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Dumb, England, and Family: Open Question Show me another Ā» Why did J.K. Rowling even write Harry potter? Look, Ive been a Twihard for a wile, and resently I decided to try Harry Potter. It's just dumm. When Stephanie Meyer wrote Twilght, she had a messige in mind-that we should find love, even if it's hard too get to. She tells us wondurfel things like how to make important choices and how hard being young can be. All Harry Potter is is a bunch of stupi guys with wands running around trying to defeat Snape. I mean, is there any writing style? Nope. Any character development? Nope. Twilight got 5 movies, and the last one is split into 2 becuz people actually want it. Harry potter got like 3 movies. Idk, i don't even care. Im just saying, there's no point to Harry Potter and it's dumb, just like everything in england that gets put in a book. Oh and btw Ron Weasley is the most unattractive person ive ever read of. Jacob and Edward are both sophisticaed, developed characters and Ron, what, plays chess or something? No, twilght wins. Even Hermione is justa stupid nerd with NO EMOTION. She just bitches everyone out. Someone give me a reason whi Harry Potter is even good at all 1 hour ago - 4 days left to answer. Clara P Report Abuse Additional Details Ok I know Im not on the computer that much (like u hp people) but what is a troll? 1 hour ago Answer Question I DON'T WANT TO LIVE ON THIS PLANETANYMORE MEMEBASE.com I WILL AVADA KEDAVRA your entire family TASTE OF AWESOME.COM HURRY! Before it breeds! TASTE OF AWESOME.COM Hurry!http://omg-humor.tumblr.com