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Dope, Head, and Love: AT&T LTE 11:21 PM YOU MATCHED WITH ON 2/11/18 Woah in your second pic is that a Whirlpool 27" white commercial top-load washer?! If it's Maytag it's a dealbreaker. Sun, Feb 11, 10:29 PM Oh yeah that baby is all Whirlpool. Streamlined heavy- gauge steel front panel watertight triple-lip seal, and a deep-water wash system for vigorous cleaning action Honestly after experiencing high performance like that I wouldn't touch Maytag with a 10 foot pole Ooh yeah talk clean to me I would but that's too much pressure (specifically 116 pounds per square inch) Alright so if you had to rate the washer on a scale from 000)-000-0000 to 999)-999-9999? Sun, Feb 11, 11:32 PM Haha! Real smooth. But I prefer to get to know a guy a little better before I give out my washer ratings. They're worth a lot. How do I know you're not just a whistleblower for Maytag? I'm offended that you'd even suggest such a thing! But I feel ya hahah Then let's switch gears, how was your weekend? I've really gotta sleep now haha, I have an early morning tomorrow but I think I can trust you with my washer rating now But I swear if I ever see this on sears.com as an official review of Whirlpool I'li fight you Sent Woah that's dope! Yeah I gotta head to bed too but def wanna hear about your experience teaching English sometime Thanks for the rating, don't worry, I'll keep your love of whirlpool washers between us Good night! Type a message Send She had a picture of her on a washing machine, yesterday was one year together, and she saved all our messages

She had a picture of her on a washing machine, yesterday was one year together, and she saved all our messages

Driving, Fam, and God: Guess this is what heaven looks like. Fam. Is there anything more annoying than planning a day of errands and seeing u got a flat tire? Or some smoke coming out the engine? Or any other car difficulty? (All my NYC followers like “what’s a car” LMAOOO bear with me with y’all non-driving a$$es dagg 😂). Anyway u had ALLLLL these plans and now ya plan is to fix the car. We all been there. And what do we do! We get agitated. We get annoyed. Well how annoyed would u be if I told u that if ya car worked perfect, you’d have made it to the road, but then u would have been part of a 16 car pileup and ended up in the hospital? Exactly. When God slow u down, that’s a test. U could be impatient. U could be annoyed. But sometime the Lord deal u a small calamity to avoid a larger calamity bc “God is the best of planners.” U gotta put it on faith and eat that and just believe that God’s change of plans was for the best for u. Aight? TO ALL MY ATHEISTS THANK U FOR BEARING WITH ME I KNOW U JUST LIKE “car trouble means you need to lease a new Toyota lol like logically there is no deeper epistemological meaning but it’s adorable that people still worship the bearded man in the sky lol” WELL THE MAN IN THE SKY IS MY HOMIE SO SOMETIMES I GOTTA SPEAK ON IT - I GOT LOVE FOR ALL HUMANS AND I LIKE TO SHARE MY TRUTH WITH OTHERS SOMETIMES ESPECIALLY WHEN I WOKE UP TO A FLAT TIRE 😂 BLESS ON UP 😍😂😂 . . . (Slide 1: u-StarKill_er. Slide 2: u-FishCodeHuntress. Slide 3: u-OKGamesOn. Slide 4: FutureFriend8. Slide 5: DRAZZILB1424. Slide 6: TekProdFX16. Slide 7: u-HitMan917. Slide 8: u-captain_peanutbutter. Slide 9: MrDoge1337.)