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Bad, Dude, and Fall: thalia 1832 nonbinaryvexahlia zmyaro nonbinaryvexahlia one of the weirdest ways that language is evolving in response to the internet is that "bad words just. do not have the same impact anymore. i constantly forget that some people think fuck you' is a terrible insult so threats and insults have to start getting really out there if the person wants to even mean anything. if a person told me to die i'd shrug it off but if i opened a post's tags and saw "op i will sneak into your house and replace all your shoelaces with cooked pasta" do you know how shaken i'd be? do you knovw how upset i'd be if i saw "op is the personification of the look you share w other people in the grocery store when some dude is causing A SceneTM fo r no reason So you are saying English curses on the Internet are becoming more like Yiddish curses? l sincerely hope so but I can't say I'm familiar with yiddish curses and i am begging you to tell me a few viddish curses may you go to hell and bake bagels there may all your teeth fall out except one, and in that one you should get a tooth ache One misfortune is too few for you you should drink too much castor oil (and have explosive diarrhea) you should have a hundred houses in every house a hundred rooms and in every room twenty beds, and a delirious fever should drive you from bed to bed you should be transformed into a chandelier, to hang by day and to burn by night Hang yourself with a sugar rope and you'll have a sweet death The best bad words you can say