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Target, Tumblr, and Blog: animalrates:This is Sam. Has a tendency to lose his ears. Always finds them though. 14/10 magnificent pupper.

animalrates:This is Sam. Has a tendency to lose his ears. Always finds them though. 14/10 magnificent pupper.

Complex, Fire, and Friends: 23 EMOTIONS PEOPLE FEEL, BUT CAN'T EXPLAIN tai-korczak: 1. Sonder: The realization that each passerby has a life as vivid 2. Opia: The ambiguous intensity of Looking someone in the eye 3. Monachopsis: The subtle but persistent feeling of being out of 4. Énouement: The bittersweetness of having arrived in the and complex as your own which can feel simultaneously invasive and vulnerable place future, seeing how things turn out, but not being able to tell your past self 5. Vellichor: The strange wistfulness of used bookshops 6. Rubatosis: The unsettling awareness of your own heartbeat 7. Kenopsia: The eerie, forlorn atmosphere of a place that is usually bustling with people but is now abandoned and quiet. away, even close friends who you really like out in your head thunderstorm amazing when thousands of identical photos already exist. nobody is listening history will turn out violence plane crash, or to lose everything in a fire experience because people are unable to relate to it 8. Mauerbauertraurigkeit: The inexplicable urge to push people 9. Jouska: A hypothetical conversation that you compulsively play 10. Chrysalism: The amniotic tranquility of being indoors during a 11. Vemödalen: The frustration of photographic something 12. Anecdoche: A conversation in which everyone is talking, but 13. Ellipsism: A sadness that you'l never be able to know how 14. Kuebiko: A state of exhaustion inspired by acts of senseless 15. Lachesism: The desire to be struck by disaster - to survive a 16. Exulansis: The tendency to give up trying to talk about arn 17. Adronitis: Frustration with how long it takes to get to know 18. Rūckkehrunruhe: The feeling of returning home after an someone immersive trip only to find it fading rapidly from your awareness 19. Nodus Tollens: The realization that the plot of your life doesn't 20. Onism: The frustration of being stuck in just one body, that 21. Liberosis: The desire to care less about things make sense to you anymore inhabits only one place at a time 22. Altschmerz: Weariness with the same old issues that you've always had - the same boring flaws and anxieties that you've been gnawing on for years 23. Occhiolism: The awareness of the smallness of your perspective
Apparently, Baseball, and Beautiful: crime show: well we don't know what time she was taken but as you can see in this convenience store security footage she's mouthing something and our lip reading technology tells us she's saying 'those three wise men they ve got a semi by the sea which are lyrics to James Blunt's song Wisemen which was playing on that store's favoured radio station at approximately 3:18PM and she disappears from view exactly five minutes later so therefore m crying cause most secunty cams would have timestamps crime show: now see usually we'd manage to get a timestamp from the security footage but unfortunately in this case the cameras only record a live feed and while you would think this means we shouldn't be able to see the footage at all, luckily a famous Twutch streamer happened to be using it as their background footage while recording yesterday so jenroses yes, but can you blow it up and enhance it? unfortunately this particular footage is extremely low quality and very grainy but as Izoom in on this super blurry pixelated mage you can see the details become much clearer and easier to identify But what about the extremely specific pollen found on the camera lens? good eye! originally I didn't even notice it was there but whie combing through the footage I noticed three different people sneezed whille in view of the camera. I did some research and found that the particles represent the pollen of this obscure plant life that is native to this particular state, which really doesn't help us, except that it only ever blooms in the opposite season! So I did some digging and found four nurseries within a 50 mile radius, only one of which sell that plant all year round, which of course means mongolman101 Hold on just one moment! If the twitch streamer was using the cameras live feed as background, then we should know the ime of the crime! The twitch archive should mark how long the streamer had been on by the time of the perpetrators presence onscreen, and if we know when they went live, we will know the time the perpetrator was in the building DAMNIT jONES THIS ISN'T YOUR CASE WELL IT'S MY CASE NOW! The Captain thinks your kidnapping is related to my investigation into that cult up state. So, apparently, we're supposed to work together. I'm not any happier than you are. but I hate sharing! TOUGH SHIT MCNAMARA! Your kidnapping case is somehow connected with that cult that's been sacrificing its members to in the belief that it will appease the elder god Cthulhu. Now, I don't like it any more than you do, and I'm worse at sharing than a toddler with a new favorite toy, but lives may well be on the line here! Are you willing to put aside our differences, and do what needs to be done?! Alright, but when we catch the perp he's mine. I don't care if he's sacrificed a hundred victims to goddamn Mickey Mouse! That man may know who killed my father, and I wont let anyone get in my way -not even someone with your develish smile. Do you think you're the only one who wants to find Eric's murderer?1 He was my partnerl He was my friend Iknow we haven't worked together before, but this case will have us working together for a while, until we eventually find your fathers killer. And I can see this case taking us a long time, and defining both of our lives for the foreseeable future. But don't worry McNamara, my years of experience on the force, put together with your grit, tenacity, and loose understanding of the rules will make for a great partnership, with plenty of laughs and sexual tension to go around. Until some being from on high decides the precinct isn't ready for a same sex couple, and I rekindle my relationship with my previously unmentioned ex-wife. But we, and some unknown watchers of our adventures, will always know we were meant to be together, weirdly large age gap be damned! Yeah, and while Eric was off playing cops and robbers with you, I grew up without a dad! Do you know how many times I stared at my baseball glove, wishing he was there to throw it to me? You may have lost Eric, but I never even got to have him! But you're right. This case will definitely take at least a full year, especially with the fact that we will be constantly interrupted with other, smaller cases, one of which will be halloween themed. Were working together for the forseeable future, and my playful countenance and morbid wit will very quickly mesh with your hardened attitude and tendency to keep secrets. And while you go back to your unhappy, stiff relationship with your ex wife, I will be shown having constant meaningless sex with a multitude of beautiful women so that the writers can really get across how Not Gay I am. It's gonna be a wild ride, Jones. And there had better be stakeouts. executive producer dick wolf Source: aloverthegaf Tumblr Crime Show
Children, Jail, and Latinos: WTVR CBS 6 Richmond @CBS6 Trick-or-treaters over age 12 could face fine, jail time in one Virginia city bit.ly/2yq8FTN 8:35 PM 9 Oct 2018 203 Retweets 248 Likes molly @socialistdogmom H- white people consistently overestimate the age of black children. what could go wrong WTVR CBS 6 Richmond@CBS6 Trick-or-treaters over age 12 could face fine, jail time in one Virginia city bit.ly/2yq8FTN 7:06 AM 10 Oct 2018 10,151 Retweets 32,801 Likes 缴剱@の必骖則. molly ) @socialistdogmom apa.org/news/press/rel in this study, white female undergrads overestimated the age of black teenage boys by an average of 4.5 years. these women are barely out of their teens themselves imagine how much stronger that tendency to overestimate is if you're a racist old man The students were also shown photographs alongside descriptions of various crimes and asked to assess the age and innocence of white, black or Latino boys ages 10 to 17. The students overestimated the age of blacks by an average of 4.5 years and found them more culpable than EGO DEATH or Latinos, particularly when the boys were matched with serious crimes, the study found. Researchers used questionnaires to assess the participants' prejudice and dehumanization of blacks. They found that participants who implicitly associated blacks with apes thought the black children were older and less innocent. 7:17 AM 10 Oct 2018 Kenni @ItsKenniYall Replying to @socialistdogmom When I was twelve, a woman in the grocery store asked me if my baby sister was my child 11:20 AM 10 Oct 2018 maybe they snapped @UniversalyBlack Replying to @socialistdogmom @ItsKenniYall When I was in 6th grade shopping with my MOTHER a white women came up to me and asked if I worked there barbaradeservesbetter: redpaladin-lance: blackqueerblog:what the hell I’m six years older than my step sister but people have been assuming for YEARS that she’s older than me because she’s taller than me. This is going to backfire so badly. it’s not going to backfire. they want it to turn out badly, they know what they’re doing here. it’s calculated.
Be Like, Club, and Confidence: Body Language Cheat Sheet for Writers All body language must be considered in context, but if you've set your scene and established your characters, a little body language can help! Anger Distress Anger is one expression of fight-or-flight mode an automatic, instinctive reaction to a threat. In many cases, there is an underlying fear of being harmed. Thanks to autonomic nervous system arousal, the heart rate increases, pupils dilate and the face may flush. Other signs of anger: Men in particular have a tendency to stroke or rub the nape of the neck when they're upset. It acts as a self-soothing gesture to deal with a "pain in the neck. Crossed arms arms act like a protective barrier Self-hugging- arms are crossed, hands gripping upper arms One-arm cross one arm crosses the body to hold or touch the other arm women keep a hand on a purse or bag strap to make this look more natural Clutching a purse, briefcase, or bag with both arms Adjusting cuffs or cuff-links (men's version of the purse-strap grab) Folding the hands together in front of the crotch (men) " Balling the fists Crossing the arms tightly Clenching the fists once arms are crossed Tight-lipped smile Clenched teeth Shaking a finger like a club Stabbing a finger at someone - " " - Attraction " " Pupils dilate - Women will cross and uncross legs to - draw attention to them Mirroring (usually unconsciously) mimicking the other person's body anguage Lying Lying causes a subtle tingling in the face and neck, so the gestures below are attempts to eliminate that feeling Closed to Conversation - Covering the mouth can be like a shh Keeping the hands in the pockets (esp men) gesture, or they may cover the mouth completely some people try to cover it by coughing Touching or rubbing the nose or just below the nose often a quick, small gesture, not a scratch Rubbing the eyes (especially men) Scratching the neck with the index finger Arms and legs crossed " Sitting back - Folding the hands together on a table . (creates a barrier) - The "figure-four leg cross (setting the . ankle of one leg on the knee of the other) and then grabbing the lower half of the top leg with both hands " Superiority, Confidence, Power, Dominance " Steepling the fingers (aka setting the - Folding the hands behind the back Opennesss and Honesty Exposure of the palms Arms and legs unfolded Leaning forward tips of the fingers together) Thumbs sticking out from pockets when hands are in pockets (can be front or back pockets) Submissive Signals - Smiling that's why some people smile - Hands on hips Straddling a chair when they're upset or afraid -" Slumping the shoulders - Doing anything to appear smaller . Hands folded behind the head while sitting up (in men; in women this thrusts the breasts out and becomes sexual) THE FICTION WRITERS GUIDE PSYCHOLOGY © Archetypewriting. com-Got psychology/writing questions? Visit The Fiction Writer's Guide to Psychology May be reproduced freely for personal and educational purposes only lunarmoment: theinformationdump: Body Language Cheat Sheet for Writers As described by Selnick’s article: Author and doctor of clinical psychology Carolyn Kaufman has released a one-page body language cheat sheet of psychological “tells” (PDF link) fiction writers can use to dress their characters. Because I realize all my characters do is look at each other and have their eyebrows shoot up. Sometimes they even lower their eyebrows too!

lunarmoment: theinformationdump: Body Language Cheat Sheet for Writers As described by Selnick’s article: Author and doctor of clinical ps...

Crazy, Life, and Sex: antifemalesoci... Q 2 Follow Romanticising womanhood is not good for men. In fact, it is an insult. You cannot claim to accept you are inferior on one hand and then perform mental gymnastics in order to make yourself feel better about that. You will ultimately end up kidding yourself that you are, somehow, quietly equal, and that is itself offensive to mankind; you are not, and never will be, equal to men by any stretch of the imagination. Anything else is fantasy. Taking joy in being a good woman i:s wonderful. Taking pride in being a woman, for any reason, is not. Remember that all of your achievements, progress and joy in life come only as a result of male guidance, control and assertiveness. Remind yourself how lost you would be without it. The instrument does not gain praise after a great orchestra; the composer does It is this tendency which partly creates the need for strict boundaries and regular discipline. Whether or not you think you are good enough to believe comforting lies and remain a good woman is immaterial. You are not capable of knowing that for sure, ever. Remember this during discipline. Remember it always dr0pacid: roastedoranges: yallarewild: dr0pacid: shameshack: it is with a heavy heart that i must announce that antifemalesociety is at it again @yallarewild this is a whole new type of crazy i’m gonna mcfucking lose it Hi quick question what kind of motive was this guy trying to make while writing this His page is about some sort of anti woman “movement” as he calls it. Where women should be put in cages and submissive to man, not viewed as human. Just as sex slaves and means to an end with breeding. It’s really disgusting.
Being Alone, Bad, and Cars: r/AskReddit u/ReichSmasher2018 7h What are redeeming qualities of humanity that nobody mentions? 8.9k 1.5k . Share TOP COMMENTS ▼ Tie YourTubesldiot 5h Once my mom and I were sitting in her car outside a grocery story, probably around 11 pm when we saw this toddler in the car next to us, on his own, who looked like he had been crying. So we smiled and waved at him and he smiled back and waved, then after a few minutes of this he fell asleep and we waited in our car to make sure whoever brought him there came back. We were sort of ranting about how awful it is to leave a toddler alone in a car especially so late at night, and how irresponsible the parent/guardian must have been, blah blah blah. Then the child's mother came back carrying cough syrup and baby pain relief. So we felt kind of bad for ranting about her, she had probably just panicked and had to get her kid something to make him feel better and had no one else to take care of him (I still don't think she should have left him in the car, but this was rural Ireland so statistics were in her favour). Anyway, the whole point of this ramble was that when we saw her come back, we went to pull out of our parking space, but as we did, three or four more cars pulled out too. I think we were all making sure this kid was ok, and I was just so touched by that moment. So l guess l'd say our greatest quality is our tendency to look out for others, especially when there's no incentive to do so Reply 76k Redditor tells heartwarming story of the wholesomeness of humanity

Redditor tells heartwarming story of the wholesomeness of humanity

Advice, Being Alone, and Animals: weasowl yesyespleaseno gaymilesedgeworth after i move i really wanna get a used roomba gaymilesedgeworth sushieatingmermaid i love that you're adopting instead of buying from a breeder <3 biggest-gaudiest-patronuses just remember they're social animals and should always be kept in pairs, don't get a roomba if you aren't prepared for that responsibility fireheartedkaratepup That's a common misconception. Roombas do perfectly fine on their own if you spend quality time with them! They group together in the wild for protection, but when they have no natural predators in the area they often choose to live alone biggest-gaudiest-patronuses i didn't know that! do you have any advice on roomba breeding and the problem with parent roombas' tendency towards eating their young? the-derp-returns It's best to put the parent Roombas up for adoption as soon as a baby is born. If you're too attached to the Roombas, you can keep them in separate rooms, thoughit will be hard. Be careful when opening doors, though, they are agile creatures and will escape if they see the opportunity! biggest-gaudiest-patronuses but what about while the baby roombas are still nursing monsterswithvibes actually you can nurse them yourself with some dust and sand biggest-gaudiest-patronuses just be careful they don't bite! weasowl see, we never had this problem back when we were breeding Dustbusters. Slow well-behaved, and dumb bless their hearts Completely indifferent to their offspring You know they're a distant ancestor to the Roomba? Now, of course, they're too far removed to even be able to cross-breed, but, yeah, they used to fill a similar ecological niche, and some of them eventually evolved into the wild Roomba from whence all our current breeds were born the Samsung Powerbot, even the Dyson 360eye Me, I'm waiting on the old Vacuum breed-back programs. I mean, they're going to have to use a lot of Roomba DNA, of course, and probably you'd want them to be, yknow, a little smaller than they were, but can you imagine having your own Dyson Upright, or Hoover, just wan- dering around your house sniffing everything? Or, my god, some breed of Shopvac? I hear they ate anything! Probably dangerous, but l'd get a little Bissell Stick in a heartbeat! Source: gaymilesedgeworth 114 419 notes Created with Stitch & Share! Roombas


Anakin Skywalker, Dad, and Hayden Christensen: STARStar Wars Stuff @starwarstuff WAR Hayden Christensen will play for the #SoccerAid World XI this Sunday His player profile is genius HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN STRENGTH: ROUGH, GETS EVERYWHERE WEAKNESS: TENDENCY TO CHOKE AID SOCCER AID WORLD X OT HUB unicef& After starring as Anakin Skywalker in the second and third Star Wars prequels, will the force be with Hayden on Sunday night? 12:40 PM 08 Jun 18 <p><a href="https://xanadus-kira.tumblr.com/post/175061292579/ahsoka-tahno-kylostahp-dyingsighs" class="tumblr_blog">xanadus-kira</a>:</p><blockquote> <p><a href="http://ahsoka-tahno.tumblr.com/post/175000203903/kylostahp-dyingsighs-xanadus-kira-i-love" class="tumblr_blog">ahsoka-tahno</a>:</p> <blockquote> <p><a href="http://kylostahp.tumblr.com/post/174822861827/dyingsighs-xanadus-kira-i-love-him-so-much" class="tumblr_blog">kylostahp</a>:</p> <blockquote> <p><a href="http://dyingsighs.tumblr.com/post/174770209344/xanadus-kira-i-love-him-so-much-hayden" class="tumblr_blog">dyingsighs</a>:</p> <blockquote> <p><a href="https://xanadus-kira.tumblr.com/post/174706699649/i-love-him-so-much" class="tumblr_blog">xanadus-kira</a>:</p> <blockquote><p>I love him so much</p></blockquote> <p>Hayden embracing the Sand meme.</p> </blockquote> <blockquote><p> #got that hot dad anakin look going on #and getting on for the age Vader was in ANH <br/></p></blockquote> <p>wow thanks for <i>that </i>vector of temporal inevitability angst I had never considered</p> </blockquote> <p>Update </p> <figure class="tmblr-full" data-orig-height="1136" data-orig-width="640"><img src="https://78.media.tumblr.com/1a0b4644a79de86aa8283368d8b52929/tumblr_inline_pai7kvgzWE1qi54pn_500.png" data-orig-height="1136" data-orig-width="640"/></figure></blockquote> <p>Poor Hayden</p> </blockquote>

xanadus-kira: ahsoka-tahno: kylostahp: dyingsighs: xanadus-kira: I love him so much Hayden embracing the Sand meme. #got that hot da...

Amazon, Amazon Prime, and Animals: 2 Oo how is this ok?!?! And in the handful of the 175 reviews I perused, NO ONE MENTIONED IT!! 36% 7:49 PM เขื่ 36% 7:48 PM https://www.amazon.com/gp 公 욜 https://www.amazon.com/gr ® NEW & INTERESTING FINDS ON AMAZON EXPLORE Back amazon prime Deliver to Nicole- Hanover Park 60133 Struggle Function Instruct kid to show concem to their little friends and animals. Swing goose will struggle if being lifted by the neck. A humanized design and interactive game for kids amažon View in the Amazon app STEM Learning CLUB through play Toyk TOYK Baby Toys, Dancing Hip Hop Goose, Super Fun, Educational Music Toys For Toddlers ☆☆☆☆☆ 175 Amazon's Choice Highlights for this product Struggle Function for Price: 23.85-/prime l FREE One-Day With Deal: $20.23 You Save: $3.62 (15%) Get FREE deliverv Tomorrow if vou order $35 of AbaW di 3 Comments <p><a href="http://theeuglyspud.tumblr.com/post/174393674644/spiritworld-westfriend-watch-a-toy-goose" class="tumblr_blog">theeuglyspud</a>:</p> <blockquote><p><a href="https://spiritworld.tumblr.com/post/174328711410/westfriend-watch-a-toy-goose-fucking-beg-for" class="tumblr_blog">spiritworld</a>:</p><blockquote> <p><a href="http://www.westernsocietyfucked100years.com/post/174328655288" class="tumblr_blog">westfriend</a>:</p> <blockquote><figure class="tmblr-embed tmblr-full" data-provider="youtube" data-orig-width="540" data-orig-height="304" data-url="https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DF5LWPrIrpnc"><iframe width="540" height="304" id="youtube_iframe" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/F5LWPrIrpnc?feature=oembed&amp;enablejsapi=1&amp;origin=https://safe.txmblr.com&amp;wmode=opaque" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen=""></iframe></figure></blockquote> <h2>Watch a toy goose fucking beg for his life</h2> </blockquote> <p>why do i feel like this is pretty racist?</p></blockquote> <p>Probably because being on this website has developed in you a strong tendency towards overanalyzing things.</p>
Comfortable, Fall, and Food: ADVENTURE AWAITS Why is it important to live life with a little adventure?🤔 - Humans have a tendency to fall into a routine. We wake up in the morning. Go to school or work. Come home. Eat. Sleep. It's the same thing everyday. Yet we are comfortable with the same boring thing all the time. It's our comfort zone. - We live in a spot were we know we are safe and sound. But is that really living? Where is the risk? Where is the adventure? If we aren't living our lives to the fullest then why are we here at all? This is why it's important to live a life with a little adventure. 👀 - Adventure is an experience that greatly impacts one's life and begins to define how they live after, but it is the exact definition that can be different for everyone. For example, someone's sense of adventure may be to go to Mount Everest and conquer the mountain while another person's idea would be to go on a hike in a nearby park. Even though these adventures are different, both people will learn valuable experiences that will ultimately change their lives. - So let's all put our phones, laptops, and tablets down and stop looking at those amazing adventure pictures on the internet and get out there. It doesn't have to be a trip to the Caribbean or the jungle. Remember, everyone's adventure is different; go talk to a random person and befriend them, attend a fancy diner that serves authentic Korean food, or take a themed road trip for a weekend. These are all worthy adventures that beak up the daily norm of our lives. This is how you live. Do something different everyday and you will live a life full of adventure. So what are you waiting for?😉 - adventure motivation millionairementor

Why is it important to live life with a little adventure?🤔 - Humans have a tendency to fall into a routine. We wake up in the morning. Go to...

Goals, Logic, and Memes: JUST BECAUSE MOST DON'T MAKE T DOESN'T MEAN YOU CAN'T While success is relative, subjective, holds monetary and non- monetary value, failure is more a “one size fits all” recipe. HERE is why not everyone is going to make it👇 - ✔️They don’t understand the value of time. Unsuccessful people don’t value their time. They are everywhere, anywhere, anytime because they lack the ability to dedicate their time towards their goals. ✔️They don’t do things that are in alignment with their goals. The more important a goal is, the higher it will be on your hierarchy of values and the more discipline and order you will have associated with it. ✔️They have self-imposed limitations. Unsuccessful people tend to say things like “I’m just not good with numbers”, “I just really hate studying”, and “I just don’t think I can run a successful business”. They put limits on themselves and excuse their behaviour but it’s really just a way of underachieving and aiming low enough to not miss. ✔️They are good at making excuses. These are the people who will find reasons and logic as to why they can’t and why they shouldn’t. They sometimes mistake this abhorrent tendency for “just being realistic”. They lack imagination and always find ways to justify why something shouldn’t be but they never really try. The best remedy for this is to stop your mind when it’s about to start making the excuses and re-ignite the engine that has started it all. - Sad but true. 🤔 Let me know in the comments what you think! - failure success millonairementor

While success is relative, subjective, holds monetary and non- monetary value, failure is more a “one size fits all” recipe. HERE is why not...