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Drawing is how I procrastinate at med schoolomg-humor.tumblr.com: Inage B Muscles of the forearm Theenbenseruies Locabed in whe aecier eneerpinater) areactss. Thee mles can ganind elelgienly in. ehre funeti ge 1. elestt t brchialis pinater ndyle medielop le of humeren anceneus -pranate teres the hand the wniat jeint (erteser cap radinlis angs and brenisnd rtenser sarpi snan). 2.muscles Ehat setend the setial 4 firges Cartenser digitam, ertenser in2ces, ertenser digiti minimi). 3. muscies ehat setend Or duct ehe thungb (ahluctor pellicis larg Crtenser pellicis lengus and brens) The extenser tendons. Tedialis eteneercrei radiali legs paimaris lorgs -fiener carpi insris tenser aigiterum coommnia) --rachierechalis etenser carpi ulnaris -flexor digiterum penalis utenser carp nakialis brovis Extensor tinaculu, tis prevents keewstringing of che tendens when ehe hand stande at the wrist jaint. As they pass over ehe dorsum of he wrist they Pass through synovial tendon Sheaths tha reduce friction. The ECRB,EDC, EDMand ECU ae attached te ehe lateral humeral Spicendyle by a semmen eatensor bendon. The ECRL and brachieradialis attach to the lateral supra epicondy ler head of humerus and its adjacent lateral intermusular septum rogether. -fiexor pellicis lengus tensor digiterum minimi Flovor digiterum prefundus abducter peilicis lengus etenser pellicis bvis pronator quadratus extensor pollicis Tongus abducter polials brevis extensor retinaculum The flenor muscles are in the anterior CAlener- pronator)cempart- ment of forearm. They an Ssparabed by the atensors by the radius and uina and in the distal 2, by the interosseus membrane. They can be arranged into 3 layers 1. superfisial layer, of muscies Ceronator teres fleror carpi radialis, Palmaris longus, Fleror carpi ulnaris). These muscles are all attached procimatly flexor polliets brevis deep tenlen here belengs Ee che Extensor indicis adductor pelicis or geoups: fir dorsal interosseus msce Lumbricals abductor digiti minimi ya common fieror tend on Pto Ehe medial spisondyle of the humerus 2. an intermediate Layer consisting of the flexor digitorum supěrficialis. of three muscies, flerer digičorum profundus. fleror pollici's 3. dese layes Zngus and pronatr quadratus. The duperficial and intermediats muscles cross the elbow joint. Aiso |flexor digitiminimi brevis the more distally placed a muscles distal attachment, the more distally and deeply placed is its proximal attachment adductor digiri minimi brovis FUNNY STUFF ON MEMEPIX.COM MEMEPIX.COM Drawing is how I procrastinate at med schoolomg-humor.tumblr.com

Drawing is how I procrastinate at med schoolomg-humor.tumblr.com