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No one will ever know… by Ozbaka FOLLOW 4 MORE MEMES.: fuck they're good The Chinese missile frigate Yulin fires an anti-surface gun battery last month during exercises with Singapore's navy in the South China Sea Some analysts fear China is elevating its presence in the sea so it can concesal its submarines ASIA China may be using sea to hide its submarines ald th ed to nual do th naclear-powered It also has at least thrce nuclear powered submarines ca- pable of launching ballis tic missiles and is plan- ning to add five more, according to a Pentagon report released last year. and certainly not to furth- er militarize outposts in the South China Sea." The South China Sea- bounded by Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Japan, the Phillippines and Malaysia- is one of the world's most oimportant shipping lanes China asserts it holds maritime rights to 80 that developed by the United States and Russia. Its subenarine program is a major part of that pash Since sabmarines can often avoid detection, they are less vuinerable to a first-strike attack than land-based intercontinen tal ballistic missiles or the tracking their submarines in the open oceas So the Soviets created beavily mined and fort fied sones for their subs to operate as close to the ta United States as possible. One was in the White Sea tih In an April media brief ing in Washington, a top US Navy official said the of northwest Rala and the other was in the Sea of Okhotak, north of Japan, nuclear bombers China's JL.2 subemarine iewatching aaid Cole. No one will ever know… by Ozbaka FOLLOW 4 MORE MEMES.