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Counter Strike, Fuck You, and Fucking: 11:25 13:12 sharpest jello kitchen knife insharpest carbon fiber kitchen the world 圧倒的不妾者の極み! 10,447,009 views 2 months ago knife in the world 圧倒的不妾者の極み! 13,634,525 views 2 months ago 11:48 11:15 sharpest Cardboard kitchen knife in the world 圧倒的不妾者の極み! 12,212,340 views 1 month ago Sharpening a 1 knife with S 300 Whetstone 圧倒的不妾者の極み! 3,047,043 views 7 months ago 8:27 sharpest ice kitchen knife in the world 圧倒的不審者の極み! 5,246,153 views 2 months ago sharpest Aluminium foil kitchen knife in the world 圧倒的不審者の極み! 4,598,865 views 3 months ago synthicyde: karpad: darkbookworm13: feedmecomicart: webbut: seelcudoom: transgirlnausicaa: durbikins: Counter Strike: Global Offensive this guys videos are fucking incredible i really want everyone to watch them this man is like midas but with knives instead of gold, he can make anything a knife, sicssor knives ,ice knives, cardboard knives, tiny knives if it can be made into a knife he will do it, and if he cant, he will do it anyway because fuck you This doesn’t even have the best one. One time he made a knife out of ravioli then proceeded to use the knife made out of ravioli to cut up cheese and tomatoes and basil and shit then took the ravioli knife that he had used to cut up his other ingredients and cooked said knife with those ingredients and ate the fucking knife! ate the fucking knife nah, his best one? he made a knife out of smoke. You know how to sharpen smoke? this guy does. Let’s not forget everything else in his videos. The googly eyes he puts on things His cow jugs The empty fridge that only contains Jack Daniels Chocolate That one time a bear figurine possessed with a demon would attack him if he didn’t pet it so he had to build a machine that constantly rolled the bear against brushes so he would be safe long enough to finish the knife
Android, Apple, and Complex: Phoebe News @holiestbritney Then why do android snapchat stories look like surveillance tapes #KanyeForPresident @The. Man94 Apple giving y'all 12mpxl cameras in 2016 and Samsung gave us 16mpxl cameras in 2013 lol someone is getting duped 9/9/15, 2:54 PM 2,040 RETWEETS 1,646 FAVORITES drakeshady: I know most people don’t care, but here’s the real answer. Snapchat built a shitty Android app. On iOS, Snapchat uses the phone’s camera directly to take a picture, ensuring the highest possible quality. On Android, Snapchat opens the camera, but then takes a screenshot, instead of telling the camera to take a picture. This means that the camera never gets to adjust it’s focus and lighting, or provide stabilization to the picture. Instead, you get the best that shaky human hands can get, which means low quality pictures. Due to the popularity of Snapchat, this difference actually spreads the superiority complex of iOS. Android manufacturers have been innovating new hardware since the creation of cell phones. Apple only upgrades when they’re worried about being seen as outdated, or they need “new features” to push their phone. It also shows that iPhones are a status symbol, that have no reason to be as expensive as they are. To be fair to Apple, they’ve built a consistent ecosystem. If you have an iPhone, you can pick up any other iPhone and know how it works. Android is different by design however, with literally anyone free to modify it as they want to. Whether that is to fit certain hardware, or add new features, or meet a specific artistic design, Android has more total devices, support for more hardware configurations (even laptops) and is available for anyone to use however they want. Snapchat made a deliberate poor design decision, and should shoulder the blame for their shitty app. But that would require supporting the largest userbase in the world over their elite base of iPhone users.