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Best Friend, Confused, and Dad: MAMMA, EVER SINCE I SAlV I'M ITALIAN, EVERYONE KEEP4 TEA IN ME AND AGKING IF I'M IN THE MAFIA NEXT TIME TELL THEM THEN THEY WILL FEAK YOU. 2srooky: giancarlovolpe: Based on a true story. this reminds me of a story that’s kind of an ongoing joke in my family.  I’m half German, and my father’s side of the family is full blooded German. My father owns a business that deals with a lot of international calls, and during my early tween years he got a lot of business calls at all hours of the day and night from all over the world.  Now, when i first met my best friends, I had them sleeping over at my house, and we were watching TV. Every few minutes the phone would ring, and our caller ID would project at the top of the television screen.  I was bullied a lot as a kid, so my dad told me to tell people if they asked what my father did, that he was in the German Mafia. So, naturally when my friends asked who was calling, I made the joke it was business cause my dad was in the German Mafia, and the joke stuck.  And it spread, too. Middle school was filled with jokes about my family and the mafia, but they were just jokes. That I was in the mafia, my dad was a mafia boss, etc. etc. Those jokes continued into high school, where, in my junior year I was in a big depressive spell. I wore my hair tied back from my face a lot, and in my history class, these jokes were cracked a little more often as we began our European Studies. One day, my History teacher, the most amazing teacher I had in high school, walked between me and my best friend, as our desks were right next to each other, while we had been making one of these jokes.  He paused, and reached out, tapping my right temple twice while a huge, cheeky grin spread on his face and he just went.  “Good to see you finished your induction.” and walked away. I was confused, my best friend and I were staring at each other for a solid ten minutes before we got back to work.  When I went home that night, I looked up a bunch of stuff about the German Mafia. The German Mafia would often do a tattoo of 3 dots on someone once they had finished their “trials” and were accepted. This was most often done in cases of murder, and other crimes. Where the tattoos were placed meant different things. Hands were the norm, but sometimes a tattoo would be placed on the face.  These tattoos are now mostly outdated, and are usually just prison tattoos done for years/crimes committed in prison, but some branches of Russian, Cuban, and German mafias still use the three dot tattoos.  I was flabbergasted for two reasons. One, that my teacher knew all of this about the German mafia, and, Two, that he pointed out the three freckles on my temple that make a perfect triangle.  For the rest of my Junior and Senior year, the mafia jokes dwindled less and less, because people actually believed I was in the mafia.  I never told them I wasn’t, either.

2srooky: giancarlovolpe: Based on a true story. this reminds me of a story that’s kind of an ongoing joke in my family.  I’m half German,...

Lit, Spider, and Vine: THE POCKET ENCY CLOPEDIA OF INDOOR PLANTS IN COLOR A. Nicolaisen urdy, have 10 erect trunk with site,shieland holes. From the stems, large Philodendron scander Growth: Vigorous clim while very small on en leaves on long ield-like leaves unches of hanging aerial roots are formed. Older plants may, under favour Sweetheart Vine able conditions in conservatories or Habitat: West Indies. hothouses, develop large, calla-like G inforescences with white spathes. Later, with pointed, heart-shap s with dots and pale yellow and pale ultivated as a young plant and en. C carded when the bottom leaves are d, its value as an ornamental plant i s debatable e: Best in a warm greenhouse, o good in a room after careful har ing off. Thrives for a time in dee g off. Thom after caou but aromatic edible fruits appear, which de. Requires a lot of space. 1S grow to lengths of 30 cr have a taste similar to that of a pine- specimens. New leave brown and almost trans Use: Decorative room plant, requiring a lot of space. Suitable for trellising to l: Soilless mixture or light leaf mould ding: 3 grams per litre (1 oz. per ter: Should be kept moist all the year ht: Never direct sunlight. Thrives in Use: Well suited as cli alls, doorways and large windows. Soil: Soilless mixture with added peat. pH Feeding: 3 gram gallon) every Fertiliser sh moist soil trellises or walls or as a plant, also as a ground rvatories. An amusin s to allow the pla enveloped in mois soil on) every week (March-October). nd. Will not stand drying out. dy rooms, halls or staircases. t: Poor growth if temperature falls w minimum 15° C. (60° F.) during er st attractive and amount in t ss mixture rams per Frequent spraying. especially in lit positions, the spots and edges. Heat: Normal room temp not less than 12° C. (55° F Air: Syringe during gro up to very good centrall he Re-potting: Every 3 orA years Propagation: By cuttig top shoots with the aerial roots atta hed. They should be planted in equal arts of soilless mi:x ее ai otting: Every spring, in spacious agation: By cuttings in a green in an enclosed atmosphere, with e Mealy bug, red spider mite ially when the growing point is ri it e and sand, and must be kept moist and warm Varieties: borsig ina (but correctly Monstera pertus, which has smaller eaves and mor aerial roots than the type, and grows ore rapidly and vigor- ously. Can al be used in smaller rooms. This is e variety illustrated. NOTE: Aerial pots, which--like ordin ary rootss ve as ducts for transmit The sap in the leaves and stems is nous varieties: There are many hybrids this and other species with a variation in the distribution of en rs in the leaves. See also below. enbachia leopoldii
Ass, Children, and Girls: tenaflyviper Tumblr has always been one of the most poorly-run sites I've ever seen. It has been the laughingstock of the internet for YEARS be- cause of this. @staff, I'm gonna lay this down right now: In making this latest decision, you have not made the site any safer, especially when a lot of the "harm to minors" around here comes from users' piss-poor treatment of each other that you've always turned a blind eye to. You have not made it more appealing to investors, especially because you'll be forcing content creators out in droves, thus leaving behind pretty much only the previously-mentioned piss-poor behavior. Do you honestly believe focusing on tags is going to work? And what do you propose to do when people simply stop using tags, or come up with alternative ones? Focusing on links? We've been sending links to each other's inboxes right under your noses for years-we just replace a few dots with commas, and your system misses it. If WE can get around it, I'm pretty sure bots can be programmed to do the same. Nixxing links to third-party sites? Well, you've just screwed over a lot of people looking for support on Patreon or trying to start fundraisers for their injured pets. You were asked to do two things that many sites haven't had much issue taking care of: Getting rid of spam bots, and keeping the site reasonably clear of illegal content. Your staff is so collossally inept that every attempt you've ever made to rectify these issues has caused loss of site function, and massive backlash from the user base. Only now that it's affecting your wallets do you attempt to do anything about it, and the thing you've chosen to do is essentially lose the majority of your users by coming up with half-ass "solutions" that actually do more harm to those users than the legitimate criminals you're trying to eradicate If what you really want is a site for children and teens without any adult content, then MAKE ONE (not that it'd really solve anything, since the most prolific producers of drawn and written porn are teenage girls, and nothing would stop users there from continuing to be abusive as hell towards each other). The users on this site are literally 85% adults that came here under the impression that they wouldn't be heavily censored or limited as they are on other social media outlets, and could create a visual and written expression of themselves, and their interests Congratulations on removing the only draw this site ever had Source: staff An eloquent response to the issues with Tumblr staff
Future, Tumblr, and Weird: Oth dimension The Oth dimension contains a dot it's nothing more but pure information 1st dimension If we take infinite dots we will get a line 2nd dimension If we take infinite lines, the result is a plane 3rd dimension If we take infinite planes, we get space 4th dimension This one is a little trickier, so if we add another dimension to space we get this weird looking thing called and tesseract. Previously we always added another dimension by taking the previous object (black) twice and adding new lines (red) connecting each corner. To understand the resutling concept of the 4th dimension, we need to imagine one single element of the 4th dimension. If one element of the 1st dimension is a dot, an element of the 2nd dimension is a line, an element of the 3rd dimension is a plane that means one element of the 4th dimension is space Very confusing, but if we imagine the 4th dimension being time, everything starts to make sense. One element of the 4th dimension is exactly one moment in the universe. Meaning that the universe in its current state is one of infinite elements of the 4th dimension. If every moment was part of a line this line would represent the history and future of our universe It goes even further, we can add another dimension. The 4th dimension as a whole is the history of a whole universe, the 5th dimension as a whole is every possible history of the universe. That means it contains every possible outcome for every event in the history of the universe. Adolf Hitler winning the war, the dinosaurs never being extinct by an asteroid and so on. If we add another dimension it gets beyond human comprehension. It means not only every possible universe, but every possible concept of physical constants. If we go further, we get every possible concept of logical and physical laws. We go even further and we get every possible concept of existence itseltf Keep in mind this is a model for understanding a concept. It's not how it really looks like or works, it's a way to understand. If you ask how our universe started to exist and what the first of all events was, you know that time is just one dimension of many. Our understanding of time is that one thing happenes after the other. Physics tell us that time and cause are just purely concepts of our minds.We happen to live in a universe with physical laws that allow consciousness to exist and travel along the 4th dimensional "line". Weare just seeing one moment after the other, infact the history of our universe just exists, not in a particular order. It's a line, the line always exists, it goes infintly into the future and past. There is no first or last, it is like written in a book that has never been written, we are reading it, but how you read it or where you start depends on who is reading it. The real question is not why anything exists, but if anything does not exist. epicjohndoe: An Easy Way To Understand It All
Memes, Connected, and 🤖: When the dots get connected it seems like Ben Simmons is in Kendall Jenner's rear view and she's fully hooked up with Anwar Hadid. 🤔 tmz kendalljenner anwarhadid bensimmons 📷X17

When the dots get connected it seems like Ben Simmons is in Kendall Jenner's rear view and she's fully hooked up with Anwar Hadid. 🤔 tmz ken...