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stretchtarot:The Sun & Moon, Lenormand cards 31 and 32: summ'it, n. highest point, top, apex; highest degree. summit conference, meeting of heads of States. summon, vt. call together, require presence or au su'perfine, a. extremely fine in quality. superflu'ity (-floo-), n. superfluous amount. super'fluous (-floo-), a. more than enough, excessive; ncedless, uncalled-for. superhu'man abeyond normal human capacity; higher or greater than that of) man. superimpose' (-z), v.t. place on something dar buagharitsta annear A else. superintend', v. have or exercise charge or Ycew denee, or official direction of anking above su blace, upper; etc.; having aving above higher rank, ry or convent Superior). per iene dotank or savng c Avcrage nualie autherty, et FatherSaperior A Superio rit super lative Cor seo-) esof highest degree 6xpressing highes ceg denoted by simte fo ree or form su sing all oth- of adj., etc.) uality, ete., superlative an, n(pl permen) Sdeal superior ture; man of superhun an powers or , n. self service store selling sehold goods ofkinds. (-cher-), aaue to, manifest- gency above Tores of nature; nary operation cheerfulness brght intiuence of dark patches sometimes ob surface. su'stroke, illness ca sive exposure to heat of sun sunn'y, a. ht with sunlight: sun'dae (-da confection of ice fruit, nuts, Sun'day, n tday of wreek, obser Christiansday of rest and worship. sun'der, v.tarchatc& Poet separate. sun'dry, a.various, se veral. sun'dries (-iz), n.pl. oddments, small items. sung, p.p. o sing sunk, p.p. sink. sunk'en, aof eves, cheeks, etc.) lholow fallen in. unny: see sun up, v. (p.t. spped), take supper. sup-, pref.:ee sub super- (or (of); beyod besides, execeding, tonscer ing; of higher kind atore than tisua superabundant, a very ot t06 ab superann'uate Sion, esp. br discards fo8 old annua'tion, n. superb' (or soo-), a. of most excellent or impressive kind, magnificent, majestic. súpercil'ious, a haughtily contemptuous, dis- dainful, or superior. superfi'cial (-shl), a. of or on the surfat Lwithout depth. superficial'ity (-shi-), n cause and n or thing) in ary, a. & he normal numbe e (-z), v. t. place abo or on some- else, esp. so as to cooede. superpo' 5able, a. su'perscribe, v. t. write orinsce over, at top of or outside something. suúpenscrip'tion, n. supersede, v.t take the placef; be adopted or accepted instead of superson ie, a having speed ater than that Of Sound. suners tie n(habit or bet ef based on) Sraonal ar of the1 hakhotn; belief in agic sapematural poversc. supersti- iousshus) a súperstaictore cher) n sucture resting on Somethingg lse as a foundation; parts of pref ovee abeve en to aboge main deck occtras an interruption or as hange süperen'tion, n. erintend per- cter of over- cause see. supervi'sion (-zhn), n. si'pervisor, n. supervi'sory, a. su'pine, a. lying face upwards; indolent, lethargic, inert. supp'er, n. meal taken at end of day, esp. evening meal less formal and substantial than dinner. supp'eriess, a. 31 conduct. mo'rality play, medieval moraliz- ing drama. mo'ralize, v. talk or write on moral aspect of things; interpret morally morass', n. wet swampy area, bog. mor'bid, a. not natural and healthy; of, indi- cating, disease. morbid'ity, n. mor'dant, a. biting, stinging; (of acids) corro- (French) monsoon', n. seasonal wind prevailing in S Asia; rainy season accompanying SW. mon- SOon mo l 8 m ional quan- v. to greater eo'ver, adv. me r m rriage, one woman of rmer station claim to У r een man who child m t п S. religious m m ti il m oon or mid- of goatskin Fig 2 rtreated feeble- m moron'ic, red. substance sen pain. ional dance and phipo um ant ra moon. mo moon'stond appearance dreamy. moor, n. heather-cov billed wate moors. moor2, v. t. a shore or place, charg . pl. place mooring. Moor, n. ofMu NW. Africa h moose, n. (pl e NAnank moot, n. (Hi ceting esp. legistative or judicial. a. e a guedr debtable v. raise (quest mор, п. bund use in clear wipe (as) wi mope, v. i. bè mo'ped, n. m moraine ni mo'ral, a. concemedwn character, ere, o with right and wrong; good, virtuous. n. moral teaching; (pl.) habits or conduct from moral point of view. mo'rally, adv. morale(-ahl),n. discipline and spirit pervad. ing army or group of people. mo'ralist, n. one who points out morals; who teaches morality. moralis'tic, a moral'ity, n. moral principles or rules; moa long signals g letters of rac o, etc. r aantity. ra cannot live iman being. ause death; KO arpabe mor Sel, na oE'tale aGmast oreve c hor'tally so as extremely,c Omortal ity, n ng Seoalfo ss of life on alarge scale death-re mor tar, n vessel n which gs, etc., are pounded with a pestle shells. e Sand and water used bricks, ejc. mortaf aulding tortar with flat squa mortgago g deal aceba un throwing ture of lime ints between ard on which college cap highhang FR d cussion C. ixed lo stick for Hopped, elean or with mpp ce of right to money, until ver by mort- gage, preage advatce.. BIAgee, n hol- der of mortgage. mortgagor jor), n. per- son who pledges property in mosigage. mor'tify, v. bring under control by discipline and self-control: humiliate. listress: (of flesh) be affected with gangrene. mortifi- ३2 ca'tion, n. or'tise, n. hole into which end (tenon) of another part of framework, etc., is fitted. v. t. stretchtarot:The Sun & Moon, Lenormand cards 31 and 32

stretchtarot:The Sun & Moon, Lenormand cards 31 and 32

I miss Dead Space: FPS Players: This HUD sucks. It blocks my view. MMO Players: Group 3 Lasttegame eurrs Trial of the Crusader Peariswallow M6pd Presgnce Concentrationura Devotion Aura Ebon Champion Fel Intelligence V Fire Resistance VI Fire Resistance Aura V Herofc nce Lender of the Pae n prng Vill Moonin Aura Retribution Aura Vi Stonestn Strength of Earth VII Totem ofrath Tree of Life Windfury Totem Wrath of Air Totem Gift of the Wild IV lask of Lndiless Rage 56:33 Prayer of Spint Ill Prayer of fortitude IV 55:4S Well F Greate ther Portal CD Greate Infernal Eruptidn CD aresali 80 20 39977/39977 100% 85/100 as 18.0M/20.2M 89 % 4258/4258 25791/25791 100 % 00% 29% Bos 28/130 28 Demon ADility is not readly yet. Ability is rioteady yet. Abjlity is not ready ye Apackanu 80 rey 899 FO53 30791/30791 100 % 63 63/100 (Killing Machine) Frost Presence ready!] 898 919 27157/27157 100 % 26/100 58:05 26 55 44 Peariswauow 46.0 Jemantng I:50 Zi Chtir ef Pet 208 creates a Nether Potal 23650/23650 100% The Apocaleir T:16 19824/24786 79 % Lord Jaraxxus Legion Flame CD 10.7 4Z0306biterate) 2721 (4dor fretit02 resisted) 4617(Frost Strike) (379 resiste 2730(Frost Strike) resisted)ook t985lawTh Ret 498 174(Clancing) Pet 4433 Pet 484 Miss (292) n3 bi9:31 508 SO26784/26784 100% 1/100 Mky Cham r he Dead Gheula atsMinlne e of tre Nap anuse Co Biiu 31 Graup 4 Graup 5 DayeooX SaaditlusX 171.6k [100 %] 5715 Lroo A738 100% 00 100 o0s atrpt aly [78 % ) 1[75 % ) 12U.170 % 118.4k [68 % 109.7k [63%] 56.5k 132 %] Slayerckmy Antema v Corvan Omue kyu 7 00% o0% Auroralaity Lanierzlok 7Ftost. (2 100% 100 ou, 2 5560 Zhulllan Bravex ha ne T00 100% 100% 100% 100% Apackanuts 3606 MorionaX Redingle Fx. 2524 Anthlimas Rithum Lod llostthegame Viale Zor Frost) (I resisted) 89 100 OOR o0% o0 Kraydos 8hetanxstthouettes T00% for 306 Edas DPS Kdeptüla 1.Apackanuts 00% 1op% o0% op To0 laraxxus 89 Tor 216 Physical. 02 Army of the Dead Ghoul's melee swing hits Lord Jaraxxus for 208 Physical. 10881.1 TO0% 100 18033791/20220250] 125791/257911 2 Brayex 7256.2 424258 3. Mkyu 7051.2 4. Corvan 6853.1 Lord Jaraxxus 2 Demon Paladin Comba Boss 10 6131.8 5. Vlaie 19:01 Kdeptula:80] says: interrupt used 19:02 <Lord Jaraxxus Legion Flame on Omile 19:02] <Lord Jaraxxus Nether Power on Jaraxxus! Dispel Now! 19:021 Shoxane hes Incinerate Flesh! Heal her! 119:02| Lard Jaraxxus yells: FLESH FROM BONE! 19:02 Kdeptula:80] says: interrupt used 19:02 Lord Jaraxxus creates a Nether Portal! 19:02 Lard Jaraxxus yells: Come forth, sister! Your master calls! 19:02 Kdeptula:80] says: interrupt used 6. Sihouettes 7. Ulostthegame 5919.2 57S7.0 8. Slayerckm 5569.2 Pearlswallow 100% 9. Aurorafaith 5069.2 10. Davcook 4621.8 Deathweave Bag (F9) sno Soulbound 12 Slot Bag ItemLevel: 35 pulli OGM MOA TRIF... 4 56 MOunt (8) I miss Dead Space

I miss Dead Space