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Beer, Birthday, and Church: HOW NOT TO BEHAVE IN 15 COUNTRIES CHILE CROATIA DONTEAT ANYTHING WITH YOUR HANDS DON'T RAISE YOUR THUMB, MIDDLE, AND INDEX FINGER ALLAT ONCE You'll be mistaken for a Serbian nationalst SINGAPORE YOU CAN GET FINED FOR DON'T KISS IN PUBLIC A LOT OF THINGS This includes feeding birds, spitting. and ittering NO PHYSICAL CONTACT WITH THE OPPOSITE SEX Dont shake hands or hug You could end up injal a local offers FRANCE DON'TEXPECT AHUGE DON TEXPECT PEOPLE TO SPEAK ENGLISH DON'T TALK ABOUT MONEY AMOUNT OF VEGAN OPTIONS Not many French are and few accept the practice The French education system does not focus on teaching foreign languages DON'T HUG PEOPLE YOU JUST MET DONT STAND ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ESCALATOR It's not part of the culture. People don't ike it Do what the locals do MEXICO DON'T PATRONIZE PEOPLE DON'T BE EASILY OFFENDED DONT BE AFRAID TO TRY E Meécans have a big sense of humor mply that youre beer because is off imits Mexicans lave when youtry to speak the language or NEW ZEALAND DON T CONFUSE KIWIS DON'T MAKE FUN OF RUGBY LORD OF THE RINGS OR THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND New Zealanders take all three of these seriously DON'T FREAK OUT ABOUT PEOPLE NOT WEARING SHOES WITH They don't like it It's DONT STARE AT NAKED PEOPLE DONTASK PEOPLE ABOUT CHURCH It's considered nude, and most den't attend church anyway DON TEXPECT SPECIAL TREATMENT Norwegians change clothes in public but people are expected to look away areinformal, and most with one another DON'T GIVE AN EVEN NUMBER OF FLOWERS AS A GIFT That's only done for the deceased DON'T RELY ON A CREDIT CARD DON'T ASSUME THE PEOPLE THE GOVERNMENT DOES Russians often aiticize their govemment. Many places are cash only TURKEY DONT MAKE THE OK SIGN WITH YOUR THUMB AND FOREFINGER LAY OFF THE ALCOHOL DONT BLOW YOUR NOSE OR PICK YOUR TEETH IN PUBLIC These awanpelte when don at a restaurant, ca orb" Being drunk is seen as a dsgrace t's UNITED KINGDOM DON'T CUT IN LINE DON T ASK HOW MUCH MONEY SOMEONE MAKES Insteedt, just ask other related questioss DONTINVITE SOMEONE TO YOUR HOME That is, unless you know them very wel IRELAND DON'T BE CHEAP DON'T ATTEMPT AN IRISH ACCENT For the lnish, there is no such hing there are only accents TOP OF THE MORNING Dos't join infor a round at pub without being able to pay GERMANY DON'T STARE You'l appear DONT DO THE NAZI SALUTE DONT BE OVERLY DONT WMSH SOMEONE A HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEFORE THE ACTUAL DAY There's a superstition that you do, that person couid R'saorine, and Germans take time to KENYA DONT DON T TALK ABOUT SEX IN MIXED COMPANY DON TCALL SOMEONE BY THEIR FIRST NAME Hardly anything or anyone, A large part of the Only do this d someone uses their first name with you. How Not To Behave In 15 Countries