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Mexico, Furry, and Gains: Furry movement gains popularity in Mexico (2012)

Furry movement gains popularity in Mexico (2012)

Dude, Fucking, and Gif: WillYouPressTheButton?.com I will not! You can shapeshift intout People will always know it's you any form you choose spaztomato13: wanderingwolfsbane: snippyschnapps: haiku-robot: rispahanguis: christiandevil7: nepetaloveme: tyfye49: kasaithederp: therapist-anon: cc-the-pathetic-nobody: chris-drawing-shack: weezy-pup: symmetrical-twin: perpetualcombustioninstruction: revereche: bogleech: elvenrainbow: shitsuren-chama: ocean-child-love: kaibas-paragraphical-mind: what-is-a-homestuck: WHAT IS THE FUCKING POINT YOU COULD BE A FUCKING BADASS DRAGON THAT’S THE POINT “I AM A CREATURE OF DARKNESS” “oh hey sabrina.” I guess the point is that you could shapeshift into the body you always thought you’d grow into when you were a kid taller, shorter, slimmer, more muscular, purple hair, tattoos everywhere, tattoos nowhere,  every single shoe would fit you every single time you tried it on, every single article of clothing would fit your perfectly, all you have to do is transform slightly, you’d never run out of ‘your size’ again and you wouldn’t have to work for it at all, and you’d never be limitted by your bone structure or something. You could just transform at will. I don’t see how this is much of a downside When you turn into a sixty story tentacle demon and terrorize a city you want to get the credit you deserve Oh man that would be so sweet. I could be an annoying fuck as an insect or something but you couldn’t kill me because everyone would know That’s great but have you considered ~cosplay ~Halloween costumes ~acting ~cosplay ~stretching to reach stuff and shrinking to fit through spaces ~cosplay ~cosplay ~COSPLAY Dude this would literally be a trangender or genderfluid’s dream. PUSH DA BUTTON I’ll be able to be a cat my whole life! Yas! you could be a fucking furry, enough said. YOU WOULD NEVER HAVE TO PAY FOR TRANSPORTATION EITHER WANNA GO TO ANOTHER COUNTRY? BECOME AN ALBATROSS THEY FLY LONG DISTANCES ALL THE TIME OR HELL JUST BECOME A FUCKING DOLPHIN IF ITS ANOTHER CONTINENT Become a god. Just, become a god. Enough said. Snake, dragon, cat, lion, tiger, etc. *slams button* I could finally look in the mirror without gagging! :: presses button :: i could finally look in the mirror without gagging :: presses button ^Haiku^bot^7. I detect haikus with 5-7-5 format. Sometimes I make mistakes. | Welcome @image-transcribing-bot | Contact | HAIKU BOT NO | Good bot! | Meep morp! Zeet! Time to abuse THIS power This is always my go to answer when someone asks me about super powers. At least, the shapeshifting part anyway *SMASHES BUTTON* BEEEEEF
Amazon, Beautiful, and Family: Here's a special pupdate from our favorite furry family! We're so happy to share that Mama Leah's pups are officially 1-month-old and we're celebrating the milestone with these incredible photos by @AdoptableDogsofNYC! ❤️ Even though they're not quite ready for adoption yet, these little pups can now open their beautiful eyes and are starting to show each of their personalities! Their dedicated foster parents, Ashia & Mike, are having so much fun learning about which pup is sassier or calmer and who loves those extra cuddles. Leah has also been such a wonderful mama to her pups and, day by day, she's getting more and more independent and ready to see her little ones off to their forever homes soon! Ashia & Mike have been such awesome and loving foster parents — when they began their unbelievable foster journey, the support from our MuddyPawsPack completely floored them and they were almost overwhelmed by the number of @Amazon supplies sent by our generous donors. They really thought someone was pranking them! 😆 But a month later, they're even more shocked to find that they've gone through SO MANY supplies for these lovable pups and Mama Leah! We can't wait to see how Mama Leah and her pups continue to grow...💖 👉 If you would like to give your love to Mama Leah & her pups, you can send a gift at (link also in bio). . . . FosteringSavesLives AdoptDontShop RescuedIsMyFavoriteBreed FosterDogs Fostering FosterADog JoinThePack DogsofNYC Hero RescueCommunity Volunteer GiveBack ItTakesAPack NotAllHeroesWearCapes Foster FosterLife RescueDogs PuppyFoster

Here's a special pupdate from our favorite furry family! We're so happy to share that Mama Leah's pups are officially 1-month-old and we're ...

Reason, Thought, and All The: My brightness was all the way down, and for some reason I thought this was a furry hdjajsndjks

My brightness was all the way down, and for some reason I thought this was a furry hdjajsndjks