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Bitch, Food, and Fucking: LO 29% 5:04 PM staggot + astral-nymph staggot Not following each othe staggot Choke bitch astral--nymph Why are you being so aggressive over people asking for proof? staggot I'm gonna give people proof I was abused as a child... ok astral--nymph You're asking people to give you their hard earned money for free We simply want to know that our money will be going to good use and not being wasted on luxury items bv someone takina advan- GIF Say your thing 29% 5:04 PM staggot + astral-nymph items by someone taking advan- tage of our good will. You can't treat people like this and tell them to die or choke. It makes you look like a dumbass and quite frankly you don't deserve anyones money if you're going to treat anybody like this. astral--nymph And nowhere in that post did you mention child abuse. How can you say we're asking for proof you were abused as a child if you didnt mention it? astral--nymph No. We're asking for proof of your bills. Proof you dont have the money in your bank accounts to pay everything yourself. Proof that you are unemployed or that you dont have enough of a wage to sustain yourself GIF Say your thing 29% 5:04 PM staggot + astral-nymph astral--nymp No one is asking you to prove that you were a victim of this or that. We just want proof that you actually need financial assistance. And so far you've proven that you don't deserve our money anyway with that fucking gross attitude of yours. astral--nymph That's all I have to say about it Take from it what you will, but stop telling people to kill themselves You're no better than the people you claim abused vou and your abuse doesnt give you an excuse to act in such a way either staggot Didn't read staggot You're a bitch GIF Say your thing POSTS LIKES FOLLOWING staggot Hi everybody, I was assaulted by transphobes for trying to use the bathroom at a bar the other day I visited my parents to talk to them about it, and they blamed me for not having "common sense" so l've decided I have to cut them out of my life even though they pay my car insurance and phone bill and provide me with food sometimes. If anybody is able to help me financially right now this is an emergency Here's a link to my PayPal https://www.paypal.com/ cgi-bin/webscr?cmd xclick&hosted_button_id-RSFC5VJB4ABRE - s- Or you can send money through the cash app my cashtag is $puppies3000 jbobbington celestial-naiad: Hey guys. If you see this post by @staggot rolling around I’d advise that you pass on donating to them. It’s in poor judgment to donate to people who don’t provide proof of their struggles, but it’s also in poor taste to donate to someone who treats people like this simply for asking for said proof. There’s absolutely no reason to act like this, unless of course you’re a lying asshole who just wants money for free. Tagging @nunyabizni @klubbhead @tooiconic @rallythedead @its-bewitched @robert-the-asshole @takashi0 Please help spread this around. I’d hate for anybody to lose their hard earned money donating to this person.
9/11, America, and Dad: December 20, 2018 Dear Mr. President: I have been privileged to serve as our country's 26th Secretary of Defense which has allowed me to serve alongside our men and women of the Department in defense of our citizens and our ideals I am proud of the progress that has been made over the past two years on some of the key goals articulated in our National Defense Strategy: putting the Department on a more sound budgetary footing, improving readiness and lethality in our forces, and reforming the Department's business practices for greater performance. Our troops continue to provide the capabilities needed to prevail in conflict and sustain strong U.S. global influence One core belief I have always held is that our strength as a nation is inextricably linked to the strength of our unique and comprehensive system of alliances and partnerships. While the US remains the indispensable nation in the free world, we cannot protect our interests or serve that role effectively without maintaining strong alliances and showing respect to thos allies. Like you, I have said from the beginning that the armed forces of the United States should not be the policeman of the world. Instead, we must use all tools of American power to provide for the common defense, including providing effective leadership to our alliances NATO's 29 democracies demonstrated that strength in their commitment to fighting alongsid us following the 9-11 attack on America. The Defeat-ISIS coalition of 74 nations is further proof. Similarly, I believe we must be resolute and unambiguous in our approach to those countries whose strategic interests are increasingly in tension with ours. It is clear that China and Russia, for example, want to shape a world consistent with their authoritarian model gaining veto authority over other nations' economic, diplomatic, and security decisions -to promote their own interests at the expense of their neighbors, America and our allies. That is why we must use all the tools of American power to provide for the common defense My views on treating allies with respect and also being clear-eyed about both malign actors and strategic competitors are strongly held and informed by over four decades o immersion in these issues. We must do everything possible to advance an international order that is most conducive to our security, prosperity and values, and we are strengthened in this effort by the solidarity of our alliances Because you have the right to have a Secretary of Defense whose views are better aligned with yours on these and other subjects, I believe it is right for me to step down from my position. The end date for my tenure is February 28, 2019, a date that should allow sufficient time for a successor to be nominated and confirmed as well as to make sure the Department's interests are properly articulated and protected at upcoming events to include Congressional Dad’s resignation letter.

Dad’s resignation letter.

Alive, Beautiful, and Children: THE LAST DAYS OF POMPEII distrust: whatever the wishes of the mind, | love to train, to ripen their minds-to unfold the animal frame was well fitted to executethe sweet blossom of their hidden passion:s, them; the wiry muscles of the throat, the in order to prepare the fruit to my taste. I hraad chest, the nervous hands and lea loathe your ready-made and ripened courte aunt arms, which were bared above the sans; it is in the soft and unconscious prog napable alike of ress of innocence to desire that I find the sive endurance. true charm of love: it is thus that I defy ian to this fas- satiety; and by contemplating the freshness you ha e improved the of others, I sustain the freshness of my own tue much attending to my sensations. From the young hearts of my suggestion; and your verses are excellent. ictis I draw the ingredients of the caldron Always prophesy good fortupe, unless there in which I re-yout y. But enough of s an absolute impossibility oits fulilment." this: to the subject before us. You know, tin, that in Neapolis some time since I en ntered Ione and Apæcides, brother and er, the children of Athenians who had andare the to be at rest- at Neapolis. The death of their for rest prays the mariner in the Ægean sea,rents, who knew and esteemed me, consti or at least so says Horace;-can the mariner tuted me their g. I was not unmind be more an rest in the sea than when e is at fal of the trust. The youth, docile and mild, el lily to the impression I sought to on him. Next to woman, I love the lections of my ancestral land; I love to propagate on distant shores her colonies perchance yet people), her dark and mystic creeds. It may be that " Assuredly," replied the priest, leading it pleases me to delude mankind, while I thus he way to one of the small chambers which serve the deities. To Apæcides I taught the urrounded th open gate. Here they seated solemn faith of Isis. I unfolded to him rea the cinating flan voice of the stat iphave we ot s beautiful, he botton of it?" to other mattes you can admit meio one of your less sacred apartments?" which h hsomething of those sublime allegories which are couched beneath her worship. I excited winein a soul peculiarly alive to religious fer which while the companions partook, a r- 1 that enthusiasm which imagination begets on tain, drawn across the entrance opening to faith. I have placed him amongst you: he the court, concealed them rom e, b is one of you" admonished them by the thinness of the par-"He is so," said Calenus: "but in thus sition to speak low, or to speak no secrets: stimulating his faith, you have robbed him of wisdom. He is horror-struck that he is , in a voice no longer duped; our sage delusions, our ues and secret staircases, dis was its sound, at it has ever been may and revolt him; he pines; he wastes my maxim to attach yself to the young. away; he mutters to himself; he refuses to From their flexile and unformed minds I can share our ceremonies. He has been known coye out my fittest tools. I weaveI warp to frequent the company of men suspected mould them at my will.e Q the men I of adherence to that new and atheistical creed the which denies all our gods, and terms our oracles the inspirations of that malevolent ·n | spirit of which eastern tradition speaks. Our oracles-alas ! we know well whose inspira- ernative. Arbaces, air, so soft and in speaking stat favorite dstorted his ungainly features " Yes, I do not disguise it; woman is the tions they are." main object, the great appetite, of my soul.This is what I feared," said Arbace As you feed the victim for the slaughter, musingly, "from various reproaches he made love to rear the votaries of my pleasure. I me when I last saw him. Of late he hath
Being Alone, Children, and Dating: Logan Trent @TheLoganTrent Follow Millennials are killing the golf industry Business Insider Millennials are obsessed with the style of life'- and it's killing retailers Millennials are killing the movie business I New York Post Millennials are Killing the Golf Industry - the BLITZ agency blog Will The Millennial Generation Kill Home Depot? - Forbes Millennials are killing relationships and we should be concerned Take Two | Are millennials killing the running trend? Maybe. | 89.3 KPCC Are Millennials Killing Wine? An exposé. | Quench Magazine "Promiscuous" Millennials Are Killing McDonald's: Gothamist How Millennials Lack Of Manners Is Killing Class Unwritten Millennials Are Killing Off Paper Napkins | Mclntyre in the Morning Are Millennials Killing The Car Industry? | DrivingSales News Here's HoW Millennials Have Killed Crowfunding | Bossip Are Millennials Killing Credit? Top Rated High Risk Merchant RETWEETS LIKES 130 102 2:14 PM 23 Aug 2016 130102 cornerof5thandvermouth: haiku-robot: tardis-in-a-moonbeam: zooophagous: ralfmaximus: princeloki: f1rstperson: Glad to see my lifelong disinterest in golf is paying off let me tell you about golf i grew up in a little desert valley called Tucson, Arizona, where it only rains 2 inches a year on average. the majority of the city’s water is pumped from an underground aquifer, which took millions of years to fill. one of the biggest conservation efforts in our city was for water, naturally, and i spent a lot of time learning about low flow toilets and 5 minute showers. i learned that filling your sink basin and washing your dishes in that water is less costly than running the tap. i learned that it only takes 2 days without water on the desert for someone to die the city was sinking as the aquifer drained. neighborhoods fell into flood zones that didnt exist 10 years ago there’s a road called Golf Links in the city and it is lined with golf courses. miles of green grass where grass doesn’t grow, in a valley where it doesn’t rain. why? because the rich white retirees who moved there to stop the aching in their joints decided they should also get to play golf. meanwhile our public schools taught small children like me that taking long showers would kill the world let the golf industry burn There are 15,500+ golf courses in the United States alone.  Each one consumes ~312,000 gallons of water per day. That consumption is equivalent to 55+ million humans per day in the United States… roughly 1/6 the entire population. We simply cannot sustain this frivolity, especially for something 99% of us will never use. Destroy golf courses and plant wild grasses and butterfly bushes in their place. Mmm wild blackberries would be great They used to be all around before recent land development here they used to be all around before recent land development here ^Haiku^bot^9. I detect haikus with 5-7-5 format. Sometimes I make mistakes.Help me buy a flower for Alexa®! And yes, we are dating. | PayPal | Patreon Out where I am we’ve been turning defunct golf courses into public parks and nature trails after letting them overgrow a bit. It’s nice! You get a lot of interesting successional species as the land is reclaimed, and it’s great birdwatching territory.

cornerof5thandvermouth: haiku-robot: tardis-in-a-moonbeam: zooophagous: ralfmaximus: princeloki: f1rstperson: Glad to see my lifelong...

Friends, Life, and Memes: This is a real device called an LVAD (left ventricular assist device), provided by our friends @themedicalmentors🏥. LVADs are surgically implanted mechanical heart pumps which are used for patients suffering from heart failure and other heart diseases. The device is sometimes called a "bridge to transplant" but is now used in long-term therapy. People awaiting a heart transplant must wait for a long time before a suitable heart becomes available from a donor. During this wait, the patient's heart may deteriorate and become unable to pump enough blood to sustain life. An LVAD can help a weak heart and "buy time" for the patient or eliminate the need for a heart transplant💓💓. The LVAD doesn't replace the heart, it just helps it do its job. This can mean the difference between life and death for a person whose heart needs a rest after open-heart surgery or is too weak to effectively pump on its own. The function is pretty simple, the LVAD has a tube that pulls blood from the left ventricle into a pump. The pump then sends blood into the aorta. This effectively helps the weakened ventricle to do its job properly, and relieves symptoms such as shortness of breath. A permanent LVAD is currently being used in some terminally ill patients whose conditions makes them ineligible for heart transplantation.💯 . . . . . . . . science LVAD cardiovascular heart ventricularassistdevice heartsurgery surgery cardiacsurgery science anatomy medicine medicalschool medlife medicalstudent medstudent medschool MD futuredoctor medicalcase medical medicalfield hearttransplant surgeon surgical hospital surgicalresident

This is a real device called an LVAD (left ventricular assist device), provided by our friends @themedicalmentors🏥. LVADs are surgically imp...

Feminism, Food, and Fucking: AT&T 6:29 PM FEMAISH This is a blog ran by two strong empowered otherkin, plantkin women. Our pronouns are bun, bunself and tree, Tree'm/ Treeself Plantsexual, Asexual and binary destroyers. POSTS LIKES FOLLOWING ll AT&T 6:30 PM hellyeahfatfem... Follow Plantkin Currently bun am in a consensual relationship with a park tree. This tree is a willow however it identifies as an oak type tree. Bun know because being plant kin bun could hear the tree saying this. Oak told me that he identifies as male and uses male based pronouns. Oak prefers to be reffered to as a forest type tree #plantkin #otherkin #nature #pronouns #gender binary #gender #gaygr #gay man #gay #bi #bisexual Bun's partners Bun have 3 consensual partners that are all genderfluid, due to the fact that we are all gender fluid we are in a bi polygamous relationship since each day we may identify as different genders sometimes we swap genders. #biseuxal #bi #gay #gaygirl #gaymen #homosexual #gender #feminism #fat #gender fluid #gender fluidity ll AT&T 6:30 PM hellyeahfatfem... a Follow #biseuxal #bi #gay #gaygirl #gaymen #homosexual #gender #feminism #fat #gender fluid #gender fluidity Triggered at the store AGAIN Here is what is VERY problematic that bun have noticed in most food stores. They simply have the food there yet they do NOT have full representation for plantkin and otherkins among us. As a plant kin bun try to sustain on sunlight as much as bun can. However being stuck in this human shell is not easy so in order to not feel as triggered when bun enter the grocery store bun would appreciate a sun isle in which us plantkin can photosynthesize and at least feel like the kin we know we are deep down. Its the 21st century people!!! #otherkin #plantkin #food #feminism #fat #fatgirl #fatbabe #sexy #plants #plantlife #nature #foodstagram #help 1 note I’m a proud, fat, plantkin
A Dream, College, and Finish Line: rottenest-boi so last night I had a dream that everyone in scooby doo went to college or something except for shaggy and scooby and shaggy was morosely trading in the mystery machine for a prius and the last thing I remember before waking up was scooby saying raggy why" and shaggy goes "we need a car with better gas mileage scoob tiwaztyrsfist although character backgrounds are fairly fluid through the Scooby Doo franchise, of all the gang, Norville "Shaggy Roberts is A> the most financially well of, and B>the most likely to get an athletic scholarship Daphne's parents are rich, but she has for sisters, and the money is her parents still. Shaggy however is the sole beneficiary of the estate of his late uncle Beauregard, who left him an unspecifiedly large fortune and a large southern plantation. Shaggy is independently wealthy Shaggy is also said, at multiple points across the various series, to have, in high school, won numerous awards in both Track and gymnastics. Coupled with the fact that he can outrun Scooby at times, and Great Danes can sustain speeds of 30 mph, means Shaggy can outrun Usain Bolt, atleast is there's a mummy behind him, or a pizza at the finish line TL:DR Shaggy is doing fine and you don't need to worry about him. Now, let's talk about how, CANNONICALLY, Scooby can speak human languages because he is distantly related to dread Cthulhu gunzomi of all the useless information compiled on this website, this is the best thing I've ever heard Source: rottenest-boi 163,562 notes scooby doo dream

scooby doo dream

Beard, Bless Up, and Cookies: u/mr oberts 16d i.redd.it My wife does wedding flowers and occasionally gets to make flower collars for dogs. Here is Donna helping out by modeling @DrSmashlove Today I have reached the high point of my career, bruv. No I did not get a promotion. Nor did I get a raise. Did my title change? Also no. Corner office? No ma’am (thankfully my office-view is pretty dope as it is and for that I am thankful 🤲). Head of a group? Nuh uh. Something sweeter. Something more valuable. Something nearer and dearer to my heart. Today, dear friends, when the food services people (who are the real MVPs) set up my business lunch in the conference center (chicken breasts, fingerling potatoes, Brussels sprouts, salad, rolls and cookies...side note...fingerling? LMAO. Who invented this word? It’s like the daintiest, most petite finger. “Alice has the most adorable hands. They’re not even fingers...they’re fingerlings 🤗.” But I got big hands so what that make me? “Smash got bear paws, bruv. He ain’t een got fingers, he got ‘Fingertons’” 😩 ok imma donkey lemme stop). So anyway when I get to the room and they had lunch set up...THEY ALREADY PUT THE TABASCO AND SRIRACHA OUT THERE FOR ME 😥. I was so happy I was damn near beaming. A lump formed in my throat and a single tear trickled down my low, shaped beard. No more walk of shame to the supplies closet where they hide the seasonings so some of our more Caucasoidally-inclined clients don’t sustain any inadvertent burns (caucasoids I love yall and I know some of u are bout that spicy lifestyle but some of u might damn near cough out a lung out if we keeping it 600 lol.) The staff had my back. They knew that these negotiations are tough when I attempt to choke down a completely unseasoned chicken breast, as my esophagus will sometimes reject food that hasn’t been bathed in at least two or three different hot sauces. Today’s negotiation went wonderfully. I felt like I was skipping about the room in a tutu lmao pause. Anyway I feel like it’s not much more for me to do out here, bruv. I always felt like an outsider in this corporate ting, but today...I still feel like an outsider 🤗 LMAO BUT THEY HAD MY BACK WITH THE HOT SAUCE AND IMMA REMEMBER THIS DAY FOREVER. NEVER LOSE SIGHT OF THE LITTLE WINS. MamaWeMadeIt BLESS UP 🤗😂😂😂

Today I have reached the high point of my career, bruv. No I did not get a promotion. Nor did I get a raise. Did my title change? Also no. C...

Bless Up, Crime, and Drunk: My friend just adopted this strange brown hippopotamus. Pic: reddit u/Herodias @DrSmashlove PP fracture is real, and it’s unfortunate, bruv. The PP is comprised of three tubes, two of which fill up with blood when u aroused. The third is the urethra. If ya girl on top - riding a lil too wild goin ham and bananas on the dih and she super duper waterfall shtatus just making a puddle under u cot damn jumping up and down to hit that super deep shtroke to where yo PP feel like it bout to pop out - she could actually land wrong and u could sustain a fracture - u hear a loud popping or cracking which mean the tissue that surround ya two big tubes can’t withstand the pressure. Down go ya PP. Bruising. Indescribable pain. Blood when u pee. U gotta go straight to the ER and have surgery and even then, u might never do a full flag salute again. That don’t seem very pleasant, do it bruv. To just get yo PP broke. Well how the FVCK u think a woman feel when u putting in work from behind, invade the wrong entry point, and break her b00tyhole 😩. Men who find themselves ‘accidentally’ in the back door are engaging in gross negligence or recklessness - which is a crime. If u drunk and drive, u may not be intending to hit a kid on a bicycle, but if u do, u knew it was possible, and so u liable. That’s at BEST. At worst, y’all in rape territory (let’s call it what it is.) Sadly, I’ve met a LOT of women who will never even try the Backdoor Boogie because of an ‘accidental’ invasion so congrats to all u men who do this - your aggression - wanton stupidity has ruined a pretty awesome act for a whole segment of the female population. The bottom line is that this is inexcusable - either u careless to the point of being reckless, or u a predator. And whether u know it or not bruv u on borrowed time. A lot of ladies like it rough. This isn’t ‘being rough’. It’s not consensual. It’s barely a grey area. It’s actually mostly black and white. Your last partner might have let it slide (no pun intended 😖) but your next one might fvck ya life up - and she got every right to. I am the last one who should be lecturing anybody because I do a lot of sh!t I’m ashamed of so let’s just take this as a collective reminder...Men: let’s do better. ME TOO. Aight? Bless up 🙌