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Apple, Fall, and God: ++ProfCupcake 4.8k points 15 days ago -You can't call yourself a real programmer unless you built the chip yourself Reply Share Report Save ++qsdf321 2.6k points 15 days ago Only if you've mined the silicon manually Reply Share Report Save ++ProfCupcake 1.5k points 15 days ago -- Pff. Amateur. You're only a real programmer if you planted the silicon in the rock yourself. Reply Share Report Save ++ 2Punx2Furious us _ well, I was part of the star that went supernova and made all the silicon on 1.0k points 15 days ago earth, so I kind of did (but so are you) Reply Share Report Save ++morphoyle 503 points15 days ago -I already invented the universe in an attempt to make an apple pie Does that count? Reply Share Report Save ++signalwave 431 points 15 days ago -- Can we talk? I have a few... feature requests. Reply Share Report Save ++MyceliumSpirit 258 points 15 days ago -- Personally would like some bugs fixed Reply Share Report Save ++Nekopawed 445 points 15 days ago -- Fixed memory dump when walking into a new room Fixed issue where eyelash, that is meant to prevent things falling into your eye, would fall into your eye Patched dreams.dll to allow for lucid dreaming as a startup parameter Removed dream where you forgot you had a class you needed to graduate from the dream rotation. Nerfed damage from stubbing toe to slight discomfort from near fatal. Made common sense a common trait from uncommon. Added garbage collection for inside of eyes to reduce impact of floaters. Fixed issue where cells would randomly start replicating out of control causing a fatal crash before end of product life Reply Share Report Save ++devoxel 165 points 15 days ago If god was a programmer

If god was a programmer

Run, Target, and Tumblr: K. DETECTIVESLOTH TUMBLR.COM detectivesloth: Hawkeye and Hawkeye - the dream team. Bro, if you haven’t yet, go read Fraction, Aja, and Hollingsworth’s amazing run on this book. Bro.

detectivesloth: Hawkeye and Hawkeye - the dream team. Bro, if you haven’t yet, go read Fraction, Aja, and Hollingsworth’s amazing run on thi...

Bad, Be Like, and Bitch: rachel @Rachel_Bonacoi i seriously need a job where i don't have to interact with people. I just asked a table if they were celebrating anything and when they said their dad's bday i brought them a bday table decoration and THEN they decide to tell me he's not coming cause he's datd.... I had the weirdest, longest dream last night. Some people were trying to like basically destroy the world and these monster things would pretty much just decimate every building they saw and they’d go just go one to the next and when you got killed by them you got sent to like another dimension or something but me and these three other kids found these magic like shards or something that broke off of the monsters idk and we put them together and it teleported ya back to the regular dimension like, actual earth, but everything was fixed again and so we all went to this like corner store and it was like reinforced to keep those monsters and bad guys out so we just worked there and the bad guys would come in and we had to keep fighting them. There was a lot more but it’s too hard to describe and I don’t remember a lot of it. Then the dream shifted to a spy mission and it was me and @brielarson and we had to dive into these water filled vents to get into the room but the vents were full of these fish that would like poison you and she was like ‘oh well it hurts at first but then it stops so just go’ so she would jump in the vent but then the ‘screen’ would go black and be like ‘You Died’ like in dark souls, and I was like oh my god what is this bitch doing?? And eventually after a few times I drank this weird stuff that made me immune to the poison so we got through the vents and into the room but now Brie Larson was Shakira and I forget who the ‘villain’ was but she and Shakira were seeing who could like hack something and find something through their computers the fastest except their computers were just showin GTA V so they were like lookin at license plates on cars and looking at buildings around Los Santos idk, and the villain beat shakira and I was like “:O oh no!” But then shakira was like ‘..yeah maybe you beat me but .. (and this was really dramatic here) the plants like carbohydrates ;) “ and she basically made these plants in the room grow super big and she was now Poison Ivy and (CARBOHYDRATES WHAT THE FUCK?) that’s all I remember thanks