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ues: THE LAST DAYS OF POMPEII distrust: whatever the wishes of the mind, | love to train, to ripen their minds-to unfold the animal frame was well fitted to executethe sweet blossom of their hidden passion:s, them; the wiry muscles of the throat, the in order to prepare the fruit to my taste. I hraad chest, the nervous hands and lea loathe your ready-made and ripened courte aunt arms, which were bared above the sans; it is in the soft and unconscious prog napable alike of ress of innocence to desire that I find the sive endurance. true charm of love: it is thus that I defy ian to this fas- satiety; and by contemplating the freshness you ha e improved the of others, I sustain the freshness of my own tue much attending to my sensations. From the young hearts of my suggestion; and your verses are excellent. ictis I draw the ingredients of the caldron Always prophesy good fortupe, unless there in which I re-yout y. But enough of s an absolute impossibility oits fulilment." this: to the subject before us. You know, tin, that in Neapolis some time since I en ntered Ione and Apæcides, brother and er, the children of Athenians who had andare the to be at rest- at Neapolis. The death of their for rest prays the mariner in the Ægean sea,rents, who knew and esteemed me, consti or at least so says Horace;-can the mariner tuted me their g. I was not unmind be more an rest in the sea than when e is at fal of the trust. The youth, docile and mild, el lily to the impression I sought to on him. Next to woman, I love the lections of my ancestral land; I love to propagate on distant shores her colonies perchance yet people), her dark and mystic creeds. It may be that " Assuredly," replied the priest, leading it pleases me to delude mankind, while I thus he way to one of the small chambers which serve the deities. To Apæcides I taught the urrounded th open gate. Here they seated solemn faith of Isis. I unfolded to him rea the cinating flan voice of the stat iphave we ot s beautiful, he botton of it?" to other mattes you can admit meio one of your less sacred apartments?" which h hsomething of those sublime allegories which are couched beneath her worship. I excited winein a soul peculiarly alive to religious fer which while the companions partook, a r- 1 that enthusiasm which imagination begets on tain, drawn across the entrance opening to faith. I have placed him amongst you: he the court, concealed them rom e, b is one of you" admonished them by the thinness of the par-"He is so," said Calenus: "but in thus sition to speak low, or to speak no secrets: stimulating his faith, you have robbed him of wisdom. He is horror-struck that he is , in a voice no longer duped; our sage delusions, our ues and secret staircases, dis was its sound, at it has ever been may and revolt him; he pines; he wastes my maxim to attach yself to the young. away; he mutters to himself; he refuses to From their flexile and unformed minds I can share our ceremonies. He has been known coye out my fittest tools. I weaveI warp to frequent the company of men suspected mould them at my will.e Q the men I of adherence to that new and atheistical creed the which denies all our gods, and terms our oracles the inspirations of that malevolent ·n | spirit of which eastern tradition speaks. Our oracles-alas ! we know well whose inspira- ernative. Arbaces, air, so soft and in speaking stat favorite dstorted his ungainly features " Yes, I do not disguise it; woman is the tions they are." main object, the great appetite, of my soul.This is what I feared," said Arbace As you feed the victim for the slaughter, musingly, "from various reproaches he made love to rear the votaries of my pleasure. I me when I last saw him. Of late he hath