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Birthday, Community, and Lesbians: maireddog: Mark Ashton died on this day, the 11th of February, in 1987. Mark was born on the 19th of May, 1960 in Oldham, but grew up in Portrush, Northern Ireland. He moved to London in 1978, where he worked in a bar in King’s Cross, in drag as a barmaid with a blonde beehive. In the 1980s, he volunteered for London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard, campaigned for CND and joined the Communist Party, becoming the first gay secretary of the Young Communist League. Though Mark transformed the Party’s approach to LGBT rights, he and Mike Jackson, who he’d met through Switchboard, wanted to be active as openly gay people. They formed Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners (LGSM) when they collected donations for miners on strike at 1984 Gay Pride. In the evening of 1984 Pride, a miner spoke at a rally, and they were struck by the similarities between the two struggle, of LGBT rights and the Miners’ Strike. Having collected about £150, they advertised a meeting in Capital Gay. 11 people turned up and from the meeting they made a leaflet to launch LGSM - the leaflet was accepted except with an amendment to ‘one in ten miners is gay.’ As LGSM, they supported the miners as lesbian and gay people. At the second meeting, they decided to focus on one community, of the Dulais Valley, as one of the members, Hugh Williams, was from there. They then met David (Dai) Donovan, who also had thought through the similarities of their struggles and how LGSM could help. A month later, 27 lesbians and gay men, arrived at Onllwyn village in Dulais Valley. Other than some hostility (and confusion towards vegetarianism), they experienced warmth, friendship and solidarity. LGSM raised £20,000 for families of miners on strike, and based on The Sun writing that “a group of perverts” were “supporting the pits,” they organised the Pits and Perverts concert in December, 1984, headlined by Bronski Beat. The miners marched with LGSM at Gay Pride in 1985. Mark was admitted to hospital on 30th January, 1987, and died 12 days later from pneumonia, aged 26. At his memorial, there were banners from the Communist Party, Anti-Apartheid, anti-nuclear, Caribbean and community groups, as well as from LGSM. The Mark Ashton Trust was created to support individuals diagnosed with Aids; Mark is also remembered on the UK Aids Memorial Quilt and by Terrence Higgins Trust, with the Mark Ashton Red Ribbon Fund and a plaque at their London headquarters. In 2017, on what would have been his 57th birthday, he was honoured with a blue plaque above Gay’s The Word bookshop. [Images: 1. Mark Ashton at Gay Pride 1981. 2. Mark Ashton at Gay Pride 1985, wearing a LGSM t-shirt and holding a pink “Communist Party” banner with the words “pinko commie queers.” 3. Blue plaque reading: “Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners. Mark Ashton 1960-1987. Political and Community Activist. LGSM met at Gay’s the Word bookship on this site 1984/5.”]
Bad, Community, and Feminism: CALL-OUT CULTURE AS RITUAL DISPOSABILITY Feminist/queer spaces are more willing to criticize people than abusive systems because they want to reserve the right to use those systems for their own purposes. At least attacking people can be politically viable, especially in a token system where vou benefit directly by their absence, or where your status as a good feminist is dependent on constantly rooting out evil When the bounty system calls for the ears of evil people, well, most people have a fucking ear. When I used to curate games, I was approached by people in that abusive community who pressured me not to cover a game by a trans woman. Their reasoning was blatant jealousy, disguised under the thin, nauseating film of pretext that covers nearly everything people say about trans people. When I rejected their reasoning and covered the game, the targeting reticule of disposability turned toward me. What can we learn from this? Besides "lofty processes in queer/feminist spaces are nearly always about some embarrassingly petty shit," it's about the ritual nature of disposability, which has nothing to do with "deserving" it. Disposability has to happen on a regular basis, like forest fires keeping nature in balance. So when people write all those apologist articles about call-out culture and other instruments of violence in feminism, I don't think they understand that the people who most deserve those things can usually shrug off the effects, and the normalization of that violence inevitably trickles down and affects the weak. It is predictable as water. Criminal justice applies punishment under the conceit of blind justice, but we see the results: Prisons are flooded with the most vulnerable, and the rich can buy their way out of any problem In activist communities, these processes follow a similar pragmatism Punishment is not something that happens to bad people. It happens to those who cannot stop it from happening. It is laundered pain, not a balancing of scales. beachdeath:https://thenewinquiry.com/hot-allostatic-load/
Abc, Being Alone, and America: . Outdoor cats face danger from cars, disease, predators and cruel humans Domestic cats DO NOT belong outdoors as they're not a natural part of our ecosystem. They're a genetically modified species & a non-native, invasive predator Cats kill up to 3.7 billion birds 20.7 billion mammals, 800 million lizards and 300 million frogs every year. . Domestic pets like dogs & ferrets & even exotic pets like snakes & lizards do not roam free & hunt outside. Why should cats? A 2011 study indicates that cats have caused the extinction of 33 species of birds, mammals and reptiles kaijutegu: fantasticbeastsandhowtokeepthem: wildlife-rehabilitator: hotcommunist: withgoldenfire: hotcommunist: findchaos: wildlife-rehabilitator: Some of you may have seen my reply to a post and the ask I received about outdoor cats, so here is a little infographic about outdoor cats. Don’t let your cats outside.Don’t let your cats outside.Don’t let your cast outside. No exceptions. Nope, I don’t care if Muffles is super-special and adventurous. Nope, still don’t care that it’s different where you live. Please refer to the original bullet points.  (*gets ready to hit ‘Block’ on a thousand angry cat owners*) this is a mess have you gobshites genuinely never fucking heard of farm cats jesus wept, if i never see another fucking townie animal rights activist it’ll be too fucking soon. the current political system we live under doesn’t give a fuck about nature. wildlife charities have had a huge downward swoop in donations due to the recession caused by the powers that be, fracking is being done on national parks and nature reserves, roads are hastily built through wildlife rich areas and adequate warning signage is not provided… but no, it’s us ordinary people and our pesky outdoor cats that are the cause of…extinct….species…? really? is this the hill u want to die on OP??? get back 2 me I’m not refuting that humans kill far more animals than cats do, but over a billion animals are killed annually in the US by outdoor cats. That’s also a huge problem. I’m also aware that wildlife rescue organizations are losing donations - I’m the vice president and co-founder of a 501©(3) non-profit organization and not only do we scrape by on small donations while dozens of animals come in a month, many of which are injured by cats. We just had to euthanize a yearling squirrel because it was mauled by a cat and had full hind-end paralysis from the attack. Believe me, I understand. “An estimated 60 to 88 million cats are owned in the US and an estimated 60 million more are feral… While loss of habitat is the primary cause of extinction, cats are responsible for the extinction of 33 species of birds worldwide. Cats kill an estimated 480 million birds per year (assuming eight birds killed per feral cat per year.)” That is a grossly conservative number, and only accounts for feral cats, not outdoor pets. And that’s just birds. Plus the other wildlife that are killed by cats annually. Here’s another resource, a smaller scale research program called Kitty Cams: “Hunting cats captured an average of 2 items during seven days of roaming. Carolina anoles (small lizards) were the most common prey species followed by Woodland Voles (small mammals). Only one of the vertebrates captured was a non-native species (a House Mouse).” From the same group: “44% of cats were witnessed stalking or chasing prey; 30% captured wildlife.” An article from Mental Floss, sources listed at the bottom of the article:  “84 million House cats in the United States 4 to 18 Birds killed by a typical house cat every year 8 to 21 Small mammals killed by a typical house cat every year 30 million to 80 million Free-roaming, feral cats estimated to be living in the United States. They either survive alone or live in colonies. In Washington, D.C., for example, there are estimated to be some 300 outdoor cat colonies. 23 to 46 Birds killed by each feral cat every year 129 to 338 Small mammals killed by each feral cat every year 1.4 billion to 3.7 billion Total birds killed by America’s cats every year 15 Percentage of all bird deaths estimated to come at the hands — er, paws — of cats 6.9 billion to 20.7 billion Total small mammals killed by cats every year” From a report on ABC News: “Cats are responsible for the deaths of 1.4 to 3.7 billion birds and 6.9 to 20.7 billion mammals every year, according to research conducted by the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.” From the American Bird Conservancy: “If we extrapolate the results of this study across the country and include feral cats, we find that cats are likely killing more than 4 billion animals per year, including at least 500 million birds.” (Also you’re putting your cat in unnecessary danger from tons of different threats by letting them outside unsupervised. So even if you don’t wanna give a shit about wildlife, maybe try giving a shit about your cat’s health life.) (Also farm cats are often not treated well, not provided with proper veterinary care, and there are other options for rodent control that doesn’t put other wildlife in as much danger) also consider: this is 100% something that you, as an individual, can do to mitigate some of the natural disaster that is the anthropocene. We’re on track to lose something like 80% of global biodiversity by the end of the century, and there’s almost nothing that your average citizen can do about it. But keeping your cats inside to help preserve local biodiversity and mitigating the damage that ferals do is actually something that you can do. 
America, Gif, and Love: This isn't freedom, this is fear. ask-cap-america-anything: raavynndigital: minuiko: wintercyan: onegoodey: jumpingjacktrash: hobbitkaiju: verysharpteeth: jenngeek: doktorfylthe: Characterization done right. Steve Rogers in a single gif. We joke about Steve’s patriotism as his strong suit, but his actual strength was his sense of moral right. His whole philosophy is summed up in the line “I don’t like bullies” in the first movie. Steve loves his country. He loves it enough to be at the front of the line trying to fix what he sees as moral wrong in it. kehinki: #there isn’t even any indication he loves his country t b h#all we know is that he wants to fix what he deems morally impermissible#”I don’t like bullies /I don’t care where they’re from/”#that last bit is important steve rogers is patriotic in the most real sense: he represents the concept at the core of the american ideal, the concept of freedom that is the reason our political system is designed to adapt and alter itself for constant improvement. he is not loyal to any momentary leader or agenda, and when those leaders and agendas stand contrary to his core ideal of self-determination and freedom from oppression, he’ll speak up without hesitation. honestly, i never would’ve thought captain america would be my favorite superhero, but he’s the activist i aspire to be. Captain America is loyal to nothing but the dream. The problem with Captain America’s image in the public mind is that people recite the first line of his byword and ignore the last part : “My country, right or wrong;if right, to be kept right; and if wrong, to be set right.” Not to mention his speech in Spiderman #537. My favorite line from the issue: “This nation was founded on one principle above all else: The requirement that we stand up for what we believe, no matter the odds or the consequences. When the mob and the press and the whole world tell you to move, your job is to plant yourself like a tree besides the river of truth, and tell the whole world— —No, you move.” Steve Rogers is a radical and that’s why I love him. I agree with all this.
Community, Doctor, and Family: Anti-vaxx mom abandons movement after all seven her of her kids get whooping cough 画20 TOM BOGGION O APR 2015 AT 16.00 E Smawa "6 Adrian Hareweo CKB Omawa mother Tara Hls CBC soreeshot hatey-mchaterson: timemachineyeah: a-spoon-is-born: funoftheday: You don’t say. For the record, she actually abandoned the movement BEFORE they all got whooping cough, but abandoned it too late. There’d been a breakout of measles in her area that caused her to reassess, and she and her doctor had already drafted and started a catch-up vaccination schedule, but her kids caught whooping cough just before it could be started. Then she wrote a blog post for The Scientific Parent explaining how she and her husband had come to wrong decisions in the first place, how they changed their mind, the consequences they suffered as a result, and asking other parents to please vaccinate their kids. And now she’s an activist for destroying the misinformation of anti-vaxxers, and reaching out to anti-vaxxers because she’s understands their fears but knows their kids deserve better.  She was trying to the best for her kids and just didn’t know how to interpret the validity of information or its sources, an actual skill that can be actually difficult and that is under-taught and a necessary first step to being able to trust vaccination research, so chose no action over taking an action she wasn’t sure of. She kept looking into it with family and friends and even eventually came to the right conclusion before her kids became sick, but it was still too late. Honestly it was pretty brave of her to publicly admit she was wrong. She could have just quietly vaccinated her kids and not become a national news story, but instead she spoke out, even saying “I’m writing this from quarantine, the irony of which isn’t lost on me.” and also “I am not looking forward to any gloating or shame as this ‘defection’ from the antivaxx camp goes public, but, this isn’t a popularity contest.  Right now my family is living the consequences of misinformation and fear.  I understand that families in our community may be mad at us for putting their kids at risk.” She understood the consequences and still put herself and her story out there.  You know what, it does take a big person to admit they were wrong so publicly and work to undo the harm. I believe I made fun of her in the past, but timemachineyeah changed my mind.

hatey-mchaterson: timemachineyeah: a-spoon-is-born: funoftheday: You don’t say. For the record, she actually abandoned the movement B...

Donald Trump, Fuck You, and Irish: Deborah Irish Cornaire 2Conversation Starter 6 hrs Here is George Clooney's response after Trump accused him of being a "Hollywood elite." "Here's the thing: I grew up in Kentucky. I sold insurance door-to-door. I sold ladies' shoes. I worked at an all-night liquor store. I would buy suits that were too big and too long and cut the bottom of the pants off to make ties so l'd have a tie to go on job interviews. I grew up understanding what it was like to not have health insurance for eight years. So this idea that I'm somehow the "Hollywood elite" and this guy who takes a shit in a gold toilet is somehow the man of the people is laughable. People in Hollywood, for the most part, are people from the Midwest who moved to Hollywood to have a career. So this idea of "coastal elites" living in a bubble is ridiculous. Who lives in a bigger bubble? He lives in a gold tower and has twelve people in his company. He doesn't run a corporation of hundreds of thousands of people he employs and takes care of. He ran a company of twelve people! When you direct a film you have seven different unions all wanting different things, you have to find consensus with all of them, and you have to get them moving in the same direction. He's never had to do any of that kind of stuff. I just look at it and I laugh when I see him say "Hollywood elite." Hollywood elite? I don't have a star on Hollywood Boulevard, Donald Trump has a star on Hollywood Boulevard! Fuck you!" - George Clooney actor, philanthropist, humanitarian & activist macgregorsiolalpin: Most so-called Hollywood Elites didn’t have their daddy’s giving them millions of dollars every year.