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Tumblr, Blog, and Http: c-bassmeow: haha typical me  Im poor so I dont buy brand name underwear 😂😂

c-bassmeow: haha typical me  Im poor so I dont buy brand name underwear 😂😂

80s, Apparently, and Coca-Cola: Addictive Ingredients ed trace amounts of cocaine back in the 80's Coke originally used the extract of the coca leaf which transferred itty-bitty into the "addicting" soft drink. Once cocaine use came under research and scrutiny, the company removed the ingredient, but we haven't forgotten! Facts you didn't know about your favorite soft drink Global Superpower Coca-Cola manages a whopping 500+ brands under its very large business umbrella. To try every single one of Coke's beverages at the rate of a beverage a day would take you over nine years. That's right, NINE YEARS. That's just the beverages! Who knows how long the Coke-owned food brands would take you. Breaking the Language Barrier When Coca-Cola emerged onto the Chinese market in the late 20's, there was no direct translation for the brand name. So in usual fashion, it was translated phonetically as "Ko-ka-ko-la"-the direct English translation being, "wax-fastened female horse. Coke was sure to put an end to that nonsense and quickly aided in creating the "proper" written translation of the brand name. As a cleaning agent You can use Coca-Cola as a cleaning product. Forget soap and water, put some Coke on a sponge, rub it in, and watch the rust on your car rims disappear! Today it is "J (Kěkoukěle) or "to allow the mouth to rejoice" New bottle, same classic flavor Smart move Coke, smart move. Then Before Coca Cola Did you know that traditionally Santa Claus wore a green suit? He did, until Coca-Cola featured Santa in one of their ads wearing a Coke-red suit. Nowadays, Santa wouldn't be caught dead in a green suit, and we've got Coca- Cola to thank. Who knew? (cci A baby's first words "Coca-Cola" is apparently the second most understood word in the world, just after numero-uno, "okay. Can you imagine your baby knowingGA Coca-Cola's name before yours? Now gostatisfy: