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America, Children, and Dude: H82 points 14 hours ago jobs coming back because we have a president that takes the time to meet with CEOs to negotiate a better deal for the American people citation needed permalink source embed -l Google permalink source embed parent points 13 hours ago H92 points 13 hours ago Google Meaning you don't have shit that proves Trump created any jobs. Got it. permalink source embed parent -1 Either you haven't been paying attention or you're choosing not to. Jobs are coming back. Tax breaks will happen and America is going to improve https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.theatlantic.com/amp/article/514466/ permalink source embed parent points 12 hours ago H116 points 12 hours ago How about you read that article before you lecture me about paying attention? But it's unlikely that those proposed policies have had much of an effect on U.S. business, yet. While it would be nice if Trump were a magician who could single handedly revive American manufacturing and convince companies across the world to bring back jobs from overseas, few, if any, of the decisions by companies to locate here can be attributed solely to Trump. Indeed, many were made before he was even elected Dude is taking credit for shit he didn't do, from your source. That article indicates that he has yet to do anything of value, and most of the changes are market driven (duh), or were decided before he was president permalink source embed parent 9points 4 hours ago (3 children) I-1 How about you search for a source next time. The article is from a liberal outlet, they are going to say none of these jobs are because of trump. If you choose to believe the opinionated spin MSM puts on the story then that's your prerogative permalink source embed parent 3 points 11 hours ago -l You linked the source you fucknut- don't blame him for quoting it permalink source embed parent 9 points 4 hours ago memehumor: Trump supporter blame his own sources.