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Chill, Cute, and Gym: RI .d 66% . 9:36 PM Haley The last line in your profile very much suggests you have met up with someone from Tinder appropriate date attire You would be correct in making such an assumption. Sweat suit to be more accurate lol Today 12:58 AM Gonna need to hear this story Short of first date at the gym I'm not seeing anyway that could even possibly be seen as Right? Let's just say we didn't even hang out for an hour haha great on paper, not so much in real life We went to left 45 mins later. He actually ended up being quite the asshole too. Todey 11:37 AM I just don't understand how are the way to go when meeting trying to get in bed with, or at least not entirely disgust. I mean, the year 2017, very clearly yoga pants are the first date Today 12:47 PM I mean I don't expect a suit & tie but.... Come on haha. Needless to say we didn't talk after that lol. Yet again another tinder nightmare Another? Any other good stories? ShouldI get popcorn? Today 2:00 PM Nah nothing that exciting. have yet to meet someone that's worth continuing talking to though. Had a guy ask me to drop him off at home afterwards & as I drove away another girl got out of another car no hope in men out there these days lol Whoa now, some of my best Well that's nice of you to say hahe I heve yet to meet someone that excites me Oh? What would excite you? I'mm guessing a guy in a nice pair of Come onnnn. Is that your fav Not necessarily physically excite me, but intellectually this app is alot based on looks so whoever you match has to physically excite you at least a little bit Hm, so if I give a deep, philo- sophical defense of the ever humble cargo pants as a utilit- arlan rebellion by the proletariat against modern consumerism, and as a statement of individual ity in the fece of mass media de- s of normality, how rapidly are we moving towards or away y is on away at speeds for the record It dewns on me after typing that out my flirting techiques probably need some work Hahaha I had to read that a couple times. Ive been out of the game a long time so Ireally only know how to make jokes instead of being awkward haha so, more the better & no judgment on the cargo pants. The only thing that isn't acceptable is sweats haha in public anyways Oh of course, sweats in public is ethically and morally And good to know, I'll try to keop the jokes rolling and try to about how tinder is supposed to work to a minimum Today S10O PM Haha well at least we're in the same boat. Life's too short to be serious all the time! I mean when needed of course How has your day been? Pretty good! Had a silly conversation with a cute girl about sweatpants. She seems pretty chill, probably try to grab her number in a bit. I'll keep you posted on that. You? Haha talked about cargo pants with this cutie, whichI hadn't heard the word cargo in a while... & I gave him my number cause he seems like a pretty sweet dudebromanguy Sweatpants and cargo shorts