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Baked, Club, and Fast Food: Secret Confessions of the Working Class OTARGET I don't know how true it is for the other stores but at my Target the door alarm is always going off for various reasons (most of the time when we are pushing carts in), and we've come to ignore it and dont even look if it goes off BED BATH& BEYOND Bed Bath and Beyond accepts expired coupons don't throw them away. They also accept competitor coupons for specific items. And you can return ANYTHING without a receipt even if you did not buy it from a BBEB. (You'll only get a store credit.) DS If you ship something that has to be delivered at a certain time of day (for instance, next day air usually needs to be there by 10:30) check the delivery time. If it gets delivered 10 minutes late or later, you get your money back. So a 10:45 delivery is considered refundable Abercrombie & Fitch While some Abercrombie locations are equipped with spritzers of Fierce (the brand's signature cologne) built into the walls, many locations aren't, and the employees are required to walk around at hour intervals and liberally spray every product and surface with the stuff. I happened to be in a location that got the best of both worlds, as we bath had the spritzers and were encouraged to go on spray-runs throughout the day, lest everyone's nostrils not be assaulted with the odor within a five-store radius. I worked for the Ritz Carlton for a few years. In my orientation, the HR rep told everyone that each employee has a special allowance of $1,500 to make sure they can help the guests feel like their stay would be memorable. There was a story about a guest who last his Rolex and asked the front desk if they had seen it or one of the maids took it and complained a lot. When the guest finally left, the guy from the front desk went out and purchased the guest a new Rolex and was reimbursed fully by the Ritz. The guest was extra happy and is now returning to the same property every year You don't need to have a Sam's Club membership to buy the liquor. Just tell the door person you are there to buy booze and they won't need to see your membership card. You can also grab a few of the free food samples as you walk through the store if your conscience allows it. FedEx The people who actually handle your packages are more or less slave laborers. NO ONE cares if you packages says fragile or has special instructions. Most of the time the workers hate their jobs so much they throw your box on purpose or stomp on it to make it fit in the trailer. UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE As a mail carrier for USPS, I know that all of the clerks and carriers in my office handle packages marked as fragile very carefully because we are so concerned about keeping customers. Plus they pay us well enough that we actually do care about our jobs and tanera Everything at Panera Bread is microwaved. All soups and pastas come in frozen bags reheated for the customer. Pastries and breads come in "half-baked, bakers just slap on some frosting/fruit, and heat it up. It's all fast-food quality food, but with a good ear ee World Overnight cast member here. Please leave your cremated loved ones at home. Stop dumping them in Haunted Mansion. They just get vacuumed up and disposed of srsfunny: Some Confessions Of The Working Class

srsfunny: Some Confessions Of The Working Class

Work, Ancestry, and Best: Net Developer Centric Consulting13 reviews Miami, FL Apply On Company Site Do you have a passion for JAVA? Centric Con is looking to hire a NET Developer for one of our key clients. Our client is looking for a seasoned professional to make an impact on their team and personal career This is a mid-level full time remote employment opportunity with our client What You'll Do as a .NET Developer Build new features and write all kinds of automated tests for them (AngularJS 2+ and REST services in WebAPI). Maintain existing features (ASPNET MVC 5). Keep builds green (TeamCity) and deploy releases (Octopus Deploy). Help write scripts (mainly Powershell) if you enjoy automating processes. Come up with ideas. Learn, refactor, improve Work in an Agile Kanban way in a remote team. What You'll Bring We want someone who likes to solve problems. You should enjoy taking on the hard stuff Excellent communication skills are important-both written and verbal. Last but not least, you will, of course, need to be a solid Net Developer. We are looking for people with demonstrated capabilities with Net. The more experience you have with technologies and languages such as C#, NET 4.5. WebAPI, ASP.NET MVC 5, AngularJS 2+. Typescript, SQL, Entity Framework, the better Centric believes the best solutions come from diverse teams. We strive to have an environment where everyone has an opportunity to be successful regardless of their race, color, religion, gender, national origin, ancestry, age, disability, military or veteran status, sexual orientation or gender identity Centric Consulting - 30 days ago- save job- original job Do you have a passion for JAVA?. Neither do we

Do you have a passion for JAVA?. Neither do we

Bad, Baseball, and Desk: sandersstudies My sociology professor had a really good metaphor for privilege today. She didn't talk about race or gender or orientation or class, she talked about being left-handed. A left-handed person walks into most classrooms and immediately is made aware of their left-handedness - they have to sit in a left-handed seat, which restricts their choices of where to sit. If there are not enough left-handed seats, they will have to sit in a right-handed seat and be continuously aware of their left-handedness. (There are other examples like left-handed scissors or baseball mitts as well.) Meanwhile, right-handed people have much more choice about where to sit, and almost never have to think about their right-handedness. Does this mean right-handed people are bad? No Does it mean that we should replace all right-handed desks with left-handed desks? No But could we maybe use different desk styles that can accommodate everyone and makes it so nobody has limited options or constant awareness that they are different? Yes. Now think of this as a metaphor. For social class. For race. For ethnicity. For gender. For orientation. For anything else that sets us apart madamedraconis WHY DOESN'T THIS HAVE MORE NOTES? Sandersstudies Because I posted it about 90 seconds ago, calm down Source: sandersstudies 14,088 notes Credit u/snarlingdarling Should be given as a flyer. via /r/wholesomememes https://ift.tt/2NhPrWp

Credit u/snarlingdarling Should be given as a flyer. via /r/wholesomememes https://ift.tt/2NhPrWp