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Charlie, Confused, and Friends: Alex Zalben @azalben How about we use predictive text to write our own epitaphs? Write "Here lies [YOUR NAME] [preferred pronoun] was..." and let your phone finish the rest. Mine is: Here lies Alexander Zalben. He was clearly not wrong. hi-im-secretly-satan: vanth-charun: glitterarygetsit: little-ghost-antenna: megs-damned-soul: mychildwasgiven2will: floating-babies-in-the-dark: zennosynne: phantomofthebookstore: southern-wilde: dandyskitt: therainbowhero: lokilaufeyj: killickan: trannyofsalt: twtransmed: tranny-levi: melon-sensei: sprite-truscum-pepsi: definitly-not-a-spy: urufu-arts: flo-here-from-progressive: meesta-egg: the-tevinter-biscuit: huhpotatoes: frogmp3: Here lies Asia. They are not going to be able to make it. Here lies Kay. She is a great friend. Here lies Charlie. They were in a few weeks ago and the machine is happening. Here lies Meesta. She was a little late to the party. Here lies Flo. She was just so confused about how she is. Here lies Navy. He was a good time. Here lies a very metaphorical sense. She was the one to be off now and basically saying to not give a fuck. Here lies James. He was a bit of a problem, to be honest. Here lies Kristopher, he was going to be a little late to the party. Here lies Levi, he was a good day. Here lies Mathew, he is going on a good day and I just don’t know why he was so mad that he didn’t know me. Here lies nathan. He was promptly removed from the post office. Here lies Cain. He was …my phone doesnt have predictive shit :( Here lies Tori. She was the first to answer the door. Here lies Evan. She did a good job 👏 Here lies Skitt. She was going to be a little late to the party but I don’t know if you have any questions please feel free to contact me at any time and I will be there Here lies Danni. He was a good guy and he was a great person who was very good at being cocky in the middle of the day with his wife and his wife and the other woman. Here lies Mollie. She was so much fun to watch the new girl and say they wrote it for her to be fucking w ur mom Here lies Jaye. She just got to the point. Here lies Kristan. She was literally just going home Here lies Zafer. He was most of my friends. Here lies Lucia. She was the only way to be ghost. Here lies Kai, they were not being a very professional person but they did a good job 👍 Here lies glitterary. She was a bit of a race to the bottom. Here lies Hannah. She was a very dark time. Here lies Ace. They were not able to use the form of a normal conversation with him. Here lies Erin. She was like shit i dont wanna do maths.
Anaconda, Bad, and Beautiful: T-Mobile 12:38 PM 53 % Tweet Amritsizzurp2LaWhore @Vasheezy They made us hate ourselves: an Indian children's book, as evidence UGLY BEAUTIFUL 6/9/15, 8:32 AM Reply to Amritsizzurp2LaWhore Home Notifications Messages Me belligerentbagel: pilambdaod: xekstrin: pilambdaod: bengali-babe: “Colorism isn’t real.” Colorism? Wow because the term “racism” is so blase. pilambdaod Colorism specifically refers to people of their own race valuing lighter skin over darker skin. For example in latina culture, valuing “good” straight hair over “pelo malo” or bad, curly hair. Racism would imply we’re talking about at least two different races here; colorism specifically is about racist ideals within one race, people of one race policing others appearance within their own race.  (since this is an indian book, presumably made by indian people for indian children to read, depicting a light skinned indian woman as more beautiful than a dark skinned one, it’s colorism.) One of those is clearly Caucasian the other Indian. Creating random new “isms” only makes legitimate grievances seem petty and stupid. “One of those is clearly Caucasian” Aishwarya Rai, Kareena Kapoor, Kangana Ranaut  Karisma Kapoor, Shruti Haasan, Zarine Khan All actresses/models born in India to parents who were also born in India (or Pakistan), in a narrow view of “race.”  If a Papua New Guinean hooks up with a Swedish person all you get is a human.  There’s no new thing you’re going to get. You just get a human.  - Bill Nye: Race is a Human Construct (and don’t look at the comments; it’s the usual cesspool of bigots)  Ideas on “race” have been in slow development over the years, but colourism is a real thing (often with roots in imperialism, especially as Western ideas of beauty began to intrude upon countries).  The 100 Years of Beauty: Philippines has a jarring jump where April Villanueva (who has light/medium-toned skin) gets her skin darkened for the 1910s-20s aesthetic, then becomes powder-white when US/European colonial interests make a stronger influence on Philippine society in the 1930s (more in the research video).  Two more examples of skin tone variation between famous women in countries where colourism has become prevalent in celebrity culture (ie, it was a lot harder finding photos of a dark-skinned Korean actress than a light-skinned one):  Koreans: Song Hye-kyo and Lee Hyori  Filipinos: Valerie Garica and Nicole Scherzinger (active in the US; Filipino father, Hawaiian/Samoan-Russian mother)  Variation in skin colour across a “race” is as real as variation in eye colour (”oh, you have brown eyes? I guess you’re not a real Caucasian”).  Colourism also pervades a lot of modern beauty marketing.  What’s underneath your dark skin? A prettier, lighter version of yourself! Everyone should strive to be more fair and lovely because only then you’ll be happy with your flesh prison!!  tl;dr colourism exists and isn’t some bogeyman made up by “”es jay double-ews,”” and if you’re the person bemoaning how it “delegitimizes racism” then it’s likely you actually don’t care about racism at all and are just trying to devalue the arguments with the classic “but so-and-so people have it worse! how could you be so self-centered and selfish??” 
Jay, Jay Z, and Tumblr: todayinhiphophistory: Today in Hip Hop History:Jay Z released his debut album Reasonable Doubt June 25, 1996

todayinhiphophistory: Today in Hip Hop History:Jay Z released his debut album Reasonable Doubt June 25, 1996