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Being Alone, Animals, and Beautiful: eutopianext: khaaaaaaaaaan: the-tarot-cafe: She is singing an ancient herding song from mid-north Sweden and Norway. I sense very old vibrations in the calling tones. See what happens to the cows as the singing calls.The singer is Jonna Jinton. Ohohoh, but we have SO MANY of these old songs and tunes (called “kulokk” in Norwegian). Some with lyrics, some without. Some with straight up talking and almost shouting inbetween the most enchanting melodies. They’re using every bit of their voice range to create these tunes, and it’s all based on a wonderful traditional Scaninavian way of singing (that can be a lot more characteristic than in this video, but this is beautiful as well!). In Norway up to the 1800s these amazing women (and only women) spent their summers, often all alone, in the Norwegian mountains to herd and milk cows, and let the animals roam freely. To attract them they would make up these wonderful tunes, and there is even folklore that connects these women to the huldra, which is a Scandinavian forest/mountain siren. She takes the form of a beautiful woman, often portrayed in traditional dresses that partly cover up her animal tail (in Norway a cow’s tail, in Sweden a fox’ tail) that would give away her true nature if anyone saw it. So, the tunes and their effect on animals, combined with these strong women in the beautiful landscape was just too much for people to handle, so people started fantasizing about women like these being straight up supernatural. American version no one asked for: a farmer in Kansas with a trombone.
Bless Up, Cute, and Funny: Once a lap dog, always a lap dog So a lot of you have been asking me, hey smash, when are you going to review the weighted blanket, how did it work, does it work wonders, did it fix your sleep problem?? Well it’s funny u ask! Since I got it, I’ve had two weeks of perfectly sound sleep where I close my eyes and imagine cows skipping over a fence (like happy cows on a vegan farm where all they gotta do is be cute lol) for three minutes until I doze blissfully 😍. JUST KIDDING! It made it worse a lil bit 😂. Officially said goodbye to that h0e today. I wanted it to work but like a toxic relationship sometimes You idealize something but the reality is it is not what is best for you so you have to say goodbye and block them forever but keep the entire text thread including the pics as evidence 🧐 LOL! Just kidding but not really 🙂😂. Mannnnnn listen. I wanted it to work. I was in full placebo effect. I was ready to receive God’s blessings. But that bish had me feelin TRAPPT. Like it’s supposed to mimic the warmth of the human body but for some reason a THICCUM pair of thighs straddling my right quad muscles whilst a head delicately lays on my BREAST and two breasstasis swaddle my right side feel hella different 🧐. Anyway I tried. Gave it a go for two skrate weeks. Did not work as intended. That being said, I do not want to dissuade you! It has worked for so many people and I am so thankful to the person who recommended it. That person has recommended a lot of great things and this one just happened to not work out. One person’s medicine is another person’s poison. This is how we were created. May you all sleep well and wake up rested and rejuvenated. Bless up! ❤️

So a lot of you have been asking me, hey smash, when are you going to review the weighted blanket, how did it work, does it work wonders, di...