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Memes, 🤖, and Doggo: my paw, would you like it? @DrSmashlove Not a lot of y'all like "could smash's stories be true", "he gotta be making this shit up", "no way his life is really like this". Well the problem is sometimes I don't go into the details on some truly embarrassing stories so y'all only think my life is foot loose and fancy free. Aw hella nah. With that said let me tell y'all a story I never told before. So one time I'm at a bar in Bucktown Bruh and I meet this gyal and we hit it off and we Uber back to her crib in Rogers Park (she was a researcher at Loyola University) way TF in the north part of the city damn near to Evanston so she could walk her doggo before the end of the night. Now mind u I'm a planner. I'm spontaneous but I like to be at least somewhat responsible. But I'm also always up for an adventure so we go there talk all night do our lil thang etc etc bottom line I crash there. Now at 8 am I get a calendar reminder that I got a breakfast meeting back downtown at 8 am with a dude trying to sell the 50% of a successful consulting business he owns. I got one hour. Not nearly enuf time to head home shower change and be on time. Now one thing about smash is, I can't start a day without coffee, a shower, and some fresh draws and socks. Ain't happening. I mean - I can. But my chakras ain't aligned. My fong shway off AF. U feel me? So I noticed homegirl is two blocks away from a Walgreens and I sprint there and frantically ask if they got socks and undies. Nah. But they do got medical diabetic socks and Depends "athletic fit" adults padded cloth underwear Huggies that pull up to your belly button. At that moment dear followers smash had a quandary. Am I really bout this life? Am I gonna put pride 2 the side and be a 75 year old for breakfast? What if my pants catch on fire and I have to strip them off and the whole restaurant sees I'm wearing diapers and diabetic socks? So anyway after a successful breakfast meeting I strolled around the city freshly showered and belly full donning my Huggies and over-the-knee diabetic socks and I had a realization: don't fear old age. Being 75 is low key cozy AF 😩 BasedOnATrueStory OrNot AsAlwaysImmaLetTheReadersDecide 😂😂😂