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Bless Up, Bruh, and Chill: Oh hi there, tiny dappled dachshund Shout to u pregnant ladies at the gym Bruh I am fucking astonished. I'm not talking baby bump neither Bruh I'm saying this 5'10" Mountains-of-Germany looking blond on the treadmill next to me about ready to fucking deliver and she killing it. Wavy hair all up in a bun with like the sexy string headband situation. Lulu tank top in her normal size, Lulu yoga pants with the generously-forgiving pregnancy waistband, and the baby just poking out of that tummy like: "HALLO MY NAME IST SVEN I AM WUHRKIN OUT VITH MY MAMA SHE IST SEXY, NEIN? SHTOP LOOKING AT HUR YOU PUHRVUHRT LOL JUST KIDDING LET'S AGREE SHE IST SEXY UND I'M ZEE LUCKY ONE I GET TO SUCKLE ON HER MAMMARIES IN T-MINUS THREE WEEKS AUF WIEDERSEHEN ZAT MEANS TOODLES, DUMMKOPF! ☺️" You feel me Bruh? Out here getting it. Bouncing around in that swimming pool. Strolling on that treadmill. I see y'all. Tryina be the best you that you can be and stave off gestational sugar diabetes. Go head witchall fine asses. I meet a lot of men like "smash you look like you exercise but where do you find the time!" Ok Ted. U belong to four fantasy sports leagues and watch 2.5 hours of ESPN per day and 'ain't got time', Chill 🤚. It's pregnant women out here getting it while they ready to have they water break and u ain't got 45 min to spare to get your body and your mind right. In 2017 take inspiration wherever you can find it. Today I'm inspired by Heidi over here doin it big like she ain't got a second human strapped to her stomach. Ya get me! More life more health more fitness in 2017 we all just tryina live happy healthy lives and be our best. Now stop making excuses and make progress! Bless up! 😍😂😂😂