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I Got Marriedhttp://omg-humor.tumblr.com: Make your own sentence Step1:Choose your month of Birth Step3:Choose the color of the T-Shirt you are wearing right now LA monkey ZA prostitute RA vacuum deaner Your Mom SBarney the Dinosaur SA dog Sarta Clau RA travesty RA porn star 10A condom A bowl of cereal January:Ihate FebruaryIran naked with March:treed April: I Shot May:1 smoked weed with White: Because thet's what I'm Black: Becuse I'm sery Pink: Becaue my frende told me to do it Red: Becaue was horny Blue: Becaue I hate my lfe Yellow: Becue I'm gay June:ed July: I pissed on August: 1ucked September: I got mamed with BA lesban 14A horse 15 An old man 16A drug dealer A down IR Your Grandmother 19A dido 20 Michael Jackson 21A drunk Mexican Gray: BecauseI stink Green: Because i smoked crack Octoberi statbed Novemben tad a blowjob to December: I tooka crap on Orange: Because I'm ugly Brown : Because I'm racist Squares: Becausei got an orgasm No T-Shirt: Becase I Have perfect Abs 22An egg 2A piece of shit 24A robot 25A na 2A puppet nGeorge Bush 2A bleck guy 2 Madonne A cookie jar Other: Because Tm snge Step2:Choose your Birth day Now write the sentence to show the world what kind of nerson are van Head Over To FakePlus.com 31. Afa fat quv I STABBED AN EGG Because I'm single TASTE OFAWESOME.COM Banned in 0 countries I KILLED A cookie jar cause I smoked crack TASTE OF AWESOME.COM Like this? You'll hate I TOOK A CRAP ON A NAZI Because I'm Racist. 1 in 3 people will read this and go to TASTE OF AWESOME.COM I GOT MARRIED with George Bush because I hate my life TASTE OF AWESOME.COM Hitler hated this site too I Got Marriedhttp://omg-humor.tumblr.com