes, and Soldiers: VETERANS COME RST VA EMPLOYEES STEALDRUGS RAWAS 1 LIKE 1THIEFIN PRISON Doctors, nurses or pharmacy staff at federal hospitals — the vast majority within the VA system — siphoned away controlled substances for their own use or street sales, or drugs intended for patients simply disappeared. Aggravating the problem is that some VA hospitals have been lax in tracking drug supplies. Congressional auditors said spot checks found four VA hospitals skipped monthly inspections of drug stocks or missed other requirements. Investigators said that signals problems for VA’s entire network of more than 160 medical centers and 1,000 clinics, coming after auditor warnings about lax oversight dating back to at least 2009. “Drug theft is an area of concern,” Jeffrey Hughes, the VA’s acting assistant inspector general for investigations, told AP. He said the monthly inspections could help the VA uncover potential discrepancies and root out crime. VA clinics are overwhelmed not only with corruption of bureaucrats, but also with banal petty theft at the expense of American veterans. The VA is exactly the ministry, which requires the most thorough shake-up of personnel and total cleaning from those whose reputation leaves even the slightest doubt. Veterans have long been held hostage by the liberal crooks and first of all we should get rid of them. veteranscomefirst veterans_us Veterans Usveterans veteransUSA SupportVeterans Politics USA America Patriots Gratitude HonorVets thankvets supportourtroops semperfi USMC USCG USAF Navy Army military godblessourmilitary soldier holdthegovernmentaccountable RememberEveryoneDeployed Usflag StarsandStripes

Doctors, nurses or pharmacy staff at federal hospitals — the vast majority within the VA system — siphoned away controlled substances for th...

Arguing, Bad, and Children: "Children who participate in play with The Elf on the Shelf doll have to contend with rules at all times during the day: they may not touch the doll, and they must accept that the doll watches them at all times with the purpose of reporting to Santa Claus." The Elf on the Shelf is preparing your child to live in a future police state, professor warns washingtonpost.com cornerof5thandvermouth: earthy-phoenix: drwhohipster: drst: mhalachai: rainnecassidy: This is such a good article though The argument Pinto makes is that the story and the doll normalize 24-hour surveillance in the mind of a child, which makes them susceptible to more passively accept police-state surveillance as adults. “I don’t think the elf is a conspiracy and I realize we’re talking about a toy,” Pinto told The Post. “It sounds humorous, but we argue that if a kid is okay with this bureaucratic elf spying on them in their home, it normalizes the idea of surveillance and in the future restrictions on our privacy might be more easily accepted.” It’s based in a theory that was developed by Jeremy Bentham and popularized by Michel Foucault in which students, prisoners, factory workers and others were thought to function better (for whatever value of better) in a system called a panopticon, in which an individual is potentially under surveillance 24-hours a day, but never actually KNOWS whether or not he or she is being surveilled.  Pinto said she’s not the first person to be troubled by Elf on the Shelf’s surveilling. She’s said parents routinely contact her to say they changed the rules of the game after it made their families uneasy. And many kids, she said, often intuitively feel like spying and being a tattletale is wrong. “A mom e-mailed me and told me that the first day they read the elf book and put the elf out, her daughter woke up crying because she was being watched by the elf,” Pinto recounted. “They changed the game so it wouldn’t scare the child.” In addition to the problem of normalizing surveillance in the mind of a child, this also forces the child into a situation where they never feel like they are free to simply be themselves; they are forced to be “on their best behavior” at all times, unable to relax and make mistakes and do the job of growing up and being a child, because they never know if the elf is spying on them, ready and waiting to report back to Santa Claus that they’ve been bad. Here is a link to the paper that the article is talking about My co-worker got Elf on the Shelf for her four-year-old daughter last year, and was so freaked out by her daughter’s sudden and complete change in behaviour (uncharacteristically worried and anxious, while trying to be on her ‘best’ behaviour that she never kept up for family or at school) that she stuffed Elf in the garbage after a week, telling the daughter that the Elf had to go back to the North Pole to help Santa with Christmas.  Also read the paper linked above, it’s a good one. I hate this entire concept so much. I hadn’t thought about that but the far reaching implications are horrifying Honestly what a creepy idea :\Kids do best when given basic human respect, which behavior-judging surveillance is unrelated to. Holy shit. i now feel much more justified thinking that fuckshit elf is creepy as fuck
Confused, Fire, and Funny: Showrunner Swap Parks and Reccharacters love a good Game ofThrones reference.So what would happenif the creative overlords of these two vastly different TV worlds swapped jobs for an episode? Treat yourself to the results,-DAN SNIERSON Game of Recreationrucers By Game of Thrones exec producers By Parks and Recreation co-creator/ exec producer Michael Schur The Pawnee Avian Society, led by Councilman Jamm, strong-arms Act 1 Daenerys Stormborn rides her Khalasar and the 8,000 Unsullied out of Astapor. Looking out at the vast emptiness of the desert, she declares "I will build a park he "Who the hell's gonna come to a park in frigging Astapor?" She refuses to Leslie into building a park for Paw nee's official bird, the Grizzled-Neck Pigeon. April, the Pale Woman, pre sides over the dedication, complete with burning garbage pyres. Ron sees a ghost (or a Tammy?) just as his handcrafted birdcage SPLINTERS slicing Jean-Ralph Tom's legs, and rendering Jerry mute save for his own name... "Jerry Jerry...". Meanwhile, in Eagleton, Ann amasses a fleet of her own Grizzled-Necks, the Pigeon from the ceremony perched on her shoulder rel" Ser Jorah: Joffrey wants to try out his new crossbow by firing it at prostitutes Tyrion: "Your Grace, whores are not used for target practice. They are used as distractions during plot exposition. Second, you need a government per mit to use that crossbow." As Tyrion and Varys explain the bureaucratic permit process, the prostitutes start having sex with each other. io in half, breaking Act 2 Daenerys holds a public forum to discuss the park. The Starks think the park should have a wolf run, the Targaryens want more fire pits, the Lannisters don't want to pay for it. Also, Daenerys didn't get enough snacks, and a bunch of White Walkers start eating everyone's flesh. Back in Pawnee: Ron sinks into a single-malt depression, questioning his craftsmanship/purpose.. He retreats to Brandi Maxxxx's newest brothel. Leslie presides over the Sma City Council, where she accuses Jerry of sabotage. His punishment: He must piggy Ben recognizes the Thrones takeover and insists Andy is the one true Hodor. Tom bribes the Sun to report that his "Jerry-Rig" is the latest "throwback slave couture." Rent-A-Swag is immediately shut down back handicapped lom. Meanwhile, Joffrey goes to Hodor to apply for a crossbow license Joffrey, confused: "So I can't get The episode climaxes at Jean Ralphio's funeral, kicked off by Mona Lisa's twincest-laden eulogy. The Avian Society mercifully interrupts her with what Ron saw before: THE TAMMY WALKER, a Two-Headed Ice- Tammy riding a rotting Li'l Sebastian. Ben prays for a Thronesian miracle and a flaming yardstick careens into Jamm's (surprisingly flammable) afro Cut to Donna, thumbs-up. Everything burns fast-but the Tammy rises from the ashes..right as Ann and her Pigeon Fleet emerge from the Eagle- ton Highlands, raining down a majestic s-storm, extinguishing her for good. Joffrey storms out. "Dammit, Hodor, to the camera: "Man, that Act 3 Daenerys loses the vote 300-1. Things look bleak. Then her dragons fly around the room and set everyone on fire. She takes another vote and Daenerys, to the camera: "You can accomplish anything with good ol'-fashioned hard work. And three Joffrey is bummed that he can't use his crossbow. Then he remem bers that he's a sadistic sociopath and has everyone murdered and puts Hodor's head on a spike. But in a funny way The gang buries Jean-Ralphio's tastefully swagged halves, each in its own custom Swanson casket. Credits: Chris admits he's a eunuch by KAGAN McLEOD May 3, 2013 EW.COM 55 <p><a class="tumblr_blog" href="http://jennception.tumblr.com/post/48984480969/game-of-thrones-parks-and-recreation-crossover">jennception</a>:</p> <blockquote> <p><small>Game of Thrones &amp; Parks and Recreation Crossover in Entertainment Weekly (05-03-13)</small></p> </blockquote>