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Beard, Hello, and Memes: SGAG Singpost: I'll check that for you sir. Me: Thank you. Singpost: What's your name, sir? Me: Neil Singapost: Is that Nial? Me: If you like. Singpost: And your phone number? Me: FOR F... I'm sorry. why do you need my phone number. I just want to know if there's a post office in Rivervale Mall, Yes or no? Singpost: In case the line hangs up. Me: Yes, I could see why that would happen a lot. Pausc Singpost: Yes, there is a post office at Rivervale Mall Me: Thank you. Singpost: Do you need the address? Me: It's Eunos, right? Singpost: No, sir. It's... Me: Never mind. You're not based in Singapore are you, mate? Singpost: No, I'm based overseas, sir. Neil Humphreys Yesterday at 12:36pm-Singapore , Follow Me: Hello, Singpost, I'm calling to confirm that there is a post office at Rivervale Mall. Singpost phone guy: That is correct, sir Me: That there is a post office? Singpost: That this is Singpost. Me: Where? Singpost: On the phone, sir Me: I know that. Pause Me: So is there a post office at Rivervale Mall or is it just a SAM machn? Singpost: That is correct, sir. Me: What is? Singpost: How can i help you today? Me: For fuc... I mean, does Rivervale Mall have a post office? Singpost: ll check for you sir. Where is the location? Me: Rivervale Mall singpost: ITl check for you sir... Yes, that is correct, sir. The address is No kidding. Eunos Me: Wait, what? Eunos? Rivervale Mall is in Sengkang. Singpost: Ill check for you, sir Me: No, you don't have to check, sir. I know Rivervale Mall is Sengkang. (UPDATE: went to Rivervale Mall. There is no post office, just a bloody Does it have a post office? Singpost, I'm all for cost cutting (and certainly don't blame poor bugger on the phone) but I'd grown a beard and lost will to live by time i was done ... SAM machine!!) SINGPOST SMLJP And in the end still no post office! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Ass, Booty, and Bruh: When she come over to apologize for spazzing on you but nows not a good time cause you cheating Fellas don't you hate when you abouT to give the best dick to the girl of your dreams and your girlfriend shows up? When your girl get you so mad you go out and cheat just to blow some steem off. Now before I go into this story let me give you the back story of what has transpired. I was ready to filet Ming Bong my girl pussy with the most elegant strokes of the tongue that even Shakespeare couldn't compare. I'm going down when I hear her stomach squealing. She probably hungry. if the head game A1 I might let her grab something that's not on the dollar menu. I'm bout to start going in when a fart slips out her booty cheeks and floats it's way up her pussy lips. Boy was bout to go hungry hippo but she hit me with a gas bomb. I was done after that I got PTSD from pussy eating. I got up and left her ass. We are not on talking terms. Few days later I'm bout to get some play from this one hoe I saw posting about her boyfriend on Facebook. Facebook the easiest way to see who needs local dick.My Door bell rings. My momma not suppose to be home for another few hours. I look through the window blinds and it's my girl. I hate when people come to the crib uninvited.i crack the door and began to act fake sick. *fake cough* "hey what's up?" "Baby I'm so sorry can I come in so we can talk?". "nah the way my stomach set up I'm not feeling so good".i try shutting the dirt she out her whole foot in the door. I said "let's talk about it and get food". My girl wasn't sorry she was hungry stay woke kings when dealing with these females. From the other room "Come take this ass". I was done bruh. Do people not have manners at other peoples house. It's too late to play dumb. My shorty goes in the room and sees the side piece. I've never seen two woman work together to take down a man. Feminism is a powerful thing. They pulled out more receipts than a tax return. I got my ass beat in my own crib. I'm single now.
Af, Bad, and Beautiful: Seth Rogen meets Boo In the film "Tropic Thunder", Kirk Lazarus said: "Never go full retard." Now, I hate the word "retard" - I love all life and if a baby has developmental disabilities, nobody should ever call that beautiful baby a retard - it's a disgusting word to use to refer to someone who has such disabilities. However some of u grown men are not only retards, y'all routinely go full retard, NO OFFENSE - lemme splain u. My lil homegirl call me tell me she dating a dude from a nearby town. It ain't that close so they hanging weekly, he make the drive and slide thru, they have dinner etc. Smart dude, teacher, got his shit together. So out of the blue homeboy say he moving to her town so they can plan their future. I can't blame him - she got a lot to offer ๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐Ÿ”ฌ. The problem is, she ain't want all that. Some women want a man around for a specific purpose. Maybe she wanna be homies but she don't wanna bang. Maybe she wanna bang but only after 11:02 pm so if y'all get food after, nobody see u with her bc low key u ain't cute but your PP nice so she only want u at night ๐Ÿค—. Or maybe she wanna be seen with you out on the town because u look nice but she ain't ready to pick baby seats and strollers yet - u feel me? U can't just assume that if a girl fuck with u on ANY level, she wanna be with you forever - these ladies done been thru a lot, bro - good relationships, bad relationships, in betweeners - u feel me? Don't be so eager to suck the fun out of it. Men ASSUME that any woman they meet wanna get married yesterday and have babies tomorrow but guess what - NAH. AF. U gotta take the time to sell her on u. Make her feel like u the one. Until then, create fun experiences and a healthy vibe. And see where it go. And don't go full retard or u gon fuck around and fuck up a good thing for no reason. Ya get me! Bless up! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚