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America, Ignorant, and Love: Do immigrant cages come with bootstra... @BravenakBlog Please stop saying things like, "This is not the America I know!" when you see Trump locking refugees in cages Yes it is. Trail of Tears Slavery Chinese Exclusion Acts Japanese Internment Segregation Welcome to the America that non-white people have known for centuries. Anyone who says “Make America Great Again” should be placed on a list for possibly being a racist. Because 90% of them are closet racist! Every person i have met who stands with trump comes off with this HUGE ignorant racist mentality. And YES, you can still be racist and uneducated if you are not White supporting Trump. - For all my Awake followers what we are seeing today is the Elites “divide and conquer” agenda being carried out in full suite. They knew by having a Black President followed up by a ARROGANT PRIVILEGED man there would be a huge conflict. This is why I say president’s are not elected they are selected. The entire system is created to oppress and manipulate you. - The sad thing is this what this country has been doing to all of the countries in the middle east. Dropping millions of bombs and invading countless countries we have tore apart more families then we can in fathom. AND this is exactly what is taking place in Israel every single day under the LARGEST military occupation ever. Israel and Trump and the Elites are all apart of the same agenda to distract, divide, misinform and to create hate for all the wrong reasons. - The only reason why this is happening now is because of the revolution taking place. We must continue sharing information and compassion for ALL. The elites know that they are being exposed and that the only way for them to exist is to push back harder. But no matter how much they push back our message of love, compassion, empathy and a more sustainable way of living will always remain. - We are anonymous We are legion We do not forget We do not forgive Expect us. standup911 bethechange fuckthesystem