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Beautiful, Crying, and Cute: While most people's tattoos have meanings behind them, one guy now has an inking more moving than most-his proposal When Vinny Capaldo Smith, a tattoo artist from Denver, decided he was going to propose to his girlfriend, Brooke Wodark, he just knew he had to get his profession involved somehow Brooke was incredibly nervous, and was shaking at the thought of putting the needle to her partner's leg-but her hands became even more so unstable when Vinny, whom she had been dating for a year and a half, pulled up his shorts to reveal a new tattoo which asked for her hand in marriage. Brooke Wodark June 20 at 1:44pm . Vinny had always said he wanted me to tattoo him. Today he sprung it on me and told me it was the day. I drew out a simple heart on his ankle only to be surprised with a beautiful ring and my future husband! I'm so happy! Vinny had also inked two boxes, one for 'yes' and one for 'no underneath the drawing. Brooke was to give her answer to his proposal with an "х, inking. Of course, Brooke inked an X into the 'yes' box-though she was shaking so much that the Xlater had to be re-touched to make the tattoo cleaner And people truely love it! Jessica Toth Super cute! Congrats you two Like O 2 June 21 at 4:04am Kayla Canacari Omg that's so cute!!! Like O 3 June 21 at 4:08am Cassi Bernarding rm crying Like O2 June 21 at 4:10am Deziree Alexys Okay, I just cried watching this! wooHOO! Congrats lady Like O 2 June 21 at 4:12am As usual there are always people love to think about the worst scenario Natalia Betancur But what if she had cheked the-no"? that would be an interesting trip to the tattoo removal clinic Like Reply 0a 47-Yesterday s 5:03am Edled Chey Renee Burkhalter Cute but if this marriage fails Omg if he had another girlfriend he wanted to propose to after he can scribble off the first two boxes and just add new ones. eee Like Reply O4 Yestorday at 4 38am Tattoo artist surprises girlfriend with permanently-inked proposal

Tattoo artist surprises girlfriend with permanently-inked proposal