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Jajaja: thatsqaualivstut we were taking our math test and i turned around and can we just talk about not only whatever is all over that girl's face, but the guy charging his phone in the back and the kid on the right who looks like he's in immense pain this picture is like the perfect description of school tho mvrtlewilson: fun fact one time i auditioned for a play and the character called for a russian accent and i did mine for the director and got the part and she stopped me on my way out and asked my how i got it so believable sounding and i didn't have the heart to tell her it was because of the amount of time i spend imitating chekov from star trek when i'm home alone I'm nominated for an acting award at my school now because of this willyumbeckett one time this guy in my class drew a penis on the blackboard with a permanent marker and continued the drawing with an erasable marker and made it to be a cat and my english teacher wanted to write on the blackboard so she tried to erase the drawing and the cat went away and all that was left was a penis and we all cried laughing and she just sighed and said "its so small that is a beautiful story ensenshnackles: This one time when I was about 13 I got swine flu and had to stay off school for 2 weeks. While I was off somebody spread a rumour that I wasn't there because I'd been hit by a truck and died. So when I came back into school I walked into English class and everybody started screaming and I cried. frickerstein today in american lit a kid fell asleep and my teacher got up and told us to follow him and so we all left the room and he changed the clock so it was like 6pm and like 10 minutes later the kid ran into the hallway with his backpack and we were all sitting at the end and he just sat down in the middle of the hallway and started to cry nosdrinker my english teacher accused me of plagiarizing an essay i wrote about my own life my friend got accused of plagiarizing in junior high because she used the word "sweets" instead of "candy and our teacher thought that the word sweets was "too advanced for our vocabulary" gothbaby once i scraped my knee in 3rd grade and a weird girl who was obsessed with horses was like "hold on" then she started crying and dropped tears on my knee then she was like "pegasus tears heal wounds awkwardvagina: in middle school we had to do a discussion about our family and a girl in my class stood up to talk about her family and she said she lived with her mum and sister, one of the kids asked about her dad and she said that he had died, so being curious i asked what happened to him and she turned her head, look directly at me and said in the most serious tone ever "he got in my way" and that was the moment i learnt what true fear is lydiasexual one time in my health class we were going over sex ed and someone mentioned that the word "testify" came from the fact that men would swear on their testicles during a testimony way back when and someone asked what girls say and this girl next to me whispered "I breastify and the teacher laughed so hard and let us leave 15 minutes early vardaesque hOLY SHIT SO TODAY IN CLASS THE WEIRDEST FUCKING SHIT HAPPENED a bee got into my class and everyone was freaking out, so all of a sudden, this kid goes "I GOT IT and he fucking pulls out a RUBBER FUCKING BAND AND SHOOTS IT THE FUCK DOWN IN ONE TRY MY TEACHER JUST STOOD THERE NOBODY KNEW HOW TO REACT son I'm here to talk to you about the Avengers Initiative See what's trending at FUNsubstance.com Jajaja