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Amber Rose, Apparently, and Batman: our tumllr usefnare IS now yov s Superhero name hat are your rukathetransformer: gaogaigar-the-king: sharky857: d-structive: isa-ghost: kikuthestrange: epicfangirl01: brynnicle: kisstheashes: anticoffeebeans: rottenka: gum-xx-drop: stray-puppet: illyriashade56: amber-rose-neko-san: shayhammowolf: ninja-girl2846: uwillbeefoundtonight: shadowamongfireworks: madly-handsome: steg-o-sore-us: bitchimnot-here: internet-explorer-official: slow-moving-mammal: internet-explorer-official: itssarcatsm: omgbrekkerkaz: girlnovels: albarnesauthor: lileyreyes: little-euro-girl: distance-does-not-matter: scholarlypidgeot: residinginpurgatory: extraordinary-arbiter-bluebird: saadoesthecatholic: lawfulgoodness: RIGHTEOUSNESS AND JUSTICE me. still being catholic. the superpower of setting conflict. aw yeah B) also, I happen to be a bird but that’s not really important I’m… dead. Apparently I’m smart. And I can fly. Distance doesn’t matter to me, so… teleporting? Flying? Idk Uhhh. Maybe I can shrink, like Ant-Man? Idk That’s my name… I have no powers. I am weak. I am the Author, Creater and Destroyer of Worlds!! I control the very fate of existence!!! 😈😏 Girl who can novel extensively and deeply about anything and everything apparently. um… being perfect i suppose??? you will bow before my sarcastic werecat powers Um… You have the same power as me, @internet-explorer-official! You’re slow! Buddies!! stepping on ppl I’m extremely good looking but only when i get angry Its either invisibility …..Or I use fireworks instead of smokebombs to get out of situations/make diversions/etc Let’s hope I’m always outside in a large parking lot when i need to use my powers then I’m good at finding things? But only at nighttime? Welp. This is quite obvious. LYCANTHROPY HELL YEAH b-being part cat?? I guess???  Considering part of my name comes from an eldritch god, I’m pretty well off. Very strong, time manipulation powers, I’m all set. Oh.. Yall get gum drops bitches Rotten??? I’m a zomboy??? Antisepticeye and Coffee? XD Uh…am I a phoenix? I would freeze people on contact. I would also be perpetually cold, which is already true. :P I would have the power of sonic scream and the ability to put people to sleep by my rapid, boring talk of fandoms. I’m so strange that I weird them out and they leave I can turn invisible and possess things ….You know, guys….I’m not sure I am a superhero. OM NOM NOM ALL THE MOFOS! 3 *muffled “Jaws” theme playing in the distance* My power is COURAGEAnd being a cyborg fused with a mecha lion fused with several machines to form the King of Braves. But also COURAGE. …I’m caught up in giant alien robot drama. Im a 2.7m high Super human clad in Futuristic juggernaut batman armor wearing a helmet with batwings. Heeeeelll yes maaa boi
Bad, Dank, and Family: Validating your wife's feelings. You don't have to understand the exact feelings in play to show solidarity. Below are some helpful phrases that may help you better express YOUR feelings about her feelings. She just wants to know that you care. She needs space to process what she's feeling before she is ready to move on to problem solving and logic. Give her this space and show your support by employing a response from below 1. An apology (one or more of these may apply, but likely only one will be necessary) "I'm sorry I hurt your feelings'" "That sounds like it sucks. I'm sorry" "I'm sorry I wasn't listening" "l'm sorry I made you feel that way" 2. A follow up (to show how much you care utilize one or more of the following that apply) "I didn't know that [action or statement] would make you feel [bad thing], you are [good thing] to me "Can you think of anything that would make you feel better?" "I hate that I made you feel this way." "I hope you know I would never do that on purpose" "I wish I knew how to make you feel better" "I'm not sure what I can do to make you feel better, but l'd like to try "I hate that my family or friend made you feel that way" "I hear what you are saying. It's hard for me to feel like I can't fix it" "I hope you know you are [good thing]. I never want you to feel [bad thing]" "This is hard for me too" "I don't quite understand what's going on. Can you explain it again or tell me how I can help?" "You don't need to yell. I'm listening, and I hope you'll listen to me next" "I really want to fix this, but you're going to have to help me understand what's wrong" "I didn't know you were this upset" "I can see that you're upset, but I don't understand why" "l don't know what to say" "Let's try to avoid another misunderstanding like this" "l see why you're feeling that way Would you like a glass of wine?" 3. She might also have some things to apologize for. Once you have apologized kindly using two or three follow up statements you can try to start problem solving. Proceed with caution. It's important that you don't rush from apologizing to criticizing Editor's note: this guide is intended to help turn your feelings into words that help a situation Please to do not simply read a response from this guide. You should still mean what you are saying My friend made her husband an apology cheat sheet (posted with permission). by jinx2369 MORE MEMES

My friend made her husband an apology cheat sheet (posted with permission). by jinx2369 MORE MEMES