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Children, Christmas, and Hungry: ton team Speakin ill you mind. My rancene ercise are rth Pale fastest flier North Pa FROM THEDESK O anta ILlaug Dear Francene, December 1, 2014 Christmas is my favorite time of year. My eives and I, along with the reindeer and Mrs. Claus, have been preparing every day. We are working hard on toys for children just fike you who are on the nice fist this year. Will you be on my nice list? From today, there are only 25 days until Christmas! I heard from a few of my eives that you have been sharing your favorite toy with your little sister. All of us here at the North Pole are very proud of you! We also heard that you have had trouble sleeping in your own bed for the past few weeks. How about you give it another go tonight, okay? you have been working very hard and if you keep up the good work, my team and I will bring you a surprise on Christmas morning. Speaking of surprises, my eives tell me you want a new baby doll for Christmas. What will you name her? You can write me a letter any time telling me if you change your mind. My address is fisted on the card in your letter Francene, as I write you this letter from the Claus Office, the reindeer are flying in the exercise arena, preparing for the big night. Rudolph, the reindeer with the red nose, is our fastest flier this year. The elves are busy making toys in the workshops all around our North Pole. They will work 23 hours a day from here until Christmas to make sure all the toys and gifts are ready to go on Christmas Eve. Make sure you get to bed earfy on Christmas Eve so I can come down your chimney before sunrise. Be good for your Mommy and Daddy so you can check "nice" every day on your naughty or nice calendar. Ho HO HO and Merry Christmas Be good, antau Ps. I sent some magic snacks for the reindeer Could you please leave them out on Christmas Eve? The reindeer get hungry after such a long flight. Thank you! meme-mage: Personalized letters from Santa  http://www.letters-from-santa.org/

meme-mage: Personalized letters from Santa  http://www.letters-from-santa.org/