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Children, Global Warming, and Iphone: THE HILL The Hill V @thehill CDC: Americans not having enough babies to sustain population hill.cm/w43uHJh 5:36 AM- Jan 12, 2019 SocialFlow 230 Retweets 416 Likes Esthetician/Skin Specialist @LaBeautyologist Forgive this trillion dollar student loan debt then. Or put a cap on rental prices. Or give us universal health care. Something. Damn. The Hill @thehill CDC: Americans not having enough babies to sustain population hill.cm/w43uHJh 9:19 PM Jan 12, 2019 Twitter for iPhone 4.8K Retweets 12K Likes BROWN $KIN @yagirlselie Replying to@LaBeautyologist and @markusssc These bills adding up ! Ain't no babies no time soon! 11:55 PM Jan 12, 2019 Twitter for iPhone Jewel @Jewel Evette Replying to @LaBeautyologist And affordable quality childcare 10:04 PM Jan 12, 2019 Twitter for iPhone xandrachantal: weasowl: niggazinmoscow: Everything older people say millennials aren’t doing–shopping, golfing, buying houses, getting married, having kids, dining out–is related to an entire generation having less money than their parents. I work 60 hours a week so I can afford to live in my car. Like, what is even happening further up the economy that they think these are choices. who can afford a 2 bedroom apartment to raise these kids in? who paying for daycare? these public schools are trash and the education budget is constantly being defunded to build prisons. it’s still legal for cops to kill Black children. oh and no one is taking global warming seriously so we’re all gonna die in another 20 years
Cute, Dank, and Memes: 144p 4k 2. Doggo is always cute though, no matter the picture quality by mfinpizzaparkerboi MORE MEMES

Doggo is always cute though, no matter the picture quality by mfinpizzaparkerboi MORE MEMES

Head, Tumblr, and Vine: Rose Quartz Shield Tutorial! Easy, Cheap, Lightweight, and Fast From Makelovely Cosplay -TRUSTED QUALITY SINCE 192 RUSTOLEUM ULTRA COVER FLAT WHITE PRIMER TIGHT BOND FOR A TOPr OGEST LASTING ALSO BONDS TO のritz 1" x 2.5 yds (254 m" x22 WOOD, METAL & MORE 400 NET Materials: The key ingredient behind this magical project are these! Drum head covers are super lightweight easily painted, and come in a big range of sizes. Plus, they're pretty much the perfect shape for a round shield, and they're pretty cheap too! You'll also need - Primer(I swear by Rustoleum's 2X Ultra Cover for plastic, but whatever sticks to plastic is good!) &Spray paint -Elastic E6000 -A bunch of paper An exacto knife -Acrylic paints & paint brushes -Some sort of sealant n between coats: Map out your design! started with a bunch of pieces of paper taped together and traced the outline of First up: Prime your drum head (2 coats just in case!) and spray paint your color of choice (2 coats again!) l used Valspar's Gloss in Frosty Berry. I'm not super fond of it, but tro was the right color and I had it on hand! tit the drum head. The design itself was mostly free handed, but it did take a little trial and error before I got it just right. Trace this over with marker to make for easier cutting This is the most tedious part: tracing the design onto your shield! I cut mine out piece by piece, starting with the gem design, then the thorns, and then the vine. Just line everything up with what you've already traced as you go! Be careful at the edges! Since they're sloped, they might need a little alteration from your original lines. Now just paint all your traced designs in with acrylics (mine took 2 coats for the darker colors and 3 for the white) and give your shield a good clear coat to protect from chipping! For carrying, I used some E6000 to attach some elastic straps. You wanna glue the crap out of these things, put plenty underneath and some on top (it'll soak into the elastic) just in case! I used one big strap for my arm, and I held onto the smaller one, and it was pretty comfy all day Now get out there and defend the earth makelovelycosplay: Here’s how I made my Rose Quartz shield! It’s real easy and should work pretty well for any sort of round shield. Feel free to message me if you have any questions!
Target, Tumblr, and Blog: blufruity: some rams of varying quality and effort. its been far too long

blufruity: some rams of varying quality and effort. its been far too long

Being Alone, Apparently, and Bad: ouyangdan: kakaphoe: rikzpt: rikzpt: konigstigerr: unlimited-shitpost-works: ima-fuckingt4ble: my-little-ninja: dasha-loses-it: femburton: i think about this a lot The guy got his life and career destroyed by his divorce, cut him some slack. he was also sexually assaulted by a man who could destroy his career protect him reblog if the man on the right is just as beautiful as the man on the left people grow old? like, that’s a thing that happens? leave my guy alone. This man deserves everything let him he happy Ok… This is what happened to Fraser -His wife ditched him and asked for 900k a year, -He was sexually assaulted which he said kicked him into a deep depression -He stated that the stunts from the 3rd Mummy movie completely destroyed his body and he was in and out of the hospital for 7 years even having to get surgery to repair his vocal cords. -He apparently blamed himself for all this which only worsened his depression. This man has literally been through hell this past decade so please lets cut him some slack and wish him the best All this but also that picture on the right is a really bad paparazzi photo compared with a professional quality movie promo still. No one looks good when some random person snaps you on the street, regardless of who you are. Compare with this image from the GQ article last February: Proper lighting, professional setting, good angles etc. The dude is 49 and has had a rough couple of decades, but he’s still lovely to look at, and I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise. Could we leave one of the very rarely found unproblematic white dudes alone? His GQ piece is amazing and heartbreaking. He’s such a beautiful person. Not only that but only utter garbage people body shame.