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Community, Dicks, and Kkk: Tariq Nasheed @tariqnasheed Follow Insitoad ()i. marching 8' bo(jging for the city to remove Confederate statues from city parks, e lack rnn in Meermphis purchased the parks that had statues of Jefferson Davis & Nathan Bedford Forrest (founder of the KKK). Then THEY had the statues removed from THEIR property #Salute 1:48 334K views 1:06 PM-23 Dec 2017 721 t 13K 28K slightlypsychicparade: thatpettyblackgirl: No kneeling. No marching.#BlackExcellence Ugh. Okay, this is NOT the whole story. The city of Memphis wanted the statues removed, but their state’s legislature decided to be a big bag of dicks about it and passed a law forbidding them from doing so. To get around this, a plan was devised: the city could sell the parks to a private organization and now that it was private property, the state couldn’t tell them what they could and couldn’t do with that property. The city counsel voted under cover of darkness to sell the park to the non-profit run by these men, and construction vehicles immediately moved in to remove the statues. They were gone by morning. Like… this is still #BlackExcellence because (and correct me if I’m wrong here) Memphis is a predominantly black city. I just think it’s important to remember that this was a community effort and not the work of individuals. Fascists love to worship the narratives of “Great Men.” It is the responsibility of the resistance to remember that nothing can happen without the support of the community.
Driving, Fam, and God: Guess this is what heaven looks like. Fam. Is there anything more annoying than planning a day of errands and seeing u got a flat tire? Or some smoke coming out the engine? Or any other car difficulty? (All my NYC followers like “what’s a car” LMAOOO bear with me with y’all non-driving a$$es dagg 😂). Anyway u had ALLLLL these plans and now ya plan is to fix the car. We all been there. And what do we do! We get agitated. We get annoyed. Well how annoyed would u be if I told u that if ya car worked perfect, you’d have made it to the road, but then u would have been part of a 16 car pileup and ended up in the hospital? Exactly. When God slow u down, that’s a test. U could be impatient. U could be annoyed. But sometime the Lord deal u a small calamity to avoid a larger calamity bc “God is the best of planners.” U gotta put it on faith and eat that and just believe that God’s change of plans was for the best for u. Aight? TO ALL MY ATHEISTS THANK U FOR BEARING WITH ME I KNOW U JUST LIKE “car trouble means you need to lease a new Toyota lol like logically there is no deeper epistemological meaning but it’s adorable that people still worship the bearded man in the sky lol” WELL THE MAN IN THE SKY IS MY HOMIE SO SOMETIMES I GOTTA SPEAK ON IT - I GOT LOVE FOR ALL HUMANS AND I LIKE TO SHARE MY TRUTH WITH OTHERS SOMETIMES ESPECIALLY WHEN I WOKE UP TO A FLAT TIRE 😂 BLESS ON UP 😍😂😂 . . . (Slide 1: u-StarKill_er. Slide 2: u-FishCodeHuntress. Slide 3: u-OKGamesOn. Slide 4: FutureFriend8. Slide 5: DRAZZILB1424. Slide 6: TekProdFX16. Slide 7: u-HitMan917. Slide 8: u-captain_peanutbutter. Slide 9: MrDoge1337.)