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Animals, Cats, and Dogs: Iweet babypink @babypinksweater so we found this dog today.. y name is Cash m very social kesto roam So l can retum home ck allon my own <p><a href="https://the-awkward-turt.tumblr.com/post/170510651858/firephox-purplelittlemermaid" class="tumblr_blog">the-awkward-turt</a>:</p><blockquote> <p><a href="http://firephox.tumblr.com/post/169454846890/purplelittlemermaid-babyanimalgifs-idk-why" class="tumblr_blog">firephox</a>:</p> <blockquote> <p><a href="https://purplelittlemermaid.tumblr.com/post/169240876863/babyanimalgifs-idk-why-im-tearing-up-at-this" class="tumblr_blog">purplelittlemermaid</a>:</p> <blockquote> <p><a href="http://babyanimalgifs.tumblr.com/post/160360334662/idk-why-im-tearing-up-at-this" class="tumblr_blog">babyanimalgifs</a>:</p> <blockquote><p>Idk why I’m tearing up at this<br/></p></blockquote> <p>Oh god 😭</p> </blockquote> <p> This is extremely dangerous and irresponsible. If you cannot give your dog the exercise and socialization it needs yourself, please do not own one. </p> <p>Let me tell you about Balto. There was a lady in my town who owned a Siberian Husky named Balto that she would let him roam town and people either had to take him into their homes each night or call animal control. </p> <figure class="tmblr-full" data-orig-height="297" data-orig-width="485"><img src="https://78.media.tumblr.com/b41d9c0f2ba8bc9075068fd2e45946ab/tumblr_inline_p282t8CfN21qkaned_540.png" data-orig-height="297" data-orig-width="485"/></figure><figure class="tmblr-full" data-orig-height="583" data-orig-width="485"><img src="https://78.media.tumblr.com/08a6ebe37e457dc2c10a6a0d23d0af44/tumblr_inline_p282td2z4c1qkaned_540.png" data-orig-height="583" data-orig-width="485"/></figure><figure class="tmblr-full" data-orig-height="410" data-orig-width="502"><img src="https://78.media.tumblr.com/e82e45e7d0a4833b6cfed7648e964c2a/tumblr_inline_p282taJOw41qkaned_540.png" data-orig-height="410" data-orig-width="502"/></figure><figure class="tmblr-full" data-orig-height="546" data-orig-width="496"><img src="https://78.media.tumblr.com/abde87c61711607d169264895580f87a/tumblr_inline_p282thN1FG1qkaned_540.png" data-orig-height="546" data-orig-width="496"/></figure><p>Eventually all you’d have to say to them was “Balto’s loose again” and you wouldn’t even have to fill out anything. He was digging up gardens, shitting on people’s driveways, nearly run over 3 times (one of which caused a guy to swerve and hit a mailbox), he jumped someone’s fence and impregnated their Lab, he was forcefully removed from property by people who didn’t like dogs, had BB guns shot at him by kids, chased cats into trees and was eventually attacked by an aggressive dog. After a $500 vet bill, she let her dog back outside again! Her excuse was that she “couldn’t keep him in the yard”, which was just because he was a high energy breed and she worked 10 hrs a day, do she didn’t have the time to exercise him. So why pay $1100 for a high energy breed when you know you can’t handle one? Novelty. He was eventually picked up and sold online because he was a purebred, found him 8 hours away, after the person who bought him saw her post on facebook. </p> <p>Some people may think they are doing the right thing by letting their pets roam freely, but we do not live in an idealistic society where everything is safe. There are wild animals that will find your pet an easy meal, there are people who will not slow down for an animal that runs into the road, and there are people who will hurt your pet if it comes near them, and they will breed, causing more unwanted pets to be brought into the world to be neglected because you didn’t want to give your dog exercise. Eventually Balto’s owner realized that she couldn’t handle his high energy needs anymore and dropped him off at the shelter, where he was adopted by a man who owned an acreage and had 6 other Siberian Huskies. <br/></p> </blockquote> <p>^This</p> </blockquote> <p>Well I’m glad the story ended happily.</p>