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Anime, Bootleg, and Booty: Her: baby my ankle hurts Me: I gotchu If a girls over 5โ€5 and texts you โ€œWe gone fight next time I see youโ€ she literally will give you the smack down. It was around the time I was just getting a little clout. I scooped cute baddie but she kinda on the tall side. She avergae more boards than Deandre Jordan of the los angles clippers. She invited me over to her house to chill for the evening. Baby girl opened the door with the shortest booty shorts a nigga ever seen. I can see her booty jiggle as each cheek read โ€œchild-Supportโ€. Pulling out was never an option. Laid on the couch we watching bootleg dvds. You know itโ€™s bout to turn real hood in a min. This girl told me she was getting sick from the weather change. Itโ€™s funny how a girl be all freaky in the text messages but now all of a sudden she sick. I ainโ€™t fail algebra twice to know something wasnโ€™t adding up. I tried moving my hand down her back, soon as Iโ€™m halfway she let out a smoke screen of coughs. Breath Smelled all types of bacterial infections. I love my dick too much to put him through that. Ainโ€™t no Pokรฉmon center nearby here. I couldnโ€™t see no hope in sight when the lord sent me a sign. She tells her beck was hurting. Perfect opportunity to make my move, I offered a massage. Iโ€™m working my way down her back when says โ€œif your hand goes down further we gone fightโ€. Ainโ€™t no serious tone or base in her voice so Iโ€™m like bet โ€œGo timeโ€, we really bout to rumble in the jungle. I creep lower when she horse kicks me right in my stomach. I look like a anime character who just got the shit out of him. Staring into space amazed at her strength. I get back up off the ground and tried to put her in the Kurt angle ankle lock. She revered it and had me in some next level Position. Nigga my belly bottom touching the back of my calf. Iโ€™m all types of fucked up. Iโ€™m looking like some iPhone head phones you pull out your pocket tangled like fuck. I had to tap out. I couldnโ€™t even tap out. I cried out daddy. I ainโ€™t never met the nigga either. Shorty dropped me and kicked me out. I couldnโ€™t move. I came in on hopes and dreams and left on a stretcher. Moral of the story Tall bitches got the hands. ( Follow @Genuineguy & tag 2 friends below)