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Alive, America, and Asian: did you know? Photographer Diana Kim, whose father abandoned her when she was 5, wanted to document the lives of the homeless. Searching for subjects on the streets, she came upon a thin and distant man in rags who looked somewhat familiar. It was her father. By fate or by chance, she'd found him after 25 years. PHOTO: DIANA KIM DIDYOUKNOWBLOG.COM did-you-kno: He had schizophrenia. He didn’t recognize her. She did everything she could to connect with him, but he refused treatment, medication, food, or new clothing. Eventually, he said to her: “Diana, I am so sorry for not being in your life. I am so happy that you have a family of your own now. Do better for them… … Don’t worry about me or what everyone says about me. If you want to make me proud and happy, be there for your family the way your mom and I never were. Stop trying to save everyone…just worry about yourself and your family. And don’t forget why I named you Diana, you are the light within the darkness.” So she refused to give up. After suffering a heart attack, he agreed to get help and slowly took control of his own life. One day he suddenly called her to invite her out for coffee. Later that afternoon, she wrote on her blog: “I feel like I just met my father for the first time today.” “I struggled to reconcile my feelings toward my father’s absence in my life, while continuing to care deeply for him and other homeless individuals.” “Over time, I learned to navigate through my feelings of desperation and became more vocal in my community about my father’s condition and what it’s like to watch a loved one battle mental illness.” He is now doing very well, and they are rebuilding their relationship from the ground up. “So long as we are alive in this world, every day is an opportunity to take hold of that ‘second chance.’ There is no failure unless you give up, and he never gave up. And I haven’t given up on him.” Source

did-you-kno: He had schizophrenia. He didn’t recognize her. She did everything she could to connect with him, but he refused treatment, m...

Dieting, Girls, and Saw: Thigh gaps over foury clinicians i rolled out a cialist eatin Wellington clinicians i DHB area.I centred in treatment i erer to eat in put weight dmitted to hreatening It's the latest social-media beauty fad the thigh gap. A clear space between the top of the thighs has become a desirable goal for dieting teens who post and re-post pictures of thigh gaps on social-media platform Tumblr. Along with the postings of thin legs are a slew of others of girls photographing their own thighs, with such comments as "shoot me", "fat legs", or "tomorrow no eating". Clinicians ighing the nily bring ave a meal he parent:s ughter eat ow her to monoto- ' role is to oin in on is treated my, sepa- Clinical I order Serv detection a vice has pu school guid about 75 ar 90% of the are being e being refer education being rolle sees about In reality, acquiring thin upper thighs if you don't have them naturally is only possible by becoming malnourished, says Otago professor of anatomy Mark Stringer. nder the nost like "Only the malnourished or those with a slightly splayed pelvis will have a visible gap between their upper ch about Wilson, pa GPs who I delay refer says altho Disorder S get in, ref requiring describing case where to get her lignant on your is needs le etween eating a uses ts are Although there is a layer of subcuta- neous fat on the upper thighs, much of the reason the thighs are normally close together is because of the size- able abductor muscle that runs up the inner thigh. Only by extreme weight loss will this muscle waste away and the buttocks lose mass, thereby creating a gap for those who do not naturally have one. Nadine VW school gui educationn for more. its use of feedback. an urgent forms, an anger. sar fferers con- precluding: lionese: yogifindingpeace: recoverrunner:  Article I read recently. READ THE LAST PARAGRAPH! If you want a stupid thigh gap and don’t have a slightly splayed pelvis you have to get so malnourished that your body starts eating its own muscle. why on earth would you want that?! i seriously needed this article. I need to remember this in my mind, the reason i had one was because i was malnourished and now i am strong. Fuck thigh gaps man. I saw a post from a guy saying something like “i dont get thigh gaps, what am i meant to do with it? Stick my dick through it or something?” I know its not why girls do it but it actually made me laugh so hard. I use to want one but i really feel like curves are in work with what you have ladies this article makes me really happy