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Amazon, Facebook, and Family: Agriculture Nature bogleech: revretch: awed-frog: Prairies are some of the most endangered ecosystems in the world, with the tallgrass prairie being the most endangered. Only 1-4% of tallgrass prairie still exists. Prairies are critically important, not only for the unique biodiversity they possess, but for their effect on climate. The ability to store carbon is a valuable ecological service in today’s changing climate. Carbon, which is emitted both naturally and by human activities such as burning coal to create electricity, is a greenhouse gas that is increasing in the Earth’s atmosphere. Reports from the International Panel on Climate Change, a group of more than 2,000 climate scientists from around the world, agree that increased greenhouse gases are causing climate change, which is leading to sea level rise, higher temperatures, and altered rain patterns. Most of the prairie’s carbon sequestration happens below ground, where prairie roots can dig into the soil to depths up to 15 feet and more. Prairies can store much more carbon below ground than a forest can store above ground. In fact, the prairie was once the largest carbon sink in the world-much bigger than the Amazon rainforest-and its destruction has had devastating effects. [source] I just have to add–that extensive root system? It’s not just how the plant eats, and how it keeps itself from getting pulled out of the ground during storms, or dying when its aboveground portion is eaten… it’s how it talks to its friends and family, how it shares food with its friends and family, and more than likely, how it thinks. That’s a whole plant brain we’ve domesticated away, leaving a helpless organism that has trouble figuring out when it’s under attack by pests, what to do about it, has very little in the way of chemical defense so it can do something about it, and can’t even warn its neighbors. Even apart from the ecological concerns, what we’ve done is honestly pretty cruel. Here’s some more articles on this too!https://www.theguardian.com/science/2018/may/02/plants-talk-to-each-other-through-their-rootshttp://www.bbc.com/earth/story/20141111-plants-have-a-hidden-internethttps://www.the-scientist.com/features/plant-talk-38209Whether or not you think this should qualify as a form of “intelligence” as we know it (which in itself as a pretty nebulous and poorly defined thing), plants exhibit complicated interactive behaviors that help them grow and thrive, and the way we harvest a lot of them for our produce just doesn’t even give them a chance to reach their maturity and begin trading nutrients the way they’re supposed to.

bogleech: revretch: awed-frog: Prairies are some of the most endangered ecosystems in the world, with the tallgrass prairie being the mo...

Alive, Barney, and Dinosaur: bearsister Is there any hatred stronger than the rage kids get towards Barney the dinosaur as soon as they are just a little too old for Barney the dinosaur 30-seconds-to-marx So, this guy, Martin Pistorius, fell into a coma when he was 12 years old and eventually awoke completely paralyzed, at least physically. He was misdiagnosed. Doctors believed he was in a completely vegetative state, but in reality, he had regained full consciousness and awareness. He just didn't possess any motor function, so he couldn't communicate to anyone that he was alive in there. He lived this way for 12 years before he overcame it by sheer force of will and was given the tools to communicate. He tells his story in his book, Ghost Boy. Since then he's also been the subject of the first episode of Invisibilia on NPR and had his own TedTalk. Anyway, the breaking point that incited his plan of escape was being forced to watch Barney reruns all day, everyday at his care center. Sitting in front of the TV, he learned to tell the time by the shadows on the wall. If he had time he could know when Barney would end. With the ability to measure his days, he was able to pull himself out of the void and ultimately start down the path to recovery Today, Martin can communicate whatever he wants with the help of a computer program but there's one thing he can't articulate: "I cannot even express to you how much I hated Barney So it turns out that the primal hatred people have toward Barney is strong enough to pull a disembodied consciousness out of the abyss of existential despair and into the physical world out of pure spite Source: bearsister 98,493 notes This is actually true!!

This is actually true!!

Cum, Finals, and Love: f thot fitzgerald has finals pls send p... @dracomallfoys 1000 year old demons i wish i had a body to possess :// me, a tired mf who would love nothing more than to be run on auto pilot: herr–katze: saladsaladnovski: randomsplashes: me @ demons: it’s free real estate  NO BUT YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND Duo postulant percipitur honestatis et, eu discere deseruisse theophrastus ius. Graece doctus in vim, id nam utamur explicari. Eam id oporteat volutpat suavitate, has ei error senserit. Solet aliquid te ius, est quem ipsum ea. Ei his quod posse iriure, torquatos persecuti at qui, ei legere iuvaret reprehendunt sea. Nam scripta fabulas eu, mea ut labores persequeris. Vis ex solum contentiones, usu ex quodsi denique sententiae, at vix enim ullum error.Vel ubique explicari ne, quem ponderum ad eos. Et eius tibique eos, ea pro dicant partem abhorreant. Dolorum imperdiet ea vim, euismod laboramus cum in. Ius vero salutatus cu.Mel ad sonet accusam. Mei wisi integre persequeris te, nobis discere duo ut. Has aliquid necessitatibus ea, sit te putent commune scripserit, his ferri movet perfecto ad. Vidisse incorrupte ad pro, ad cum nostro mnesarchum voluptatum. Mei dicam feugait maluisset ex. Sit mollis eligendi ad.Id vim tota antiopam platonem, te sit audire viderer vocibus. Dicunt forensibus cotidieque te nam. Ad mel veniam corpora, ius et decore eligendi, quo falli numquam ex. Qualisque vulputate scriptorem et est, ea illum suscipit eam. Usu alienum praesent electram ea, quo utamur dolores id, dicant adipisci neglegentur eu nam. No mutat libris mea, movet persius detraxit vim cu, mel cu ceteros fabellas necessitatibus.Has ei habeo nobis decore. Nam labitur consulatu te, no malorum indoctum honestatis ius. Eu vix paulo tantas, mea ut minim atomorum consequuntur, docendi singulis cu sea. Pro ad nonumy aliquando, at possit possim vel. You’re right I don’t
God, Stalking, and Star Trek: They EAT. They TALK. AND THEY FUCK It's a human, and if you're not scared, you should be. Humans seem friendly. What you might not know is just how "friendly" a human can be. Many galactic citizens have discovered, only too late, the relentless drive of the human... who will gladly mate with YOU. "This is overstated. I've interacted with several humans who have not attempted to mate with me." Be mindful! A human is a stalking predator, and may wait weeks, even months, for an opportunity .11 would not be attractive to a human and have nothing to fear." Humans have highly variable preferences and strategies. However, do recall that by the time humans experienced First Contact, they had already spent centuries producing entire libraries of speculative research about how they would someday attempt to mate with someone just like you. "I possess a simple cloaca and am incompatible with a human and their sexual practices." Humans are adaptable. There are proven instances of humans attempting mating behaviors on features far more novel than a mere cloaca or book lung. Humans have been known to engage in attempted intercourse with flaps, orificies, depressions, ridges, digits, chelicerae, and masses of all kinds. A human, bereft of a partner, may attempt to mate with a range of vessels, extensions, surfaces--or its own hands. "I have heard mating with a human can be pleasurable. What's the harm?" Humans form strong attachments and are insatiable. Galactic citizens who have partnered with a human have routinely died of dessication, puncture, and lethal chafing! ouyangdan: kaelio: kaelio: Someone requested a doodle of “some of the Dominion’s anti-human propaganda” but tbh this is too real outside of star trek. this is probably plastered over the entire Citadel in Mass Effect i still get notifications for this. i get notifications for this every god damned day. I wasn’t going to reblog this until the last comment.
Amber Rose, Apparently, and Batman: our tumllr usefnare IS now yov s Superhero name hat are your rukathetransformer: gaogaigar-the-king: sharky857: d-structive: isa-ghost: kikuthestrange: epicfangirl01: brynnicle: kisstheashes: anticoffeebeans: rottenka: gum-xx-drop: stray-puppet: illyriashade56: amber-rose-neko-san: shayhammowolf: ninja-girl2846: uwillbeefoundtonight: shadowamongfireworks: madly-handsome: steg-o-sore-us: bitchimnot-here: internet-explorer-official: slow-moving-mammal: internet-explorer-official: itssarcatsm: omgbrekkerkaz: girlnovels: albarnesauthor: lileyreyes: little-euro-girl: distance-does-not-matter: scholarlypidgeot: residinginpurgatory: extraordinary-arbiter-bluebird: saadoesthecatholic: lawfulgoodness: RIGHTEOUSNESS AND JUSTICE me. still being catholic. the superpower of setting conflict. aw yeah B) also, I happen to be a bird but that’s not really important I’m… dead. Apparently I’m smart. And I can fly. Distance doesn’t matter to me, so… teleporting? Flying? Idk Uhhh. Maybe I can shrink, like Ant-Man? Idk That’s my name… I have no powers. I am weak. I am the Author, Creater and Destroyer of Worlds!! I control the very fate of existence!!! 😈😏 Girl who can novel extensively and deeply about anything and everything apparently. um… being perfect i suppose??? you will bow before my sarcastic werecat powers Um… You have the same power as me, @internet-explorer-official! You’re slow! Buddies!! stepping on ppl I’m extremely good looking but only when i get angry Its either invisibility …..Or I use fireworks instead of smokebombs to get out of situations/make diversions/etc Let’s hope I’m always outside in a large parking lot when i need to use my powers then I’m good at finding things? But only at nighttime? Welp. This is quite obvious. LYCANTHROPY HELL YEAH b-being part cat?? I guess???  Considering part of my name comes from an eldritch god, I’m pretty well off. Very strong, time manipulation powers, I’m all set. Oh.. Yall get gum drops bitches Rotten??? I’m a zomboy??? Antisepticeye and Coffee? XD Uh…am I a phoenix? I would freeze people on contact. I would also be perpetually cold, which is already true. :P I would have the power of sonic scream and the ability to put people to sleep by my rapid, boring talk of fandoms. I’m so strange that I weird them out and they leave I can turn invisible and possess things ….You know, guys….I’m not sure I am a superhero. OM NOM NOM ALL THE MOFOS! 3 *muffled “Jaws” theme playing in the distance* My power is COURAGEAnd being a cyborg fused with a mecha lion fused with several machines to form the King of Braves. But also COURAGE. …I’m caught up in giant alien robot drama. Im a 2.7m high Super human clad in Futuristic juggernaut batman armor wearing a helmet with batwings. Heeeeelll yes maaa boi
7/11, Bigfoot, and Food: bassiter Top 5 Gas Stations To Die At 5. Shell Shells range from well-kept to shady as hell, so dying here is an iffy bet, but at least it has variety. Usually pretty busy, so your body will probably be discovered quickly therefore taking all the mystery out of it. Conventional, but some people might like it. 4. Chevron -n Basically just like a less popular Shell, so you have a better chance of kicking the bucket here. The blue hues make for soothing colors to stare at as your ghost lingers there for all eternity. 3. Quik Trip High quality gas station with endless drinks and snacks. Seat yourself under the soda fountains and drown in sticky disgusting sugar. Excellent place if you want to get up to some poltergeist hijinks in your afterlife. Some go to heaven, some go to 7/11. Shady enough to feel like you might die any moment, but with a slushee selection that'll knock your socks off. Perfect place to die if you want to exist in a almost-but-not-quite liminal space. 5. Circle K As soon as you pull up to Circle K, you've already accepted your death. Anyone there is a possible death threat, and everyone there is doing something otherworldly. Extremely possible that all employees are extraterrestrial. Circle K is the ultimate liminal space gas station and the most likely spot to catch Bigfoot out of the woods. Who wouldn't wanna die there? thes3nator i but how could you forget Buc-ee's? 6. Buc-ee's With a row of gas pumps that seem to stretch out into infinity (with impressive parking to boot as well.) Buc-ees is without a doubt the best spot to die for extroverts looking to connect with other un-mortals from all walks of life. As far as luminal spaces go, Buc-ee's is not a strong contender as its clean bathrooms, wide variety of merchandise, and home-cooked southern food provide too welcoming an environment for wayward spirits. That said, the sheer numbers of people coming from diverse geographic locations provide a plethora of different belief systems and thus an excellent opportunity for possession. This is extremely handy if you need to possess religious adherents to get you to pray for your soul and thus set you free to the afterlife of your preference Source: donkamatic 2,840 notes Catch my lifeless corpse outside the circle K

Catch my lifeless corpse outside the circle K