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Memes, Tablet, and Twins: HH NEW Ford has revealed the ST version of the new Fiesta, and it's packing a 197bhp 1.5-litre inline-three cylinder engine Via @carthrottlenews - Let’s get the big piece of news out of the way: As was first rumoured a little while ago, the ST has indeed dropped a cylinder and a little bit of displacement, switching to a 1.5-litre three-pot. - It’s presumably derived from the existing 1.5-litre Ecoboost unit, although Ford describes it as an “all-new” engine. It’s been given a new turbocharger with an “optimised” turbine design to reduce lag, plus “Twin-independent Variable Cam Timing. It’s good for 197bhp, and 214lb ft of torque. - Both of those figures are the same as what the outgoing car achieved when its ‘overboost’ function kicked in. The new car will do 0-62mph in an “anticipated’ 6.7 seconds, although there’s no word on top speed just yet. There isn’t an MPG figure available right now either, but Ford is expecting CO2 emissions of around 114g-km. - The car gets a torque vectoring by braking system just like the old one, plus three driving modes. The ‘Normal’, ‘Sport’ and ‘Track’ modes each alter the steering, throttle response and traction-stability controls to varying degrees. Stick it in ‘Track’ mode and the traction control goes entirely, with the ESP set to ‘wide slip’ mode. Or if you’d prefer, you can switch off ESP completely. - On the inside it’s a sportified version of the Fiesta cabin we’ve already seen, which means a far plusher space than we’ve been used to seeing from Ford’s ubiquitous supermini. - The ‘Sync 3’ system is present on a floating tablet-style setup, which should prove to be much less frustrating than the clunky old infotainment, and keeping your back and buttocks very happy will be a pair of Recaro bucket seats. - In the cabin you’ll also be - I’m afraid to say - treated to some ‘Electronic Sound Enhancement’, but this does at least work in tandem with an active exhaust valve. - Want one? You’ll be waiting for a little while I’m afraid, with Ford gunning for an early 2018 launch for the car in both three and five-door forms. The outgoing ST was - and probably still is - pound-for-pound the best new performance car around, so this new one should be worth the wait.