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amphiaria: amphiaria: this is the most sophisticated phishing e-mail I have ever received and if they had sized the logo correctly and actua...

Amazon, Cookies, and Google: TIPS AND TRICKS EVERY ONLINE SHOPPER SHOULD KNOW With the trend of online shopping showing no signs of slowing down, it's time to get the most out of your cyber basket. Become an online winner today and get the best deals the web has to offer. THE ONLINE DEMAND We all know shopping online is popular, but how popular? 47.3% of global internet users will have purchased products online by 2018 21% of global consumers shop online weekly £60.25bn UK's forecasted online sales in 2016 $185.44bn Europe's forecasted total TIPS FOR VIRTUAL SHOPPERS It's easy shopping online, but getting the best deals is a skill worth learning 25% OFF DISCOUNTS Hunt for discount codes Most online retailers offer you the chance to enter a voucher, discount or promotional code on the check out page. Don t have one! Google it. Free Super Saver w.gcogle.co.u amazon voucher code Student Discountat Al Sopping magee resuts Open the first 5 results Hunt for a valid code Search retailer name discount code Stack discounts Certain retailers allow discount codes to stack. If you're lucky enough to find multiple codes, apply them strategically Price Qty Subtotal Price Qty Subtotal E12 10 E120.00 E12 10 -25% -10% E120.00 £90.00 £81.00 -25% £90.00 DISCOUNT CODES XRTR25 DISCOUNT CODES GBTV10 Apply the highest percentage discount first (receiving maximum discount off the total price) Followed by the next highest percentage or ixed money off code Get cash back after price drops Notice something you've recently bought has dropped in price? Get in touch with customer service. CONTACT US NEED HELP? CHECK O OR YOU CAN CONTACT Politely contact customer service Have your order details to hand Tell them you've noticed a price drop for an item you've recently purchased TRICKS Avoid dynamic pricing traps ices depending Onine retailers are able to offer different pri on your purchasing habits by tracking your internet surfing our Watchist Your Video Lbrary our Rantal List Your Games and Sotware Libr Your Apps & Devices Hisbory Erase your browser's cookies Log out of your accounts Search using a private or incognito' tab Leave items in your cart Adding an item to your cart without buying it may cause the retailer to draw you back with a discount. Login to account Add item to basket then close the webpage Skip minimum spends Purchasing a few small items but don't qualify for a discount or free shipping? Time to pre-order Add to Baeshat Pay with Card andarinp far thi Add wanted items to basket Add pre-order for a Once vou have received our items cancel videogame or movie to bump up total your pre-order (pre-orders aren't paid for until they ship) Always check the return policy before ordering Check return methods available Check who pays for return postage Check how long you have to return an item From simple need-to-know basics to money saving apps - there are tons of ways to save money online Become a savvy digital user today add get the most out of your online shopping SOURCES Get Safe Online. (2015). Shopping. getsafeonline.org Lee, D. J. (2014). 10 sneaky online shopping tricks for scoring major discounts. forbes.com Moth, D. (2015). UK online retail sales to reach £52.25bn in 2015: report. econsultancy.com Pinola, M. (2014). Top 10 tricks for shopping at Amazon. lifehacker.com Reader's Digest. (2015). Online shopping tricks to save you money. rd.com Statista. (2015). Digital buyer penetration worldwide from 2011 to 2018. statista.com Statista. (2015). How often do you buy products online? statista.com Which? (2015). I want to return something bought online. which.co.uk collect+ This image is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International License parcels made easy BY SA www.creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0 frugallivingblog: Tips and tricks every online shopper should know

frugallivingblog: Tips and tricks every online shopper should know