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srsfunny:Life Advice To Keep In Mind: Say please and say thank you. There's no disrespectful way to say yes sir and no sir. Aways take care of people younger than you You dont wanna get old and have pissed off S many that they just stick you away in home and forget about you to learn stuff outside of school as well as in school Cause the stuff they teach you in schoo pretty much only prepares you to be a factory worker ry and buy a house really really early, really eally cheap. That way you have something they call equity. And you don't have to spend0 years working. You can actually quit your job and just chill. Dont have ambitions that are too high. Just b he best you you can be. And the best you you an be is probably about average. So learn to celébrate average more. Buy better beer You shoule lprobably learn how to fight. HOwt OOX, Karate or something. Cause times are getting hard and I'm thinking mugging is gonne make a real big comeback. in the person you love or the thing you love. dont care it you marry a mannequin, a man woman, a turtle. Doesn't matter to me, just make sure when you do it, you really love tha thing Donft sell that co car parent says, children are overrated. Eventually they te gonna do something to piss you off and you gonna say damn I really should ve kept that car Have fun, eat sweets, try to walk and exercise as much as you can. Just be good to each other cause no one else is gonna be good to you srsfunny:Life Advice To Keep In Mind

srsfunny:Life Advice To Keep In Mind