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Fall, Fucking, and Girls: Meti @Metir Follow Mpls area Black girls pls remain cautious! Rt to save a life If someone calls you saying a friend recommended you for a job just hang up and block the number. They'll say someone's full name like mine or someone else you know. They'll ask you to come in for an interview for a job. BLOCK THE NUMBER. It's a human trafficking ring in Riverside they want you to come in for an "interview" to snatch you up". I got that call today. Tell all your girlfriends. Okay ?? RETWEETS LIKES 1,234 762 hooyo @ShamsaAhmed Follow This is so fucking real! Mèti @Metir_ urwMpls area Black girls pls remain cautious! Rt to save a life. hooyo @ShamsaAhmed Follow Got this yesterday this shit is so scary. With all the sec trafficking going on please beware Don't reply just block. Sprint 6:11 PM (651) 769-5702 Text Message Today 5:58 PM Hey Shamsa, I know you dont know me but my name is Cassie! Your friend Laki Omar put your name down as someone who might be looking for part-time work and since we are filling openings right now I thought I'd shoot you a text! We have a 15 base pay and flexible work program that provides great resumee xperience, and our reps can even work around other jobs Are you looking for work? diaryofchylatte: the-real-eye-to-see: Please, bring more attention to this and all the missing girls! Every girl could get this kind of message, this is really dangerous! The media doesn’t want to talk about it, so we are forced to act independently! I can name about 5 white girls that got international attention when they went missing… everyday teenage girls whose names will forever be in my head from seeing their images everywhere over the years! But black girls can go missing and the worldwide media can look the other way! The media can give 24 hours coverage of riots but when it comes to these missing black and latino girls they don’t want to cover it. Smh.. I’m tired… BOOST THIS! Don’t fall for this shit please